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Young and addicted!

Discussion in 'Detoxing From Buprenorphine/Subutex/Suboxone' started by gNaR, Jul 1, 2006.

  1. gNaR

    gNaR New Member

    Heres my little story.......im only 17 and im extremely addicted to oxycontin/heroin........its been as bad as snorting 6 80 mg oxycontins everyday for a couple months or even 12 packs of H a day.......in a month i wasted all of the money i saved for when i was little (4,500). The first time i got help was wen i got caught snorting a pill in inschool.....ouch a felony....court date is actually in 2 weeks now : (........i was put on suboxone 2mg tabs 3/day for a week then 2/day for a week then 1/day for a week...didnt work to well 3 days after i was off doin 6 oxy's a day again......that lasted for about 3 months.......then i had the balls to tell my parents i was addicted again.....so back on suboxone again......same dosage....then i checked into a outpatient rehab....not workin too well.......they say i need to be shipped off to an outpatient place...after that suboxone it only took 2 day to get back on.....then i was introduced to heroin....after 3 hours of doin a pack i was havin withdrawals.......this has been goin for about 2 months until yesterday i told my parents i need help again.......i talked to the doctor and now hes puttin me on suboxone for a longer period...right now i just have 3/day for a month....then prbly soon im gonna be checkin into an inpatient rehab after court. I know i really do need some serious help.....i dont know what to do next...help me please.

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