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The "Bupe Hotel" a place to share about BMT

Discussion in 'Detoxing From Buprenorphine/Subutex/Suboxone' started by Bup4pain, Feb 4, 2004.

  1. cooperdraw

    cooperdraw New Member

    Re: The "Bupe Hotel" a place to share about BMT

    ive been on sub for three years two big pils a day thinking about detoxing myself any tips
  2. Duramax

    Duramax Member

    Re: The "Bupe Hotel" a place to share about BMT

    I will have to say for a while my Hotel stay was lovely.....at first. For the first 2 years or so. Now, I feel addicted to this! I managed to piece my life back together. My wife and I have had three lovely boys since I started my Hotel stay, I started a business and I'm no longer using copious amounts of illegal or legal drugs. Everyone who didn't know me before can hardly believe I once was a complete drug addict.

    I'm currently thinking of checking out of the Hotel as the side effects are just piling up!

    This Hotel feels very much like Hotel California.

    It gave me my life back and balanced me out for years though and I'll ALWAYS be grateful for that!

    Good luck to everyone here and I personally recommend a SHORT STAY!!!!!
  3. Duramax

    Duramax Member

    Re: The "Bupe Hotel" a place to share about BMT

    I need to add I'm now taking Trazodone and Clodinine to sleep as well as testosterone for energy! Yes, it feels like my doctor is keeping me a Chemical Brother just like I did.

    I'm almost devoid of emotion and the motivated feeling subs gave me at first has long since passed!

    So Hotel Hell I shall reside in until I'm done with all this. Last week was my limit! Even though I understand I will feel crappy for a while until my brain recovers its better now than later!!!!!
  4. pencils2

    pencils2 New Member

    Re: The "Bupe Hotel" a place to share about BMT

    I don't understand any of the arguing. Aren't we here to help one another get off suboxone? I've been on it (prescribed by hospital pain management docgtors) for ... I am NOT EVEN SURE how many years. Probably about four. Seems ridiculous that I never questioned it, but there you have it. The experts all thought I should stay on it to avoid relapse (percocet, vicodin, etc.) and back pain. But I've managed to wean myself down from 8mg a day to 2 mg. Suddenly I feel horrible and can barely get through a day. (I just switched from 3 to 2.) OH, am I NOT supposed to be here because I'm a longterm suboxone user? What's the problem? I just need some advice, and not from the doctors who keep writing out those prescriptions.
  5. freakedout

    freakedout Moderator

    Re: The "Bupe Hotel" a place to share about BMT

    hey pencils2-

    You are actually at the right spot. Many of us here are/were long term Suboxone users. This particular thread was started in 2004(!) and arguments are pretty rare here nowadays. Maybe we should change the name or something, but the thread is here for historical context.

    How about starting your own thread and giving us the the basics on where you are and what your goals are? This is the best way to get a consistent stream of messages going.

    If you want to stop using it, it really doesn't have to be a horrid experience! A good plan and the will to carry it out is all that is needed.

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