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Who's been free from Sub for over a year?

Discussion in 'Detoxing From Buprenorphine/Subutex/Suboxone' started by Skinny, Apr 2, 2007.

  1. PhillyPunk

    PhillyPunk New Member

    02/02/2012 will be one year free from the subs after taking AS PRESCRIBED for 3 and half years. The sad part is that the withdrawal lasted for me way beyond 3-4 months:( and I say with a :(...........because.......... ask :(
  2. rugby

    rugby Well-Known Member

    I was on sub for about 2.5 years @32 mg a day about 5 years ago. I quit cold turkey and the withdrawls lasted for months. It was the most painfull experience of my life. I didn't sleep for a solid month, had terrible gi issues, lethargic as anything, and I didn't think I was gonna make it to the other side but I did. I stayed clean from all opiates for 3 years after that until someone offered me some vikes for an injury I got playing soccer. Like a dummy I took them and was on and off for 2.5 years until the last six months where I've had no opiates whatsoever. It just goes to show me that I can't even have one......
  3. skydog81

    skydog81 New Member

    Iwas on subs for 5 yrs and I too which I went cold turkey my doctor said why go off just take it once a day no problem! Well I said I`m still an addict and want to be clean again,what if my insurance won`t cover me at some point and I was 57 at this time and the older you are the longer it takes to get rid of it,it gets deep into your tissue and comes out in a snails pace. It took 3 trys to kick and it was triple hell on earth,I couln`t sleep eat read watch tv even radio didn`t interest me Iwas in purgatory and found that addiction specialist`s almost don`t exist especially sub so called Doctors their w/d education is nill,it`s been a year and I`m getting back to normal ,naltraxone helped for a while and wore off it`s effectiveness but was all that helped! i don`t advocate Darvon for everyone but it worked to make life tolerable but caution should be used and taper very quickly,homeopathics didn`t work for me one so called Dr. looked at me in discust and said she couldn`t help me forgot her hippocratic oath I guess! I take klonapin 1mg twice a day for the wierd feeling in your stomach and tiredness I still have but it`s disapating and will be gone soon I believe,try to find an Addiction Pyschiatrist [good luck] make sure they`re qualified to treat w/d,very important good luck keep researching were not bad people,just people predisposed to opiate`s don`t tolerate discrimination one bit you`re sick and deserve treatment and humane treatment!
  4. Kelseydee6

    Kelseydee6 New Member

    I was on suboxone for five years, since i was 17. I've been clean for a year and three months. I tapered down for eight months till i took .5mg every day and a half. I've officially been off it for a month and IT SUCKS. I feel crappy most of the time, no libido, and i sleep bad every night. I used imodium to help me with the immediate withdrawls and now im without anything. Very anxious as well. Reading these posts atleast comforts me to know i may only have to deal with months of PAWS.
  5. Brittneyd17

    Brittneyd17 Well-Known Member

    Well iv been On subs for a year started in rehab first week at 4mg 2 times a day but that made me sick so then went to 2mg 3 Times a day and when I got out of rehab I got prescribed 30 8mg subs a month till I started taking more n more so got my doc to give me 45 8mg subs a month nd I'm just tired of it.. I used opiates since I was 13 till I went to rehab when I was 18 which I just turned 19 this year march 2012, I don't even remember what it's like to be sober I have no sex drive no ambitious... I wanna be me again, my husband has been an addict for about 10 years he's been in and out of rehab and prison and jails and he was in a halfway house for 9months he just got out in April and he relapsed a few times in the half way house nothing major but when he came home he did real good but then he started changing his attitude his ambition his sex drive I was wondering wtf was up with him I keep my subs in this little pouch I usually have it on me at all times but I leave it in my purse at home n I had like 6 come up missing in a month n I kept asking him and he'd deny it till one day he fessed up he was using about 1/4 a day everyday n it crushed me I feel like its all my fault for having them in the house and he always throws it in my face that I'm using subs n Im just not tryna quit and at the time I wasn't really wanting to quit I feel normal on subs I don't have to search the streets for pills n I never run out I sown 60$ per doc visit and 60$ per script and most the time he writes me 3 refills of 45 for 30 days so it's not bad but I now have been reading on these forums about ppl successfully quoting n finally being happy in life n my man is an addict and I shoulda known from the get go that he's an addict and having a substance in the house is just a relapse waiting to happen so I am now tapering I was taking about 12mg a day but now I'm down to taking 6mg a day well my plan is I went from 8mg 7mg alternate I did that last week every Thursday I go down 1mg so today is Thursday so I did 6mg today and ima alternate 6mg 7mg till next Thursday I'll do 5mg 6mg alternate every Thursday go down 1mg but alternate with the mg from the previouse week till I get down to alternating 1mg and 2mg then I'll do 1 mg and .5 mg then do .5 mg and then skip days for a week then jump from there I'll start a new thread I guess and start a diary I already have a notebook I write in everyday
  6. ShockingIyInsane

    ShockingIyInsane Well-Known Member

    Well I've been off sub for a year and a few days now after a 4 year stint, not a single relapse during the past year. It hasn't been easy but not a nightmare either, more of a daily grind kinda thing. My PAWS symptoms have gotten much better although that didn't happen until recently, they're almost non-existant most days. I sleep great, have motivation, I have hope again and have been thinking positive without making myself, pretty much back to my normal self. There are times where I feel kinda high (naturally), it's hard to explain. I'm thinking my opiate receptors were messed up from being on sub for so long and now that endorphins are starting to flow again it's making me feel high. It could also be that after years of being depressed I'm just not used to being happy.

    I was a different person on sub. I never left the house, had no friends, bad anxiety, no sex drive, no drive to do much of anything to better my life. I still have problems with these things but I am making gains now, something I never did on sub, it's just hard to get back out there after being isolated for so long.
  7. movazi

    movazi Well-Known Member


    How is your anxiety level ?
    And do you sweat more than usual ?

    I do not remember the exact date I jumped off Sube, I remember it was couple of weeks before Halloween ; but I still have few lingering mild symptoms. I sweat easily with any physical or mental exertion. Still have some mild anxiety specially when things get tense (hard to say though if this is paws related) and even though I sleep ok but my timing is not regular, some nights I fall sleep at 10 p.m. and then some I go to bed at 4 A.M.

    I know what you mean when you say that at times you feel high. It does happen few times a week now, would not call it high though but it is a sense of calm and feeling content like how childhood felt during summer days.

    One thing I have noticed though is that drinking water has a positive effect on me. In the past I was never fond of water; I mostly drank tea, soft drinks, juice, etc. but somehow for the past several months I crave water.
  8. ShockingIyInsane

    ShockingIyInsane Well-Known Member

    Anxiety is better but still there, mostly social anxiety and I think that's from isolating myself for so long. I don't dwell on things I have to do like I used to; I used to worry about something I had to do for days before but that doesn't really happen now. I've had probs with anxiety since my early 20s so I don't think it's PAWS related, it's just worse now because my comfort zone has shrunk considerably, most of this happened when I was on sub and became anti-social.

    I do sweat if I'm in an uncomfortable situation (mostly socially) but haven't had any problems with that for the most part. My armpits used to sweat a lot but I started using certain-dry and that took care of it.

    Yeah it's not like nodding off high, more just feeling motivated. I guess I was so used getting motivation from a pill I equate that to feeling high. I never liked the nodding off buzz opiates gave me, I liked the uppy feeling I got if I didn't do too much.

    I've always liked water so I'm not sure how I would've felt w/out it. I have been taking fish oil 3x a day, hard to tell if that has helped or just the fact that I've given my body a year+ to heal.

    We've had a very similar experience over the past year, I'm glad we both were able to make it this long and are doing pretty good. I'm sure we will continue to get better and these minor lingering symptoms will go away for good.
  9. Sydney0502

    Sydney0502 New Member

    Im not sure I see the benefit of this thread at all? Shouldnt the thread topic be "BUPE debate" instead of mis-leading people to think this is an account of people who have successfully weaned off? In terms of being on Bupe, for me, I knew what I was getting in too but I (and so many others are too) between a rock and hard place when the "decision" is made to be on bupe. I was not forced nor took it for recreation but made the choice in the name of recovery for myself. My DOC was tramadol at extremely high doses which that drug is also misconceived. Many think of it as a walk in park since it is described as "non addictive". Anyone that has taken Tramadol will agree it is addictive and has been compared to heroine withdrawal (another time and place for Tramadol discussion). I could not taper from that drug successfully due to all the anti-depressent qualities and the fact it was producing seizures in me. Bupe was (and I believe still is) the best option for me to taper in my situation - even now. Do I agree that Bupe is something I never EVER want to touch again, YES. But for now, it is part of my recovery and makes sense. What my initial point is, if you are an addict only YOU can make the ultimate decision to not be one anymore. It is not the drug that keeps one an addict but the person and his choices. Instead of blaming the drug for our prediciment and argue people to not take it and then argue of who you become post drug (drugs fault?) , concentrate on "recovery". It doesnt matter if this is Bupe or Tylenol 3's for me at this point, withdrawal is withdrawal. I need help in that choice of recovery, not blaming the drug for what it does and can do if I abuse it (stay on it indefinitely, etc) but how to keep moving forward once I make the choice to get off of it. I started reading this thinking I was reading SUCCESS stories of how to get off and what its like after which i agree I do want honesty but it seems anything but a true account of being off this drug but anti bupe debate. It is nothing less than a thread of REGRET, BAD CHOICES for themselves and just a bunch of negative people.
  10. JamesF

    JamesF Well-Known Member

    I think the benefit of the thread is to debate the pros and cons of buprenorphine. Someone who's considering it should have as many perspectives as possible. I respect that you have a certain opinion about it, but others might not share that, just as others might not share your opinion that this thread has no benefit.

    I'm curious, are you still taking buprenorphine? If so, you might be in a better position to judge it's effectiveness after you're clean of all opioids. If you're not still on it, congratulations on your success.
  11. movazi

    movazi Well-Known Member


    Points well made.

    The initial purpose of this thread though was to gauge how one feels a year after quitting Bupe. Sharing this experience may be useful to others because of protracted and difficult WD and PAWS associated with Sube (There are not many reliable sources of information on this subject matter).

    Over a year off Sube I still have some lingering issues; excess sweating brought on by any physical or mental exertion, mild free floating anxiety (may be agitation is a better word to describe this feeling), getting bored easily (inability to find an activity that keeps the mind busy), etc. , But overall, life is bearable and at times even enjoyable.

    I disagree with you though on thinking of Bupe as being in recovery (Bupe has its uses though under some other circumstances). With Tram you were in a ditch, with Bupe you will end up in a deeeep well from which it will be much harder to climb out. Problem with all these opiates is the tolerance issue, your brain will eventually develop tolerance to Bupe (as it did to Ultram) and at that time there will be nothing else to switch to (these long acting opiates are probably the end of the road).
  12. spring

    spring Administrator

    Since this 25 page thread has been ongoing for 5 years, it's bound to veer off-subject. As Movazi said The initial purpose of this thread though was to gauge how one feels a year after quitting Bupe.
    That was the original subject, but the flow of a thread is dictated by the members and as you can see is a passionate subject.
    All I can say is, if you cant find what you need in this thread then look around at some of the other 19K threads here on the board.
    Oh and, Let us know how it goes for you when the time comes to get off the Sub
  13. old man

    old man Well-Known Member

    Dec 16 made one year since my last dose of subs. I jumped off at a low dose of around .18 to .20 a day after weaning down from 12 mg over a 4 month period. Still doing well and if it had not been for suboxone I would have never got clean.

    Old Man
  14. jimsnowtech

    jimsnowtech New Member

    It's been a little over a year since I stopped taking Suboxone. I was 12 years clean and sober when I was injured in a motorcycle accident. I dislocated my knee. They recronstructed it, and 5 years later I had a total knee replaecment. During that time I took thousands of Norcos and Tramadols. During the physycal rehabilitation of both the reconstruction and the replacement I also took Oxycontin and oxycodone. Some time before the replacement in 2009 I realized that I had lost control of my opiate consumption and started looking for help. I found out about suboxone and started taking it. For about 6 months before my knee replacement i was taking my months worth of pain meds (180 norcos and 240 tramadols) in about 3 weeks and the suboxone for the rest of the time. after the knee replacement I got off the pain meds and then tried to get off the suboxone. it was too painfull so i went back on it for another 2 years. i went from 16 mg a day down to 4mg per day and stopped from there. It has been the most difficullt thing i have ever done in my life. the first few days i wasn't sure if i would survive. beyond that i wasn't sure if i wanted to. the only thing that would reduce the withdrawl symptoms was more opiates (Hydrocone and Tramadol). I really wanted to get clean but i couldn't stand the pain. I can't tell you how many times i wanted to just go back to the doctor and get back on the suboxone. after about nine months i started to feel better physically. Now if i go without any opiates i feel bad, but not like i'm going to die. mentally i've never been in such a dark place. i'm back trying to work my 12 step program of recovery, but so far i haven't been able to make it 24 hours not using, at least by choice. i started drinking at 12 years old, started using other drugs at about 13, got clean and sober at 33. i never made a concious decision to "go out". i actually was trying to work my program the first few years after my injury. i'd like to say that now i'm a year out form using suboxone and am feeling better physically that i will be able to get clean and begin living again, but mentally i know i have a ways to go before i can believe it.
  15. spring

    spring Administrator

    Hi Jim and welcome. I'm a little confused I think. So are you are saying that you've been off Sub for over a year but are still using other opiates? Well at least you got the most difficult detox behind you. W/D from other opiates is much easier in comparison so don't give up trying Also, you said you would go thru your monthly pain meds in 3 weeks then switch to Sub for the rest of the month. I'm curious to know if the Sub put you in withdrawal taking it so close to your last doses of the pain meds or did you put a couple days in between the switch? Just curious. There are plenty of threads here with info and help for detoxing, hopefully you will be able to put all of it behind you sooner rather than later so you can get on with your life.
  16. Pitt fan 412

    Pitt fan 412 Member

    I'm not sure if this forum is still active or being read but I've come off of Bupe twice now. I'm currently on day 25 from my last dose of Bupe, but in 2008 I quit Bupe and stayed clean for almost 2 1/2 years. I began taking hydrocodone for multiple shoulder surgeries in 2005 which progressed into an all out opiate addiction for 3 years. I found myself taking Oxy's, percs, fentanyl, morphine, you name it. So in early 2008 I got into a suboxone program and started at 16 mgs a day but I didn't know what Bupe was and couldn't afford the full 16 mgs a day so I took it much like the painkillers and would chip pieces off of the pill and just dose when I felt like it throughout the day. Most days I probably only took 4-8mgs and it was never an exact amount. After about 6 months I quit CT because I didnt have insurance at the time and couldn't afford to refill my script. It was enough time for me to lose touch with all of my connections though so it was a good thing. I remember mild to moderate WDs for a week or 2 and maybe 2 months of paws but at the time I didn't even know I was withdrawling from it. I had been told it wasn't addictive and since it didnt make me high I thought of it as no different than something like blood pressure medicine. I think being so naive ACTUALLY made it alot more tolerable. In 2010 I reinjured my shoulder and was put on tramadol which turned into a year long nightmare of highs and lows so in 2011 I went back on Bupe. I was on it as prescribed for 2 1/2 years, starting at 16mgs a day and tapered down to 2mgs before jumping. This time around I researched it and read wd forums etc and the withdrawal was VERY hard compared to before. Maybe because I knew what I was in for? Or maybe the length of time? I'm not really sure. I do remember during my 2.5 years sober after Bupe I felt great. Better than I had in years. Energetic and young and HAPPY. So here I am going through PAWS again but I know I can make it and I know ill be happy and healthy again very soon, and permanently this time! Last time I was single and in my 20's. now I'm married and have 2 children so I have alot more reasons to get clean and stay clean than ever before. The WDs and paws suck but they ARE only temporary. I hope this helps!
  17. Drugssuck

    Drugssuck New Member

    I am a long time lurker. I decided to share. I am a retired healthcare professional and a counselor who also loved hydrocone first then oxycodone for over 20 years. I was retired from healthcare after 30 years because the powers to be thought I Was selfish in consuming the goods. Then I got into counseling. So I have 2 degrees 1 is a doctorate in a medical field (I really know a lot about drugs) and the other is a master's in addiction counseling. Neither one is worth a damn when it comes to my addiction. Drugs rule over my knowledge. I have been in recovery since 1994 (no alcohol since then) but I relapsed in 2007 for 3 months and after a very high daily use of oxycodone I switched to subutex because I believed the bull**** info. After doing that for 3 months peeking at 16 mg a day and then getting down to 6 mg I figured I could jump off easily because the info said short term withdrawal. Holy crap compared to my bare knuckle detox in 1994 at age 37 from a daily 200mg oxy use, suboxone was living hell. Granted I was 50 years old this time and I had been on 200-400mg daily oxy for 3 months before I switched. subutex is a liar. Yes I felt good on it even when slowly tapered down to 6mg from 16mg. But when I jumped off it took a long time probably 30 days to gradually and painfully get over the physical stuff and then a slow gradual baby-step improvement in my mental and emotional states. The no sleep for weeks and the lethargy damn near drove me crazy and if I could have easily got my Hands on dope I would have eaten it. I went back to AA & NA after (stopping meetings in 2004why I relapsed I thought I was cured) my ego ain't my amigo! Anyway all I am saying is suboxone-subutex is Satan in disguise my experience is that it is probably easier on you to detox without it or if you have to use it only use short term and do a slow taper. My new recovery date is 10/2007 drug and alcohol free with the support of AA & NA. I am not on here as a counselor nor as a former healthcare pro. Just as a recovering addict. My experience only.
    5 important ingredients. I will keep it short and sweet. #1 get angry, at no one but for the love of self. When you feel that self-pity coming on. Say hell no! I am wasting my life and I am tired of being a slave to drugs and my pusher. Use that anger only to get your natural fight or flight system activated, do not hit someone or yourself. Use that energy to push through that next second. Self-pity is the elixir for self destruction. Self pity = You using. #2 make a to do list and muddle through it the best you can each day, it will get your mind off of you. You will get a sense of accomplishment. Do some form of physical exercise along with eating healthy even if it is only walking around the house once today, 2 times tomorrow, etc. this will help stimulate your natural drugs and help heal the damage you have done. #3 do not isolate with only your thoughts. Be talking to someone (other than an enabler) and find a support group ie. NA or AA or smart recovery or some group where you can be honest about guilt shame remorse lying cheating stealing sadness anger fear and hurt. Usually loneliness is the hallmark of an addict, we are trying to give up our best friend= dope. Stay lonely long enough and you will get this great thought. I can use just this minute to get through this. Wash rinse repeat= slave to dope your life is gone = death #4 not only have you hurt yourself but no matter how much you think you are the only victim you have hurt a lot of people with your addict behavior. Please please please do not try to fix all of the wreckage of your past while you are detoxing. First no one will believe your crazy-*** detoxing bull**** and you will get overwhelmed emotionally at either rejection or the effort. Self-pity will overcome you= using and all you have done is reinforced to those you want to repair your wreckage with that you are a loser = using. I waited a year to 2 years to start working on repair so I had the recovery to deal with what followed. Do not try to fix everything during detox or after detox. Work on your sick self. Rehabbing the body mind and spirit. # 5 work on believing and growing spiritually and trusting in something besides yourself. All I am going to say you figure that one out.
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  18. getoffsubs

    getoffsubs Well-Known Member

    This thread (or some form of it) has been around for a long time. I've been a part of this forum in some way for nearly 10 years. Not sure when I first saw this thread, but I remember thinking it was kinda scary and also exciting. Scary that we would have to talk about who had actually been able to make it one year as if it was some nearly impossibly feat. Exciting to know that others before us had made it.

    Today I can proudly state that I am 1 year and 1 day clean. I've looked forward to making this post for a very long time!

    I'm not going to go into my who background as my thread below documents my journey through the process but I can say I am clean, I have no residual effects and my life is so much better than its ever been.
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  19. spring

    spring Administrator

  20. spring

    spring Administrator

    I just now noticed that most of the first part of this thread is missing. I think I know why....the body of the first post was in the form of a quote and it didnt get transferred over when we changed sites. Guess it's time to hit up the WayBack Machine again to retrieve what I can find.
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