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zoloft suboxone..can i be a viable person?

Discussion in 'Detoxing From Buprenorphine/Subutex/Suboxone' started by pamela, Sep 7, 2005.

  1. pamela

    pamela Member

    Hi I'm new here but have been reading for a while. This will be my first time starting on suboxone .Can I still take my zoloft? I have been taking 200mgs for 8 yrs but my doc says i just have to stop. I already have my 4mg tabs and am out of hydro in 2 days and am starting to get scared.My timing is all wrong because my husband is having heart surgery out of state on the 12th and will I be able to look and act normal while starting sub? I know I'm rambling but i'm so glad to talk to someone about this because of course no one knows.Thanks for the time...scared,Pam
  2. Cherry

    Cherry Well-Known Member

    My Sub Dr is also my Psych and he has me on Sub along with Zoloft and Wellbutrin
    There are no prob's taking zoloft and Sub together
    If you Doc says to just stop the Zoloft when starting the Sub, I would say that he's another quack that does not know squat about Sub!!
    Besides, Zoloft is NOT to be stopped abrubtly!! Any literature on Zoloft will say that!!!

    Don't worry too much hun, 99% of people that start on Sub are able to work and function just fine.
    I worked the first day I started on Sub. I was not 100%, but I'd say at least 90% compared to 10% when detoxing any other way I have tried before.

    Keep reading and posting here and you will find lots of info, advise and support.

    Good luck to you!!

  3. pamela

    pamela Member

    Thank you Cherry...I really couldn't imagine just stopping the zoloft and yes my dr. just told me to stop taking any meds i'm taking and see him in a month.Thanks for putting my mind at ease.I will keep reading here and take all the help i can get.
  4. pamela

    pamela Member

    Cherry,can u answer some things for me?This board is so huge and not sure of proper place to write.I have been using oxy,hydro,perc,etc for 10 to 15 yrs now.Quit cold turkey for 1 month about 5 yrs ago.Got down to about 30mgs and saw bup dr.He put me on 8mgs suboxone 4x a day and then 8mgs 2x.Afterthe first day i was so messed up i couldn't function.I called him and he said just don't take any til next day,of course i don't trust him at all now.My question is now that i'm back down to 30mgs again and have only one day left before i leave for Balt.for 7 to 10 days do you have any idea wha i should be dosing at? I wouldn't even start now but as things have it it's my only choice to be a little normal for hub who is having sugery and needs me.thanks for any and all replies.
  5. pamela

    pamela Member

    Oh i forgot to say that i only took the suboxone for one day and couldnt handle the dose so i just stopped and started my doc again
  6. Cherry

    Cherry Well-Known Member


    At 8 mgs 4x per day totals to 32 mgs in a day
    That is a HUGE DOSE!!!! It is also the MAX dose /ceiling dose - Sub hits a ceiling where it stops working and will actually go the opposite where it makes people VERY sick at higher doses - pretty odd to most addicts where our mentality is often to keep taking more....

    If I understand correct, you tapered your use of oxy/hydro, etc down to just 30 mgs per day and then started the Sub??
    If that is so, you should have only taken 2 mgs at a time, wait at least 90 minutes and then take another 2 mgs if you are still in w/d's.
    For a daily use amount of 30 mgs, 2 - 4 mgs of Sub per day should be MORE THAN ENOUGH to make you feel ok!!!!
    Taking high amounts of Sub usually makes most people very, very sick - sounds like that could be what happened to you also.
    Other thing is to make sure you are in w/d's BEFORE taking 1st dose of Sub - you can't take Sub while you are still taking opiates or that will also make you very sick.
    How long did you wait after last opiate dose before you took the first Sub??
    Very important question!!

    Like many, your Sub Doctor has no clue about how to properly dose!!!

    Have you read the "LESS IS MORE" thread here yet??
    If not,read that right away -- it will explain a lot about how lower doses of Sub are better than higher.
    (Again, hard for the addict mind to understand but it is SOOOO true!!)

    Please answer some of the questions I asked here and I'l try to help you out some more....

    You can do it!!!!
    Good luck!!!
  7. pamela

    pamela Member

    Cherry I love you for taking the time to help me.Yes I tapered using my own hydro down to 30 mgs and then started sub.I had waited until i was in withdrawels enough to overcome my fear and try the sub.At first it did take away the wd symptoms but then it was like I had to remind myself to breathe and i felt like i knew I had taken way too much but I was new at and trusted my dr and took my next dose a few hrs later and then I called him and said i think i o'd on this and should i go to a hosp and he said in other words your crazy just don't take any more til tomorrow.Well i never took them again but i need them now.Yes i've read the thread less is more..and i believe every word..i just don't want to take too much , i really need to be a viable person..leaving Sun., sugery monday,5 nites alone at hotel while husb recoups and then i drive from Md to Nj I can't screw up
  8. Cherry

    Cherry Well-Known Member


    You are so sweet!!! It really helps ME to be able to help others!! I hope that I can help you start the Sub and use it successfully!! I know how difficult it can be!! And I did not want to see you stop your zoloft cause of some dumb Dr that doesn't know what he's talking about!!

    Speaking of the zoloft, how long have you been on it?? Do you think it has helped you?? Any side effects??
    I have been on it a few months and I also am on Wellbutrin at the same time - Dr says the 2 work on different parts of the brain and that's why I'm on 2 A/D's. I was on Lexapro before but had to stop it due to side effects.

    Some other ?'s for you.....
    How much hydro were you taking before you started tapering??
    When do you want to start the Sub??
    If you are leaving Sunday, do you want to start the Sub on Saturday??
    (I suggest that so you at least have a day on it to work out possible kinks before leaving town. Ideally, wish you could have a few days but things are what they are....my motto for the moment...)
    Will you have internet access while you are gone for the 5 nights??
    (FYI - I travel a lot and know that many hotels now have Business Centers that have a few computers to use if needed)

    My dad has had too many prob's with his heart (starting with SIX bypasses done at age 49!!!!)
    I will pray for you and your hubby to make it thru tough times into great times!!!

    Also - feel free to e-mail me any time!!
    (Click on my user name on the left of a post and it brings you to 'Profile' where you can then send an e-mail - case you did not already know that .... it took me a bit before I knew about it .... though it could be I was just a bit slow .... LOL )
  9. pamela

    pamela Member

    Hi Cherry,You know I was just walking around doing my chores crying because my husb is going in for surgery and here I am freaking out because of what I've done to myself, while my whole focus should be on him. I feel like a horrible person and for you to be so kind, I just don't know what to say,I feel like you are my life preserver right now and I am hanging on tight!(no pressure ;))
    I am so glad you told me about the zoloft because it really has helped me and I really didn't want to stop it but I just thought it was mandatory.I've been on it for over 8 years now and I really have had no side effects,none,and thats at 200mg per day. So I hope it is helping you too.
    Well I was taking about 160-180 mg oxys and hydros and then just percs or vics and got down 30 mgs in June(i think).
    I would really love to start the sub after I get back home but that doesn't look like its going to happen,.Do you really think I should start tomorrow (to be safe?) I value your opinion so I will take your advice.Do you think 2mg will be too much to start with considering how far down I've tapered? After my last experience with sub..it scares me.
    Yes I think my room has internet access and I will bring my laptop with me.I didn't know that I could e-mail you by clicking on your name and if you didn't tell me I may never have known...talk about slow!
    Thank you for your prayers,they are one of the few things I do believe in...you are already in mine.
  10. Cherry

    Cherry Well-Known Member

    I typed a long & detailed post and now my laptop is frozen up & I can't get it to go thru!! AAARRRRGGGHHH!!!!
    I don't want to lose the info so I'll wait a bit and see if I can get it to cooperate and then try to send it .... for now, I switched to my desktop so I could at least send a quick note back for you to read in the am (Unless you are still awake & online, which is doubtful....)

    Biggest ? I had for you is if you have enough meds to last until your hubby gets thru with surgery and all so you can start the sub then???? Or if your Dr will give you a tiny bit more so you can make it thru till then??
    If not, I personally would start the sub tomorrow instead of Sunday or Monday.
    Either way, let me know your choice so your life preserver can be online & available for you.
    I promise that I will help you thru your induction when you do start the Sub in case you have any ?'s or issues/prob's etc!!!
    And if for some strange reason I can't answer a question quick enough if it's urgent, I'm sure others here will help you also

    Does your husband know what is going on??

    I can understand you being scared about starting the sub after your 1st not-so-good experience with it (which i think was definitely cause you had WAY too much sub!!!)

    If you want to start with 1 mg instead of 2 mgs, that would be good. At a low dose of only 1 mg, I would wait 1 hour or so to see if you need to take another mg or not. Since you tapered so low already & that Sub is very potent, you may be ok taking just 1 mg in the am and 1 mg in the pm OR 1 mg x 3 for a total of 3 mgs for the day to feel ok OR something different.
    Always keep in mind that you can take additional sub if you need it, but have to wait it out if you take too much sub!!
    Sub takes 90 minutes to reach it's peak even though you will feel it working within a few minutes to 15 minutes.
    Just trial and error at first to find your 'right' dose since everyone is different.

    Did you taper down a lot like now to just 30 mgs/day when you tried the sub your first time or no??

    Well, so much for me just typing you a "quick note" ..... LOL
    I have a very bad habit of typing too long of posts ..... I apologize!!

    Since I've already typed so much, I will add short version of part of what I typed already on my laptop - -
    You are NOT a horrible person!!! Addiction sucks, it is not your fault, you should not feel guilty and there are many, many others out there in the same boat!! You should feel proud that you are trying to do something to get off the meds!!! There are others that just keep getting deeper into the addiction and won't admit it nor try to do anything about it.... You are going in the right direction and I am VERY proud of you!!!! Especially for being able to taper down to 30 mgs!!! (I could NEVER do that!!!) I know that you are going to be successful....I have that gut feeling!!!!

    I'll post more to you soon....
    And again, feel free to e-mail me also....

    Thoughts and prayers....

  11. pamela

    pamela Member

    Cherry, You are so amazingly kind to me and I really do feel so much better after talking to you and just knowing you are there.Yes and I'm sure are there are others on this board who willing to help to.I can't tell you how much it means to me.
    Miracle of miracles happened today... and now I will have enough of my doc for at least 1 more week and that will let me settle down a little and concentrate on my husb.This was for sure an impossibility..but you did pray for me,and that was the only chance I had.:)
    No my husband doesn't know a thing about me using..we've been together for 25 yrs.and ,I'm not proud to say, I've been using something pretty much the whole time.It would hurt him terribly and that is the last thing I want..he is a really good man.My family,friends,there is no one who knows and who I would burden this with.Not that I mean to burden you,but you understand and care and this is really new to me to actually talk about this at all.
    I like the idea of trying 1 mg sub at a time,I think this will be my plan..take one be patient and wait and see what I need.After reading so much on this board I can't believe I so blindly truster my Dr. to know or care. Yes the first time I tried sub i did taper down to 30 mg. I hope I answered all your ?s thanks for asking! I love your long posts don't apologize! Long or short they are very much appreciated.
    I'm so relieved the pressure is off for this week..although I fully intend to start my sub once I'm home..I know I'll have a better chance this way..Hey you even have me believing I can do it,my gut says yes too.
    I hope you are well my love and prayers are with you.
    Thank you for your support, I will take you up on all of it!And although I'm pretty needy right now..I will do any thing I can for you..anytime.
  12. pamela

    pamela Member

    cherry, my e-mail address was:(off for a while just in case u tried to mail me.I'm here in Balt. now in so much better strength and outlook.I'll keep u up to date and I feel I'm borrowing some of your strength.Thank you for being there I don't know how this works but you are real and you are here and i am grateful you've gotton me this far and i am blessed.Surgery early for Joe..love you for you..bye
    for now..Pam
    ps i hope all is well with you and yours ,with love,pamela
  13. Cherry

    Cherry Well-Known Member


    I sent an e-mail to you and it came back as 'Undeliverable'
    I was wondering about that...
    I'm short on time right now but I'll try to send it again tonight or in the am
    I am glad to hear that you made it to Baltimore ok and will be able to start the sub next week
    My first prayers for you already came thru so now I am just waiting for those asking that your hubby to come thru well and then your success on Sub!!

    By now I am hoping that the surgery is complete
    Please do update asap ..... I'm sure you are very busy with him, but let me know when you do have a bit of time

    Love to you....

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