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Who's been free from Sub for over a year?

Discussion in 'Detoxing From Buprenorphine/Subutex/Suboxone' started by Skinny, Apr 2, 2007.

  1. Subchampion

    Subchampion New Member

    I abused opiates for 10 years. I started using suboxone on 01/08/2007. I started abusing suboxone about 5 months later and was taking 64mg per day, 8 of those 8mg tabs. I quit, with assistance from local law enforcement on 09/17/2007. I have not used suboxone or any other opiate or drug or alcohol for over 3 years now. It wasn't easy but I did it and it can be done. There is hope and I am proof of that. I attend regular 12 step meetings, around 5 per week. My life is so much better without any of that crap. Good luck to all.
  2. Lovie

    Lovie New Member

    Hey, all,
    I have been free from opiate addiction (and have not been physically dependent on ANY opiates) since Nov. 24, 2009. Seeing as how I recently celebrated my one-year birfday, this thread seemed applicable to me. It's my first thread, by the way. So, I love that I chose to start with this . Yay!

    I went to a Suboxone clinic from May 30, 2008 until Aug. 30, 2009. About a year and a half. I began at 24 mg per day and stayed at 24 mg per day for 6 months. I detoxed slowly under a doctor's supervision (more like with his support, primarily emotional) and, following my last appointment, I spent my first day completely clean on Nov. 24, 2009. Thanksgiving.

    I was successful. There are a number of factors involved in success, I've found. It's not even about me. It's about the factors.

    - Support System (Strong "Family" Support, blood relations or otherwise)
    - High Self-Esteem & belief in one's self (this goes along with the family support; the two are completely related)
    - Planning (Quit Date, Medicines such as Immodium & Promethazine to get through the first three days, GYM MEMBERSHIP & commitment to exercise to expedite the detox process AND generate endorphins to stave off depression & cravings, long-range plan such as AA, NA, and/or continued motivation (most people need external motivators such as NA/AA - I did not, but am an exception due to my large SOBER, self-aware & awesome support system comprised of blood relatives and wonderful friends)
    - Motivation, which ties into my point above bit really should be a separate point. Let me emphasize that all of these points tie into each other to create a larger picture also known as GOOD PROGNOSIS, in medical speak. I realize not all are this fortunate. I feel extremely grateful.

    With all of these things, you can, too, live opiate-free.

    I'd like to also add that I have been nicotine-free since Jan. 1, 2009. Really. A "Quit Smoking" New Year's Resolution that actually occurred. Yay, me!

    I tell anyone I meet that I'm just "hardcore like that". The irony makes me smile. :)

    Good luck to all in the fight!
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  3. jdude

    jdude Well-Known Member

    Welcome to ODR Lovie......congrats on the recovery time!
  4. befree

    befree Well-Known Member

    With great pride and thanks,What an absolute pleasure it is to be able to be finally post in this thread !

    12 months clean of opiates (subs) ticked over for me last week, and 3 months clean from temazapan this week, and i can truly say i have made it across the pond :)

    Its great to feel human again, it was not an easy journey kicking everything, whilst having 2 shoulder operations, and a relationship breakup(caused by sub wd"s), but my determination and commitment, and help from some wonderful people on this site in particular Jay (jdude) and Angela (mimiluv) have got me to a happy normal life again........ Thank you ever so much....... :D

    To have paid off the piper, over many instalments (many months) and in the end, be in better physical shape than i have been for 15 years, and able to enjoy and participate in my daughters teenage life without giving opiates a second thought, and come out the other side a better Dad than i could of imagined i would be, its been well worth paying that piper pr1ck back every cent, with interest :)

    Thanks again and good luck to everyone !
  5. mimiluv

    mimiluv Well-Known Member

    OMG.. Befree I am so happy to see you post in this thread!! I am so happy for you, ,WTG and getting off of the benzo's to is awesome..
  6. Bonita

    Bonita Well-Known Member

    I can now say I have been free of sub for TWO YEARS!!!! Actually over two years as my jump date was Oct 08. I did use for a short time at about the 8 mo mark but that lasted for a short time.

    Life is good and so glad to be rid of sub. So glad to be clean. I see what has happen to Japan and seeing that makes me even more thankfull I am free of dope. My heart goes out to the Japanese. I can not imagine what they are going thru daily. I am sure the government is lying to them about the radiation.. as our government is lying that it wont affect us. BS. But could you imagine being addicted to sub and have this happen on our soil? I wonder how many death are going to accumulate with those that cant get their medication.. bp pills and so forth. I wonder if Japan has sub addicts? My heart goes out to them.

    went off topic but just wanted to state that I am over two yr sub free.
  7. Torushima

    Torushima Well-Known Member

    Hey, Bonita --

    Japan (alongside its East Asian peers) takes a hardline position against all drug use (virtually taboo and very difficult to score), so I don't think that many folks are suffering from opiate withdrawals as a result of the earthquake-slash-tsunami. But the elderly are taking a beating as a result of this madness (lack of medication, etc.)

    In terms of the " [Japanese] government lying to them about the radiation," I think it's not so much willful deceit as it is an unfortunate combination of the a.) ambiguity of East Asian cultural responses when faced with confrontation (demonstrated in this case by the Nan Administration and TEPCO) and b.) the phenomena of Japan's mercurial, fleeting political system that bounces out their prime ministers after a year, leading to transitional administrations with absolutely zero experience in conflict resolution.

    So what the hell does that mean? It's a sociological way to say that it's not a black or white issue when it comes to truth versus fiction in East Asia -- it's not easy to discern. And there are lots of inexperienced folks running the show.

    Just my two yen.

    Congratulations on being over two years sub free.
  8. this is it

    this is it Well-Known Member

    :smile:Bonita, congrats on 2 years!! I am very happy you are doing so well. I spent many hours way back reading your threads and I love happy endings. My story is very similiar to yours. I am now 1 year off suboxone and also a very happy ending for me too. My life is good and I got no complaints:smile:
  9. Binky

    Binky Well-Known Member

    Today marks one year off of subs and all opiates!! I am still experiencing significant PAWS and have been tapering a benzo for the last nine months. After over seven years of oxy and hydro usage I am seeing light at the end of the tunnel, but its still a ways out. Things have sure improved though. Couldn't have done it without all of you, especially Jay, thanks so much!!

  10. rooster

    rooster Active Member

    I have one year, 3 months and 10 days off of Suboxone.

    I abused every opiate I could get my hands on for 10 years straight (Oxy's/Hydro's mostly), the 16 years prior to that, I abused coke/weed. I haven't touched coke or weed for over 3 years.

    I got off of Suboxone by setting a quit date. I let my family know I was gonna jump, I let my boss know I was gonna jump and by doing that, I painted myself into a corner and HAD to jump. I ended up jumping from around 5mg or so. It was hell on wheels for a while, about 30 days of acute wd. On day 30 I finally got some Clonidine and it helped a lot. PAWS dragged on for another 8 months or so.

    Anyway, my biggest problem today is learning how to live life without drugs, it's still a challenge. I imagine it'll continue to be a challenge for a good while to come. My addict brain always wants me to take a "short cut" to feeling better when I encounter everyday problems, but there are no short cuts. The short cuts end up being long cuts!!:smile:
  11. darkrosaleen

    darkrosaleen Well-Known Member

    Rooster, I still remember that awful day I wanted to use so bad, and you talked me out of it. I saw your name here and felt a rush of gratitude. I am so glad you are doing well.
  12. rooster

    rooster Active Member

    Hi darkrosaleen!!

    darkrosaleen, I remember that conversation well, I'm glad I was able to help you.

    How have you been doing??

    I just passed the 16 month mark off of Suboxone. I did have 3 brief slips during that time. First slip was 4 days, second slip was 9 days and the last slip was 1 day. I learned a valuable lesson from each slip. I shook myself off, got back on that crazy horse called life and started riding again. So far so good!!!
  13. Binky

    Binky Well-Known Member

    Well, took me 6 months to taper the suboxone and then 13 months to taper the valium, but i am done!!! I've not been able to work for two years while really sick in withdrawal and paws and benzo sickness. I am almost one month away from the benzos now and am noticing a huge difference!! I am getting close to being my ol' self again! What a horrendous journey, almost two years since my last oxy and norco!

    A heartfelt thanks to Jay and everyone else on ODR!! I couldn't have done it without you! I just found a job and start next week. Things are looking up, finally!
  14. Bonita

    Bonita Well-Known Member

    Congrats BInky... I know it been a long process but now you got the prize'
  15. johnny2

    johnny2 Active Member

    Thanks to all who has posted on this site.
    It has been 1 year clean of sub. I used it for a year, took 3 months of tapering, long hard months. The paws lasted so long. It took 3 months to even laugh, and longer before any beauty, awe and wonder in the world could tickle my brain. I was very distressed that it would never return, meaning the area in my brain that contains the pleasure center.
    I was very angry and upset, still am a bit, at the damage sub has done to me. If there was a class action law suit I would join it, but who is going to listen to a bunch of ex addicts? The doc that prescribed it to me said that there is no long term side effects. Ha! He now lost his abillity to prescribe pain killers, but is still able to do sub scripts, how ironic...
    I never really went to na, but am thinking about it. Maybe to compare notes with those off of sub, and to talk to those who are on it and to warn and help them.
    All and all I felt better off of sub than on in about 5 months, still an awfull long time. Between the taper and paws work was all but impossible for 6 months. My brain is still not normal, but it is better than being addicted to the stuff. My resentments towards sub still runs deep, but I am learning to accept that this is the new normal for me, and hope is still there that the healing will continue and all will get better.
    Thanks to all
  16. rooster

    rooster Active Member

    Hey johnny2,

    Congratulations on 1 year off of Suboxone!!! I know what a complete Bee-aw-tch it is to get off of it and STAY off of it, especially while feeling like hell most of the time.

    When I hit the 1 year mark, I was still having some trouble with sleep. Waking during the night and not being able to get back to sleep was my issue. We went on a vacation right around that time and when we got back, my sleep had improved by leaps and bounds?? It was like the vacation reset my attitude? Somewhere around the 1 year and 3 month mark, my "stomach" issues finally cleared up. I'm almost at the 1.5 year mark off of Suboxone and my energy levels, attitude and general outlook on life have improved drastically. I attribute the latest improvements to the fact that I started working out again. I started lifting light weights for about a month to get my muscles back in shape, then I started pushing myself pretty hard during my lifting and it has done wonders for me.

    For all intents and purposes, I'm FINALLY back to being me. It took a long time, there were many points along the way where I figured I had done some massive and permanent damage, but I just kept on holding on and I am SO glad I did because I feel so much better now.

    Don't give up, I firmly believe you'll continue to get better and better.
  17. johnny2

    johnny2 Active Member

    Thanks rooster, and congrats to you.

    I will not give up. Even in this "damaged state" I cherish my freedom from addiction to much to go back. Every step to get here was a hard fight, with so much effort that I refuse to throw it away. I am determined to throttle this world for every bit of joy that I can.
  18. darkrosaleen

    darkrosaleen Well-Known Member

    Today is one year and one day since I jumped.No drugs. I feel better than ever. It took a while for sure,but life is worth it.
  19. mimiluv

    mimiluv Well-Known Member

    I am OVER 2 years off of sub!!!! YAY!! Me!!
  20. Jayjess

    Jayjess Member

    Congratulations ! Love your comment ! Just remember, what you have over come thus far will only make you stronger.... Good luck

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