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To get on suboxone or not?

Discussion in 'Detoxing From Buprenorphine/Subutex/Suboxone' started by J4me, Mar 18, 2016.

  1. J4me

    J4me New Member

    I have used herion since I was 20. In the last 2 months I have been to detox 5 times. The last time I made it the longest, I left on my third evening. On my way home the meds wore off and I puked all over my car on my long drive home. That was the worst I have ever felt in all these years, I guess I've been spoiled. Of course I wish I wouldn't have left now, actually on my way out the door I was already regretting my decision.

    Anyways, I saw a Dr to get on suboxone today not knowing much about it. But, I've been on methadone several times and I thought suboxone was going to be less addictive and an opiate blocker so I can't use. And that sounds like I'm going the extra mile to my family.

    After reading everything I've been able to find online regarding this drug I'm thinking that I should try regular medical detox one more time, before going the suboxone route. Try to Stay up for a few days before I go in, so at least I'll be able to sleep the first night or two I'm there. What would you do? The Dr I saw doesn't do short term suboxone detox, he's a maintenance kinda Dr.! Also, I keep hearing that suboxone is worse on your circulation which really scares me because I use my femoral vein. Is that true?

    Thanks for any and all advice.
  2. Fox face

    Fox face Moderator

    Welcome to ODR. I'm not sure about the Suboxone and circulation, but I can tell you that your dancing with the Devil. It's a very scary dance indeed. I think you need to not worry if you can sleep or not sleep. Detox definitely sucks, but there's no easy way out. You have to fight for your life as much as you fight to get your next fix. You said that you've been to detox 5 times, what makes you think going again is going to change? I'm not trying to be a "B", but want you to realize You have to be the one to walk away from this addiction. You CAN do it, but it takes a lot of strength and determination. One day at a time, sometimes one minute at a time. Take that walk my friend the other side is waiting on you!

  3. eyedotz

    eyedotz Active Member

    Man, that is a tough one. I ended up getting on subs almost 13 years ago after a 7 year methadone stint. Sub was relatively new back then and was supposed to be the fix-all....yep, sure was (sarcasm). I've been tapering from 4mg - 6mg since June and I'm currently on .03mg once per day. Yes, ridiculously small amount. I'm working towards my final jump.

    Heroin/oxy detox is WAY shorter than sub detox albeit way more intense. The only way I would consider sub (as it has the best results) is to stay on it at least a year. Do NOT get stuck like I did. I would maintain for 2 months and start doing a SLOW taper of 10% drops every 10-14 days. Do not let doc prescribe you over 4 mg. Sub helps in the way of 'changing' your life. It gives you time away from active addiction and gives you time to separate from your old life (which you 100% need to do). This is also a double-edged sword. You are trading a short acting full agonist to a LONG acting partial agonist. Withdrawals are very long because it stacks in your system and takes a shit load of time to unwind. It eventually changes you to someone else. Anti-social, you stop caring about music, no sex drive...side effects at least for me. It also raises your tolerance to enormous levels.

    I personally never w/d from H but I ended up going from Oxys to Methadone. I always wonder what would've happened to me if I just quit cold turkey from Oxy. I would've been physically miserable for what? 2 weeks? THEN I would've had to deal with life. That is the hard part. Dude, I literally pissed away 20 years of my life on maintenance drugs to this slippery slope.

    If I were you.... I would try the detox again (or long-term facility). You will need a long-term plan for staying clean and they would teach you tools to survive. You will have to deal with your addiction somehow sometime. I'm not sure how long you used but it doesn't matter. You are in it now. Sub treatment is extremely expensive as I'm sure you know....and whatever a facility costs it's way cheaper then 5+ years on subs.

    I'm not a doc or a medical professional...I've only learned by living through it.
  4. spring

    spring Administrator

    Without a doubt I would say to try the inpatient one more time. If you are detoxing from heroin only.. then at day 3 you were right there! It's the worst day. After that it gets a tiny better on day 4 then after that a lot better every day after.

    Only you can keep yourself there. That monster in your brain will use every trick it can to get you to feed it. But try to keep in mind that it's the drug talking and that it's voice will get weaker and weaker every day you stay clear of the drug. Outpatient Sub may seem like the easier way but in the long run it usually isnt.
    Many treatment centers eventually will not waste their time with someone who continues to leave before the time is up so you may run out of options someday. Why not try to just get it over with and behind you while you are able?

    Believe it or not heroin is one of easiest opiates to detox from..a bit painful yes, but short lived. If you can stay longer than the 5 day detox period then your chances are even better. Having a physical barrier between you and the drug is so helpful and the longer the better to give your body and brain time to adjust.

    Also, believe it not...detox is the easier part of recovery. In the beginning it takes work on your part to fight the urges. Many people head straight for the dope man from treatment because they either aren't serious about staying clean or they got clean to please their family or they didn't pay attention to the counselors advice about how to fight off the urges. Those urges DO go away if you dont give in.

    Please take a minute to read this so you can get a better idea of just how this monster operates, hope it helps. http://www.heroin-detox.com/index.php?threads/the-monster-inside-my-head.17846/
  5. spring

    spring Administrator

    By the way..why 5 times? and your longest day was day 3? It sounds like your heart isn't in it. Are you doing this to appease your family? If you are then it's not going to work.
    You have to be sincerely sick of it and want to quit for more reasons than looking good in your family's eyes. Trust me on this. Been there, done it.
    If you are truly not wanting to stop using then you are wasting everybodys time and energy including your own because you will be back on it trying different ways to either not get caught or ways to regulate your everyday use. It wont work. The drug always wins in the end.
    If you go back inpatient then make use of the comfort meds they give you. It's not going to be pain free, never is, but they help. Take advantage of the counselors and the classes and the group meetings.
    Put your whole being into it this time and you will stand a chance.

    Oh and about the circulation...Stopping shooting IV is the best thing you can so for your circulation of course.
    I dont remember ever hearing about Sub affecting your circulation but even if it did, it cant be as bad as shooting heroin into your veins everyday. If you're considering shooting the Sub..DONT. Instant terrible withdrawals that you cant get rid of til it wears off...
  6. Sub-b-gone

    Sub-b-gone Member

    Good advice given already and I totally agree with spring, you have to be sick of it and ready to quit or you will be right back on it. I agree, to, that the best thing would be to go back into detox and get it over with. But if you find yourself back on the junk then imo suboxone is a safer route than heroin. You wouldn't be sticking your veins with junk, especially since you don't know what it's cut with. I am not saying subs is innocent because it can be very hard to stop as well, not as intense just drawn way out. I do believe maintenance programs helped me to get away from that life (always thinking about how many days of stuff I had left and where to get more) back when I started, but try to keep it short, maybe a year at most like dotz said. There is a place for maintenance but don't make it part of your life, just a temporary situation to help you along your way. And do NOT shoot up subs, you will be in far worse w/ds, also you must be well into withdrawals before you start subs or you will have precipitated w/d which is HORRIBLE, ask me how I know. I am not telling you to start subs, that is your decision. Detox now if you truly are sick of it and ready to be free of opiates, it will be a much shorter road to get clean.

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