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Zanda Started Sub Today!

Discussion in 'Detoxing From Buprenorphine/Subutex/Suboxone' started by sophie1025, Apr 10, 2005.

  1. zanda

    zanda Active Member

    Hi guys- sorry I haven't checked in, I have not had the motivation to type for pleasure (I do enough of it at work:O)
    I am ok, on day two of sub- haven't had a hit of H since Monday afternoon. I started yesterday and stabilized at 8mg in the morning and took a total of 12 mg by bedtime. Today I woke up and took 3 mg and feel aok. I'm kinda groggy and energyless, but overall in good shape. Simple chores are a task, and dragging my butt to work is the hardest it has ever been. To top it off I have a nasty cold... Uck.
    Anyways, I plan on dropping my mgs rapidly, will probably only take a touch tomight (i-2mgs to hld me)and take it slow from there.

    I want to be off completely in 7-10 days. Any good taper schedules you all can suggest?

    My baby is doing good, she's not acting up at all inside me- so I know she's doing fine with the transition. My hubby is on day 5 and is sitting pretty with lots of energy and getting good sleep. He has already begun to taper down as well.

    So, after our planned 7-10 days on the bupe- should we expect any side effects? RLS, trouble sleeping, etc? What do you think?

    Thanks for all the support, I appreciate it so much!
  2. IsThisForever

    IsThisForever Well-Known Member

    Nice one Zanda, I am sooo so glad you are still sticking with it, I really am, good job girl!

    You, me and everyone else who's life has been lead and ruined by this evil drug, we can all do this and stay clean I know we can!

    Keep with it and I will too x

    Love to you all x
  3. greeneyez

    greeneyez Well-Known Member

    Hi Zanda, You have a good plan..On and off within a short period of time.. I would start to taper slowly.. If you are at 12 mgs,

    I would go down to 10mgs and stay there for 3-4 days until your body adjusts..and then go down to

    8 and do the same..

    If you taper slowly, when you get off.. You may just deal with some energy and sleep issues but nothing serious..

    If you need to talk or vent feel free to e-mail me at anytime..I will get back to you either the same day or the next morning..

    God bless,
  4. IsThisForever

    IsThisForever Well-Known Member

    Micimo - thank you so much, like I have said quite a few times today ' I am just so glad I have found this forum, I feel I have found a place where I feel at home and this is the first time in ages, I only ever feel at home when I am with my drug addict friends and I know now that just cannot be, this forum may have changed or will help change my life for good, I really hope so'

    As for staying clean now that is a REAL BITCH lol, I have been on and off heroin and crack for nearly four yrs now and I have wasted all my teen yrs on it (I am soon 20)

    Yep, I have been on subutex for a whole week but I would love to say to you all, this is my first ever time on it but it is not, I have been on subutex around 10 times now and I really want to make this my last.

    My key worker/drugs worker at my local drugs clinic has now adviced me to go into rehab for a year and I have sent off for the application forms for it just today and it was this forum (I joined today) that gave me the push to do it.

    I felt scared about going into rehab and having to come out after the year and move away from my family and friends and live away from my old life but I know they only do that for a reason and that is so you dont go back to all your old haunts.
    If I go I will come out of it clean, with a full time job and with my own accomodation, all still a bit scary when your only 19 and still live at home with your folks but hey if you can live on the streets for a year and beg folk for money, then I am quite sure I can do this.

    What have I got to loose? NOTHING, if I stay here then I have a lot to loose, my family again and also my life.

    I know I will end up dead sooner or later - If I was handed a gun to kill myself I would not but yet I am using drugs to kill myself, what's the difference???

    Thank you for your support and if anyone wants to email me please feel free to do so, my email address is under my profile.

    Love to you all x
  5. zanda

    zanda Active Member

    So, you've done the sub detox 10 times, eh? How long did you stay clean after each one?

    When I was your age the only thing that got me clean was moving on out- to a new state with a new man and living in a sweet little school bus down by the river. I got prego soon after and never looked back. Sweet sweet years.

    THEN- we MOVED BACK to my old stomping ground (I got a GREAT job here) and one night were outonthe town and had a beer buss and decided to score.....

    Now, here I am.

    I think we may be moving again soon.....

    As for now, I am dissolving another 3mg under the tongue. I'll take a tid more later tonight- total of 8.... faster than you suggest greeneyez, but I think I'l be OK. Plus, can always take more it necessary, no?

    4EVER, I wish I could go to England some day. Nice to know I have a sister over there who's chargign through the same **** as me. I'm with ya.
  6. Mic

    Mic Guest

    We went to england three years ago, and got to go to Wimbledon for the tennis tourney. Beautiful country, very friendly people. Wasn't crazy about the food, but it's still in the top three all-time favorite vacations we've taken. Spain was #1, then Aussieland.

    "It takes what it takes"
  7. zanda

    zanda Active Member

    Lucky traveler M.... Someday I'll get us off this continent- that's a promise. But, I think if I had the chance to head ANYWHERE, I'd jet straight to New Zealand. Oh yeah baby. Maybe w/ all the loot we'll save from not buying H???? :eek:)
  8. Mic

    Mic Guest

    we had hoped to see New Zealand while in Aussieland, but I could only take so much time off work. (not enough)

    "It takes what it takes"
  9. IsThisForever

    IsThisForever Well-Known Member

    Gosh you guys (Zanda n Micimo) what's with England???

    Where I live 'Nottingham', we have the no1 gun crime in the whole country and there is a shooting at least once a week down the road from where I live and also the heroin and crack situation is BAD, you can score absolutly anywhere, it's rife and the prostitution is crazy.

    Ok so there is nice bits to this country but where I am at it is terrible.

    Where I am going to rehab is a place called 'oxford' it is in the country side and is absolutly stunning an amazing place but very different to what I have been brought up with or know but I am sure I will get used to it.

    I went to America when I was 11 with my mum n dad 'Disney Land' Florida lol, it was amazing and the people all so friendly and yes I loved the food, all the big burgers n chips 'yummy' hehe!

    Zanda - yes subutex 10 times, each time I go on subutex I stay on them roughly around four months but sometimes it has been longer say 7 months, other times I have only been on them around a week or two.

    I get back to normal and start to feel bored, lonley, lost, down or whatever else my head is feeling at the time and end up going and scoring and ending up back to square one 'a dirty smack ed'

    This time has to be very different that's is why I am off to rehab!

    It is my last last resort, if this fails, I know I am doomed forever and I am one of those people that must me cut out for that life.

    Zanda, of course you have a sister even if you are in the US and me the UK, we are going through the same thing and we can relate, we all can.

    Email sometime, I would love to chat, that goes to anyone who feels they want to chat or can relate with me or is in the same situation.

    Love to you all x
  10. IsThisForever

    IsThisForever Well-Known Member

    Zanda, Micimo - are you both just coming off or clean of Heroin or do you guys take them tablets that we do not have over here, I think you call them Oxyocin or something?

    Did you inject or smoke?

    Have you ever used crack or done snowballs (snowballs or speedballs was my DOC) trust me to be addicted to both heroin and crack and having to be addicted to using them together!

    Keep up all the good work, both of you!


    Love to you all x
  11. Mic

    Mic Guest

    "It is my last last resort, if this fails, I know I am doomed forever and I am one of those people that must me cut out for that life."

    Nope, nobody is doomed forever. It's tough to see right now, but you are doomed for success if you enter rehab with the right spirit.
    I have seen seemingly hopeless (and long-term) alkies/addicts turn things around, one day at a time....

    "It takes what it takes"
  12. zanda

    zanda Active Member

    4ever- I think that the rehab bit sounds great- I bet its pretty scary to think about packing up and heading over to Oxford, but the outcome for the flip side (if you stay) is even scarier. It may seem like a long time, but looking back you will be so glad you did it.

    Why England? History. Rich crazy history and part of my cultural heritage.

    As for what I used.... My first go-round w/ H was in Highschool. My girls and I would pool our lunch $$ and go score bags downtown. We all ended up w/ heavy habits and turned out in various ways. (I am happy to say 75% have cleaned up nicely).

    First time I ever tried H was w/ a needle. No other way to do it as far as I'm concerened.

    This saga began w/ my hubby, and he ws anti-H. However, he had surgery and liked his pills, and knew that the H would do the same thing... So I twisted his arm one night to get some.... And we smoked it. Then we snorted it. Then we slammed it. And did not stop.

    I too liked speedballs- but haven't done them in years. I stay away from the white stuff cause it makes me paranoid and I hate hate hate not sleeping. The H we have here is black tar, adn it let me sleep like a baby.

    Luckily, this sub has helped me to sleep as well. I do not look forward to the first night off of it- I hate the RLS and a sleepless nights. Hopefully it won't be too bad. Wish I could smoke a j when that time comes.....

    Do people really get physically addicted to crack - or is that a mental thing? Can you slam crack? My experience is only w/ smoking it- and yuckers, nice rush, but a hating it come down....

    I am so glad to be focused today at work and not stressing on how to get high. Leaving work w/ lame excuses only to come back hours later and nod off. Did not look to good to my coworkers......
  13. IsThisForever

    IsThisForever Well-Known Member

    Arhh well done you Zanda!

    Just been reading back on some of your topics and you seem to be doing great on your subutex, I know it's kinda hard the first few days but just think of little me when your not feeling so great.

    Me too am feeling it hun, ok so I am a week in but I am still getting the chills, goose pimples, yawns and sleepless nights.
    I am getting around an hour's sleep then waking up and tossing n turning, yawning my head off and eye balls streaming and then getting another hour and going on like this all night, getting up at around 6am every morning but I spose it is better than nothing like on day 1 and 2 of my subutex detox.

    Stick with it as I am using you (no pressure) lol, as when I am feeling low (like scoring) or feeling a bit ****ty/not sleeping, I am gonna think about you and what your going through is the same and we both feel the same and probably are both thinking the same thoughts and I want you to do the exact same - when your low think of me and what I am feeling and maybe we will give each other the insentive to do this and stay clean and not relapse, OK???

    As for the white stuff, no it's defo not physical but it is defo a mind over matter thing, that's for sure.

    As for me slamming crack, that's the snowballs (well over here it is) what we do is 'when cooking up the heroin we also add the crack and mix the two together and then jack it up'
    It gives the user a massive rush from the white, then the dark kicks in and takes the rush from the white off and brings you down nicely so you are not left wired or prang and you just feel like you have just had a hit of the H.

    Maybe it's done different over there, I am not to sure but that type of hit is massive in the UK and I would say 80% of users over here, jack the white and the dark up together.

    An even more exspensive habbit, ?10 for the H then also ?10 for the white to go with it, so you can say ?20 all together a go.

    Stick with it and remember 'think of me becuase I am going through the exact same'

    We can both (all of us) can do this, we know we can deep down, we have to, DONT WE?

    Right then, I am off to bed becuase it is 12:10am over here and the later I leave it to go to bed and sleep, the worse it gets for me to actually sleep and it's bad enough as it is lol.

    Wish me sleep folks and have a good, clean, strong day - to you all!


    Love to you all x
  14. greeneyez

    greeneyez Well-Known Member

    Hi Zanda,
    I did Crack in my late teens, and i did not have any problem walking away from it..In my opipion crack is only a mind addiction. At least for me it was.

    I am glad the sub is allowing you a good night;s sleep. How many more days or weeks do you plan on staying on the sub, I am sure you posted this already, I just do not recall what you had said.

    When you do get off, if after a short time, the restless legs thing should NOT be too much of a issue, but if it is there are a few things that will help to ease that. You can speak with your Dr. about a few day supply of Catapress, which is a blood pressure med, but used off lable for w/d's and it does help with restless legs, and also sleep.

    Many people say that even if you smoked a j, if you could that it would only make the restless legs worse.
    How is your hubby doing, I hope well..

    Just wanted to drop in and say Hi, and see how you both doing..

    god bless,
  15. zanda

    zanda Active Member

    Good to hear from you!

    All is going aok for today. Day three for me, and my energy is slowly slinking back. I woke up today and got dressed and actualy cared about how I looked in the mirror. Took a bit of extra time and feel good about who I am today.

    My hubby is trying to go today w/out any sub at all. He's been on it for six days and is ready to get over it. As for me, I'll probably take around 6-7mgs today, adn drop lower tomorrow, and try the weekend w/out to see how I do. I just don't want to feel any wd at all- because I know if I feel them- my baby will too. I am walking a fine line with this sub business and don't want to stay on too long or too short... Tricky.

    I'll just let my body be my guide.

    I wonder if 4-Ever is really talking about "crack" in the sense that we know it to be here in the states. Doesn't seem to me that you can shoot crack- just coke. Perhaps that's what they call it in England... It was my understanding that to make crack you cook it down and would be unable to shoot it after that chemical process.... Know what I mean? Whatever....

    How ya doin' today, 4Ever- everything OK?
  16. greeneyez

    greeneyez Well-Known Member

    Hi Zanda, About crack, when you cook it down you are taking out the inpurities.. So it is all just the drug that is left over. I assumed she was talking about the same thing as we are.

    Please, tell hubby he has to taper all the way down before he goes to zero. if you stay on Sub longer then 3 weeks, you will run the risk of getting addicted to it..

    If he is at 6 mgs now, I would suggest that he tapers down to 4mgs and stay there for 3-4 days to let his body adjust to the lower dose...
    then from 4 he can go to 2 and again wait 3-4 days and let his body adjust..
    From 2 he can either go to 1mg and do the same thing.. Or he can go to 1/2 and dose every other day for a week, and then get off..

    Once he does do a taper, tell him NOT to go back up in dose, as that will only set him back.. This is the best and only way to make your withdrawals mild as possible..

    I agree to let your body be your guide, but after 3 weeks of sub use..You will create a tolerance and a addiction.

    Zanda, any longer then 3 weeks is too long.. I am not trying to be mean or scarcastic AT ALL... I am just trying to help and get you and the baby off the sub with the least amount of problem and w/d's..

    If you stay on 3 weeks and taper correctly, you should not have any to very mild withdrawals ..

    I can also give you some tips for detoxing that will make you more comfortable if you do have any w/d's..

    God Bless,
  17. IsThisForever

    IsThisForever Well-Known Member

    Hiya Zanda!

    Glad to hear you are doing and feeling well, you go girl x

    As for the 'crack' I do mean crack and not coke.

    Crack is the rock form smoked on a pipe and coke is the white powder that you sniff.

    Our crack in the UK is either mixed up with Bi-carb or Ammonia, Ammonia being the better one to be cut with and maybe a little stronger for us too.

    We just add the 'crack' as it comes (rock form) into the spoon with the H and heat it slightly, then crush it all down with the end of the works (obviously with citric) untill it is all brocken down and then add a filter and suck it all up and 'wham bam thank you mam'

    Us guys over here do it the opposite way around, we don't add coke because it's not as strong, we add the crack.

    Just a little about how we work it lol.

    Good advice from Sheri you know Zanda!

    I am so happy you are feeling good and your baby and of course hubby, send him my best x

    Love to you all x
  18. sophie1025

    sophie1025 Guest

    Hi Zanda,
    I've been away and now reading your posts! So happy to hear how well you are doing and going odwn on the MG already...yippeeeee mummy! How is hubby doing?
    Keep up the good work and take care of yourself!

    Hi Isthis! So happy you joined us! Ilived in England for a year at 13, exchange student. Was a rockin good time hanging at the bars not being carded at 13yo. Are you on Suboxone? Sorry if I am repeating something you already answered but I'm trying ot catch up!

    Take care all!!

  19. greeneyez

    greeneyez Well-Known Member

    Hi Zanda,
    How you doing? Also, how is your hubby doing? Hope you post soon on your progress..

    Sophie, Zanda is on Subutex, she is pregant and can not take the suboxone. Her hubby is on Suboxone!!

    God Bless,
  20. sophie1025

    sophie1025 Guest

    Hi Sheri!
    Yes, i knew she was on Sub'tex and the whole pregnancy issue.
    I remember she had to wait an extra day (after her hubby started) to take the Sub'tex and by then I had left already on my trip.

    I'm so happy you are well Zanda!


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