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Zanda Started Sub Today!

Discussion in 'Detoxing From Buprenorphine/Subutex/Suboxone' started by sophie1025, Apr 10, 2005.

  1. greeneyez

    greeneyez Well-Known Member

    Oh, Sorry Soph.. I did not know if you knew..

    Zanda, How long did your Sub doc want to keep you on? Do you plan to be off by the end of your pregnancy? I hope you and the baby , and hubby are all doing well..

    I hope this is the best time in your lifes..

  2. zanda

    zanda Active Member

    HI everyone! (Welcome back Sophie!
    THings are going good, the weekend was very busy and I missed you guys! Funny how I have come to depend on chatting with you all and reading/learning form all the amazing experiences. Now, I have some questions I need some help with.

    I have been on the sub for one week, steady. I will list my dosing schedule for your reading enjoyment (and to help give me educated advice regarding getting off):
    Day 1: 12 mgs; 8 in morning, 2 in afternoon, 2 later on
    Day 2: 10 mgs; 6 early, 2 afternoon, 2 later
    day 3: 8 mgs; 4 early, 4 later
    day 4: 6 mgs; 4 early, 2 later
    day 5: 6mgs; 4 early, 2 later
    day 6: 5 mgs; 3 early, 2 later
    day 7: 4 mgs; 2 early 2 later

    OK..... now what???
    I want to get off as quickly as possible- but need to take my baberooni into highest consideration. Should I drop the dose more over the next three days to say 2 mgs and jump off, or should I wheedle down over the next week to tiny dust piles and jump next weekend?

    What should I expect when I do take the jump? SOunds like I'll be fine for the first 2-3 days and then may experience PAWS.... I really want to minimize them for my baby's sake- that is VERY IMPORTANT. If it was just me, I'd suck it up, but this situation is different.

    Should I expect RLS, no sleep ( I am a poor sleeper in the first place), anxiety, muscle aches, etc?

    Any advice for what to expect, and how to cope/manage these would be greatly appreciated.
  3. sophie1025

    sophie1025 Guest

    Hi Zanda Hunny!
    You need more time in between each drop of MG (3-4 days) or else it shocks your body, let your body adjust.
    Your at 4mg right now?
    stay at 4mg for 3 days
    down to 2 mg for 3-4 days
    down to 1mg for 2-3 days
    down to .50 for 2-3 days
    last day or 2 .25

    It is impossible not to experience some type of PAWS but wwill be minimal if you gte off soon. Lots of advise for PAWS but wait till we get to the point, k?

    Yes, you need to consider how the bambino will react to all this so you need to talk to the DR about your plans.

  4. greeneyez

    greeneyez Well-Known Member

    Hi Zanda,
    So happy to hear you are doing so well..What does your Dr. have to say about all this, and how long was his plan for you to stay on? In my opipion, I would taper like this and to MAKE SURE YOU ARE ADJUSTED TO EACH DOSE, and also to make sure that the LIL one will be fine..As well..

    If you are at 4 mgs now, I would stay at 4 mgs more then 3 days since you are expecting.. I would want to make sure you and the baby are REALLY ADJUSTED to the lower dose, and not take any chances on the 3-4 days..

    SO my opipion is to stay at 4 mgs for 5 days, then there is NO DOUBT that both you and lil one are adjusted.Then go to 3 mgs, and stay there for 5 days,Basically going from 3-2 there is NO DIFFERENCE so I would go from 3 right to one mg, and stay there for 4 days.. Then go to 1/g mg and do every other day dosing for a couple days.. This will get your body use to not haveing the sub every single day, and some of the sub will be able to leave your system..

    This would still bring you at around 3 week mark..

    The w/d's you will feel should be very mild..Since you will not be on Sub that long.. If anything the paws will come into play at around 7-10 days later, and again at 30 days..BUT, you may not get it that badly..PAWS DOES NOT come on right away.. PAWS is seperate from w/d's.

    You could get restless legs and some people do not at all.. Everyone experinces different w/d's ...There are a few things when you stop the sub that you can do that are safe.. I WOULD CHECK BEFORE YOU BUY ANY OF THESE, TO MAKE SURE YOU CAN TAKE WHILE PREGANT...

    Sam E for depression at any drug store..
    Vitimin B-12 for energy.
    Advil for aches or any pains.
    Melotonin for sleep~~ Buy at any drug store.


    Please, taper slowly you are NOT only adjusting yourself to a lower dose, but the baby as well.. Normally Sophie schudule would be correct.. BUT it is better to taper a little more slowly then to take any chances..

    Your Doctor may even know of a SAFE rx script that will help you with some of the w/d's.. I am not sure if Clonidine is safe for baby, but if it is that would help greatly with restless legs, and also sleep..

    When you get the PAWS, some people get it really intense and some people do not feel it all that much, so I would not worry about the PAWS right now.. First get yourself tapered off, and past the w/d's of when you get off the sub. I really do not feel you will get anything worse then some depression, lack of sleep, and no energy.. Other then that, I think you will be fine and not experince any thing awful.

    I am NOT a doctor or a expert , and I am just giving you the best advise that i know.. So, before you do anything check with your doctor..

    God Bless,

    PS- How is your hubby making out??
  5. IsThisForever

    IsThisForever Well-Known Member

    Zanda I hope all is well with your tapering?

    Good advice there from Sheri and Soph but probably best to stick with the Sheri root because of the baby hun.

    As for me well, I spose you can guess................? Yep that's the one I messed up for a few days but seem to be back on track again and on the sub just fine, just taking it day 2 day and always thinking of you, the baby and of course hubby lol.

    Still off to rehab, so I guess that's all good! I need it 'rehab'

    I just seemed to loose all focus and stuff and went right out and did the dirty deed but I have to keep thinking of the bigger picture here and of course all the guys like you that are going through this evil battle too.

    I need this forum like I said before, it gives me strength x

    Hope your well Zanda???


    Love to you all x
  6. boinked

    boinked Well-Known Member

    pregnant women shouldnt take hot baths because raising the body temperatures isnt good for their babies.
    you should AVOID raising your body temperature. there is potential danger to the developing fetus.
  7. J1234

    J1234 Member

    i missed my weekend prescription by about 10 mins, i was reducing down to 20 ml then crossin to subutex for a 2 week detox, me and my partner have been addicts for 12 years and i honestly thought id never see the day either of us were clen, she did her subutex crossover just before xmas and has been clean for about 4 months,shes a totally different person, im not sure if i even like her lol, shes just soo hyper and all over the place, think she may have gone mad in the process,anyway she did her detox over a 2 month period and i only have enough subutex for a 2 week detox, as anyone done a 2 week detox? im holding out as long as i can to benefit from them, its been 36 hours since i last had my methadone and 11 hours since i had one line of heroine, i aquired my subutex off the street and am just a bit nervous of what im doing, my girlfreind seemed to be having a rough time when she did hers, but she stretched hers detox out. i

  8. J1234

    J1234 Member

    Quote zanda
    What should I expect when I do take the jump? SOunds like I'll be fine for the first 2-3 days and then may experience PAWS.... I really want to minimize them for my baby's sake- that is VERY IMPORTANT. If it was just me, I'd suck it up, but this situation is different.
    id expect the worst and then you maybe happy with the results, are lass didnt sleep for a couple of days, she had to get some benzos to knock her out, headaches cramp, god i woke up about 3am and my nose was stinging, shed got just about every lotion and potion and was massaging it into her legs, she basicly said she was rattling to start with, but it just seemed to go on forever, i know the most anoying thing with hanging out is the cramp as it stops you from trying to sleep or relax, the funni thing was after shed done it she'd wake up huffing and puffing and sweating saying she was hanging out and it would go withing a min of waking up.
    as long as you have something to look forward to and aim for im sure you'll do fine, we were both on maintanance scripts before deciding to do this, our addiction keyworker had totally given up after 11 years of help trying to get off.

  9. J1234

    J1234 Member

    sorry meant to post get yourself some benzos to help with your sleep and restlesness, you start to get tolarant of benzos rather quick so she would knock herself out for a night and go without the next day, she couldnt do a thing in the hosue for ages, she didnt have the energy or will to do the simplest things, i basiclly made sure the house was clean the kids were at school, i cooked cleaned washed everything, and waited on her hand and foot, hope you have plenty of help.

  10. J1234

    J1234 Member

    sorry your pregnant, dont think benzos would be too clever, my m8 was a junking for 2 years before i even knew, he used to be rubbing deep heat in his legs all the time, dunno if it worked, he was a bit crazi.

  11. J1234

    J1234 Member

    ive just taken 6 mg, hope thats enough for my first day, i was on 25ml, had one more 5ml drop before i booked a 2 week detox.

  12. greeneyez

    greeneyez Well-Known Member


    How did you make out with the 6mgs.. I hope that you waited long enough before you took your first dose that you did not get sick ...11 hours since your last useage may not be long enough..
    I hope your feeling good, and no w/d's and no cravings. Good Luck and Stay Strong..YOU CAN DO THIS!!

    ~~ Sheri~~

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