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Who's been free from Sub for over a year?

Discussion in 'Detoxing From Buprenorphine/Subutex/Suboxone' started by Skinny, Apr 2, 2007.

  1. Subgal

    Subgal Active Member


    Thanks so much for your support!!
    Now to start my "clean" time over Dec. 25th 2008

  2. mimiluv

    mimiluv Well-Known Member

    Subgal you are doing GREAT, and I think you will be ok, if those are your only symptoms in 7 days, I don't think that they will get any worse. Sure am glad you didn't have to get back on the sub. I am very sorry for your loss, but you have pulled through, and I am sure he is smiling at you from the stars. I have been so affraid that after I get off of sub, I may one day really need a pain med again, and you have given me hope that I could take it as directed and be alright after. So thanks for that.

    You are an inspriation for sure, you have failed nothing, you have succeded. be proud of yourself. I am

    Day5at 1.25mg

    Don't look back you're not going that way.

    And I hate winter. yuck
  3. Subgal

    Subgal Active Member

    Awwwwwwwww Mimi,

    You have me crying here....... Love yall!!

    Big Big Hugs..........Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Ali_Montella

    Ali_Montella Well-Known Member

    Hey subgal, glad ur doing well now and happy. U will help other people in one or another sharing ur experience. Well done!.

    Life is how you make it.
  5. Subgal

    Subgal Active Member

    Thanks Ali!!:)

    I thank God for this board and the wonderful people I have met.
    Sometimes when you think your life is tough, read around and realize how lucky you are. Ive been just a reading, reading, reading, and Im grateful for my life. Some of the people here have really been thru it!
  6. Subgal

    Subgal Active Member

    Hi all,

    Just sittin here thinking where I read about sex drive. I dont even know what that is anymore. It will be 2 years for me off the sub and almost 3 years on. I can say that I havent had any relations since 2004. The last 2 years my fiance were together, sex wasnt an issue. We were also BEST friends and Im guessing neither of us had the drive. The stats are the same for both of us. Except he took his life in 2006 and I am still here.
    Still.......... no drive, no interest in meeting anyone at all. Anyone experience this? Just wondering.......


    Angela...... I read day one at one.......u go girl!!
  7. Bonita

    Bonita Well-Known Member

    I am 52 and lost my sex drive more then 10 yrs ago. It did come back a bit in yr 2004 after almost 4yrs clean. I had back surgery and took pain meds which of course led me right back to doc. I went on sub to get of h, d and Meth on July 11 08'. Off sub oct 30, not a tinge of desire for sex. I dont even masterbate. I dont know if it will ever come back. I dont really care, that is how much its not there. I do wish I could have a partner that felt like me, but most need/want/deserve sex so I guess I will remain single.
  8. J.T.

    J.T. Guest

    The main problem with all the "horror" stories is that those who relapsed or had troubles were either not well-enough informed going in, too physically AND MENTALLY addicted to start the Suboxone program, or just plain didn't seriously want to get clean for THEMSELVES. There are many factors that play here, but if you have prepared right and know what to expect, I promise you FROM PERSONAL EXPERIENCE, you will be fine. I will elaborate:

    First of all, Sub is not a cure-all. Many people start on it with high levels of meds in their systems hoping to trade off one for the other with no issues. This is absolutely the WRONG approach! This will cause you to be on Sub much longer as your body filters out the high levels of the old crap while getting use to the new. This creates another problem. Staying on Sub too long can be just as addictive as anything else. 3 months is the best goal but 6 months is okay if you are really bad off. Anything longer and you are just trading one dependency for another.

    As for the mental part, if any part of you is not ready to do this, you are doing it for everyone but yourself, or you have psychological/emotional issues that you have not delt with or refuse to face, you will likely struggle, suffer, or even relapse all together. If the main reason you started using in the first place was to fill some "emptiness" in your life and you still feel that way, getting clean in any way will be nearly impossible, and I HIGHLY recommend dealing with this first and foremost before any kind of detox.

    Now for the information part. Like I said before, you don't want to be on Sub for a long time. The BEST WAY to avoid this is to taper down on whatever you're addicted to for as long as possible until you get to a small amount and any less no longer stops the withdrawls. From here, your body is no longer flooded and is already trying to detox itself. This is the point when you are ready for the Sub detox program. This next part is extremely important! Many people don't follow their doctor's instructions verbatum because they believe they know their bodies better or just give in to temptation or mild withdrawl. You must do exactly as you are told by your doctor. They will try to taper you off of this as well, and if you don't do this right, this is where most of the horror stories start. Many people begin tapering too fast or even try quitting cold-turkey or end their treatment at too high a dose/mg amount...


    If you can tolerate a quick paced tapering (usually only short-term or light users can ever make this claim), then by all means, but cutting your Mg amount IN HALF once a month works best. This is why it can take up to 6 months, but should not take up to and over a year, like some people have done/are doing. If you are on longer than this, then you have other issues mentioned earlier that need to be handled first.


    Once you get down to 1mg of Sub per day, you can try spacing this out to every other day or even every 2 days if your body will allow it. You can try to cut 1mg down further, but the pieces are so small that they just break into multiple, uneven pieces, and by this point there should be a small enough amount of the drug in your system that any less won't be much different (even my doctor said this). If you get to the point that you start experiencing moderate to sever withdrawls before getting to 1mg, you tapered too fast and need to take a step back and slow down. If you manage to get to 1mg per day or every other day, experiencing mild withdrawls is COMMON and TO BE EXPECTED. Believe it or not, this is a good sign! If this happens, your body is at low enough a level that you are cleaning it out of your system faster than you are putting it in, and that means you are ready to stop.

    Once you make the choice to stop...STICK TO YOUR GUNS! If you did things ex
  9. jdude

    jdude Well-Known Member

    Welcome JT....you may want to read some more. ALOT of folks have gotten INTO trouble listening to an unknowing doc.

    Congrats on your jump.

    <center>You can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking that caused them in the first place.</center>
  10. mimiluv

    mimiluv Well-Known Member

    yeah my doc says all his long term sub patients jumped at 4mg and are fine??? My Dr. has kept me on sub for 2 years, when my problem lasted only maybe 4 months and was 60mg of perc a day. I was un/misinformed about this medication . yes I am the one who continued to take it, but had I known the truth or found this forum 2 years ago, I can tell you I would not have stayed sucking on these things for 2 years. At 2mg my Dr. thinks this is all in my head, and I should not be having any problem jumping off of this dose. So while your Dr. may have been well informed, about this medication, or was not in it for the money,. Many Sub Dr.s do not have a clue about this medication that they prescribe. And they do not want to listen to what there patients have to say, they took an 8 hour online course and are now experts at treating addiction, or better said creating a big addict, when really only a small one was there in the beginning. But are you to do when you have been unknowingly treated by a Dr. who come to find out doesn't know chit. I guess what I am doing, trying to find one who does have a clue, only problem is now, its 2 years later.
    Yes please read around the forum before you go jumping to conclusions, read some stories, like mine and some others. I am glad you have found your freedom, take care of it, and never let it go.
    welcome to the forum,


    If you're headed in the wrong direction, God allows U-turns.
  11. need2bclean

    need2bclean Well-Known Member


    I've been a member of this great group for many years. I haven't been on in quite a while (since I got clean years ago) mainly due to becoming depressed by all the horror stories. I would read many posts and replies and would cry afterwards because of all the suffering so many fine members were dealing with.
    You seem to have had an extremely hard time yourself but you finally grabbed the bull by the horns and pulled him to the ground. Your story is very inspiring and I'm so sorry you were forced to deal with so many negative obsticles.

    Hang in there subgal, your story gives many people hope and that is rare around these parts.

    God Bless You,

  12. Bonita

    Bonita Well-Known Member

    I have not had a sex drive since at least 99' (first time clean). I don't even masturbate. To really put it out there, I could care less either.

    When I told my neruo doctor that I was trying to get off sub. After, He did it he check me out, with every Orphic, bld, MRI's, etc.

    He did find low D level and TX me for it. I actual am aware now I even have genitals. May be you should look in to this.
  13. Bonita

    Bonita Well-Known Member



    He threw me into IMMED withdrawal on a Friday NITE. TOLD ME TO TAKE HALF OF THE METH AS WE SPOKE ON PHONE THE DAY BEFORE!!!!!
    With 40 mg of SUBOXONE. YEAH....... Good advice there.
    Never told me it was a narcotic or agnoist. Only to put it under my tongue. When I call him on sat, sicker than any wd I have ever had or could imagine.. he response was... "maybe I am not a candidate for sub and he would get me a Meth program." I did finally come out of wd only to become MANIC as all hell. I stayed Manic till I began to get slightly high from it at 1mg mark. I can tell you that I have visual problems, PAWS and it was not easy to wean.... DEFINITELY NOT PAINLESS! Now over 90 free....I can not say I am out of the woods. My vision has improved as now in am till about noon I can read. After that... it comes and goes. It does it to the lesser degree but the problems still exists. I think I was double screwed by using Meth for about 6 or so mouths prior but I would not allow my family ever take the drug longer then 2 weeks.... then get thru it.

    Wow... just realize I was using caps. Sorry.

    I am not saying that sub may not be successful at a very short stint and at very low doses. I did not get that opportunity. But to say listen to many doc's that take 8 hour class and I think some kick back..... BAD advice.

    Maybe do the complete research and not all from the company that puts it out..... talk to those with success's at staying clean after a yr.. then make a decision.
  14. time heals

    time heals Well-Known Member

    I am over 2 months off suboxone. This is a long hard road with no energy. I gotta be honest, I believe suboxone does permanent brain damage. We will see....
  15. Shreddi

    Shreddi Member

    A lot of people are saying DO NOT use Suboxone. Then what do we do instead when we cannot take 2 months off to go to rehabe and have to work, function, etc. etc.? I understand suboxone is a replacement drug and I would stick with using oxy as ongoing maintenance if possible but my Dr. is retiring and can not find another that will write the stuff. Have been addicted to opiates over 30 yers and yes I do regret it. I am too old to go through another bad withdrawl and can not risk my job taking the time required to kick the old fasioned way. Am I missing something? I would Love to know of another way to get off a substance that is no longer available to me. I am going to try a Dr. I had success with in the past by way of swithcing to Norco, being such a short halflife he put me on norco and reduced dose by 10 mg (1 pill) a week. Took 5 - 6 months but it did work. If he will try it with me again I will see if it works again. But if not? then what? I can see sub as my only alternative. Like I said, unless I am missing somthing out there that would work better. Thanks much.

    PS. I apologise for not sticking to the subject but since this is where I read the "Warning do Not take Suboxone" I figure this is where I would get the answer. Again I am sorry.

    Love all Animals.
  16. achange

    achange Member

    Have been maintained on suboxone for 4 years this month[xx(]. Used opium for 10 years stright prior to that. I started on 32mg suboxone, was there for about a year then I found the truth about it and slowly tapered to 2mg which is where I have been for about 7 months. I tell ya, 2mg is the breaking point for me, I just can't seem to go below that. This is with additional natural opiate-like activity, i.e., swim about 1Km a day, lift weights about 4X/week, but still, cant get below 2 mg.
  17. turtleracer222

    turtleracer222 New Member

    i have been off sub for 1 year and 5 months! getting off was the single hardest thing i have ever done. i should never have been prescribed the stuff but my dr was obviously either getting kickbacks or just plain ignorant about this stuff. i had been a "functioning" opiate abuser for about 9 years. i never took huge amounts (mostly vicodin). 4 to 6 a day with a few dry spells here and there. when i didn't have vicodin i took tramadol to get me through without withdrawals. i pretty much had a standing script for a medical issue that i wont go into here. i never took more than prescribed but took them every day even when i was not in pain and would have pretty severe withdrawals when i didn't take them. at least i thought the withdrawals were bad. then i got on the sub.

    my dr put me on 4mg a day and i stayed on for about 6 months. i now know that 4mg is a huge amount for someone with such a small daily vicodin intake. it was like putting me on 10 or 20 times what i was used to.

    i quit with a very quick taper when i found out i was pregnant. that meant no comfort meds. ouch! but there was no way i was going to have a baby born addicted to anything. it was very motivating and i don't think i could have done it without that.

    the whole thing was miserable. i did not sleep more than 2 hours a night for 6 weeks. the sweating, sneezing, creepy crawlies were terrible. waaaaay worse than vicodin withdrawal. i really thought i might die at some points. i ended up missing a full month of work and would go to the bathroom and just lay on the cold floor for ten minutes with the door locked every hour for a few weeks after i went back. i had the runs for about 6 weeks as well (sorry to be gross but it was a big part of my experience). i was very lethargic for a few months. i only got through it because i had to go to work and because i eventually got excited about my baby:) just getting through the day was hard for a good 3 months after the acute stuff ended. i am lucky to have had a very supportive husband to help as well.

    this stuff is intense. if you are thinking about sub for a pill addiction i would think it through very carefully. the withdrawal from this stuff takes a very long time to get through. i want to repeat that there is no way i could have kicked it without having my baby to motivate me. it was way too painful. i am getting teary eyed just remembering it.
  18. Muddy

    Muddy Active Member

    ...I was clean for five years from 10-15 7.5 Vic's daily, had major oral surgery in 2008...thought 'ah, it's been five years'...yup. I started sub out of fear, knew the hook was coming back from taking pain meds...went six months on 1mg, voiced my opinion of the therapy during sub docs group session (people in the group taking it for years!), he didn't like it...and I walked away. He started me at 8mg's of sub...HOLY CRAP!...that was too much, switched me to 4...too much, he said just go that way for a week or so, your body will work it out...that's when I just started the 1mg thing. Last dose five days ago...still alive, just bothered by lack of sleep.

    Anyhoo...plopped a reminder in my outlook calendar to post here a year from now, and that I will do...successfully. I've walked away from it all before, no different this time.
  19. Rhyno

    Rhyno Active Member

    Finally I can say I'm a little over a year off the sub. Had a few slip ups along the way (oxys, percs, etc.) but I am one month clean from all the garbage. I can honestly say I feel better than any time I can recall. It is a task getting off the sub but it does get alot better, just hang in there and give it TIME!
    All the best
  20. looking for peace

    looking for peace New Member

    i have been off bube for 9 month now,and have absolutly no desire for opiates,i am a fifty six year old and strugled with opiate addiction since my mid twenties.i was doing oxycontin for years and could never quit .so i got myself on suboxone 16 mil a day for about 8 months i stopped once for 3 days so i could get high and almost killed myself from a overdose .i never was able to get high either. i did 10 40mg oxys in 36 hours felt nothing .hands and feet turned completely blue. after that i decided to try recovery one more time,because i knew i was dying,and life was not worth living, not like this.for months i read all the posts on this site,and was really filled with fear,about withdrawl from suboxone and finally when my job permited me to go into treatment,i went .i went from 16mg suboxone to 0 in four days.they gave me chonidine.i was self pay so i wanted to get it over with as soon as possible.i have kicked heroin ,oxys,morphine,tinture of opium ,diladid,hydrocodine,codiene all of them a hundred times,and the older i got the worse it was ,unbearable, a hell on earth. for me.kicking suboxone was not even a withdrawl,i yawned for a week and sneezed for about two to 3 weeks. but there was no umbearable mental anghish,none of the gagging ,and that dopesick stink,was not present, no sleepless nights. a common cold was alot worse then this. i left treatment after 10 days,if i would have known it was this easy i would not have gone to treatment begin with. the obsesion to use drugs was still very present, unbearable at times for about 3 months,i left the country for that first 3 months where i had no connections.found a aa meeting and asked for help for really the first time in my life i surrendered .got a sponsor and started to go through the steps.and peace has started to come into my life at last.the obsession to use has been removed,which i thought was impossible for me

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