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The "Bupe Hotel" a place to share about BMT

Discussion in 'Detoxing From Buprenorphine/Subutex/Suboxone' started by Bup4pain, Feb 4, 2004.

  1. Wantoliveandlove

    Wantoliveandlove Active Member

    I do see where you are going, and thanks for your patience and for clarifying everything for me. If you don't mind my asking, how much were you on and how long did it take you to get off the sub, or do you need the long term because of a more severe habit?

    Also, what does "off MMT" mean?
  2. sudokudee

    sudokudee Well-Known Member

    Well, I've been an addict somewhere around 30 years. I did a fast one week sub detox and I also did a 5 month run of sub. MMT is methadone maintenance, which I also did...and have been clean from that (and all opiates) for a little over a year now.

    I had intermittent periods of staying clean for several years during that 30 year period. The last time I relapsed was in 05 when my youngest son was killed in a car accident...how I ended up on methadone. I've been clean since 9/12/06.

    When it comes to opiates, I've pretty much done everything out there. I think the only thing I haven't personally done is a fast, low-dose methadone detox.

    I draw my conclusions from my own experience and also from the reading I've done here on the forum for over a year...well, and from my experience here with helping others.


    Dee--off MMT 9-12-06
  3. Wantoliveandlove

    Wantoliveandlove Active Member

    Well Dee, happy belated one year anniversary! My condolences for the loss of your son. Thank you so much for staying around long after you've been clean and sharing your experiences and seemingly bottomless knowledge with me and everyone else I'm certain you've helped. Today, I took 2 mgs this morning and felt I needed more. I took 1 mg this evening and will see how it goes tomorrow on 2 mgs all day. Sound like a plan or is it better to do 1 mg morn and 1 mg eve?
  4. sudokudee

    sudokudee Well-Known Member

    Thank you, honey.:)

    I was giving you both ends of the spectrum...short, low-dose detox at one extreme and sub maintenance at the other. Most people do something in the middle.

    To minimize difficulty getting off sub, best to keep the dose low and the length of time as short as possible.

    Because you already used sub at 6 mg./day for several days, no need to cut right to 2 mg. and cause yourself unnecessary discomfort. The goal is to get yourself to 2 mg. in a relatively comfortable way. If 3 mg. holds you today, that's fine...if you need 4 mg., you'll have still done a cut from 6 mg. It may take you a few days to get yourself to 2 mg. comfortably.


    Dee--off MMT 9-12-06
  5. Wantoliveandlove

    Wantoliveandlove Active Member

    Yeah, I think I need to experience a bit more discomfort as well before I dose again. I don't like the ideas expressed in skinny's topic, and I don't want to experience the extreme discomfort that long term sub will more than likely inflict on me. I do think and agree that I need to feel the pain of withdrawal to some extent and that there is no free / painless way to do this. I thought that this was the greatest stuff on the planet when I took my first dose on Thursday. Not so much now that I've read a bit more. Previously I was only reading the positive stuff. But for Skinny not to be able to find somone with over a year clean, from everything including bupe, that's scary.
  6. sudokudee

    sudokudee Well-Known Member

    Skinny really had a terrible experience after sub...as did Ratchett and Teri (Blondebomb), to name a few. Now, that is not the classic norm and dosage plus length of time on it have to be taken into consideration...but the most important thing is...this is the risk one takes when one enters into the world of maintenance opiates...why we give the warnings.

    I don't know if you read anywhere here that I was an RN for over 20 years...not that that gave me any education on addiction...just the ability to comprehend information and to analyze data.

    There are some people (like you, possibly) that experience some unusual side-effects from sub...and methadone (I did)...again, not the norm.

    However, I've been here over a year and just by simply evaluating data, it is clear that keeping your dose low and limiting your time on it improves your chances of getting off sub with the least misery. Then, in addition, I can personally relate to this also, as I experienced it for myself.

    Here's a basic principle for someone like you, relatively new to this...long-acting opiates can be very deceptive...because they make you feel so darn "normal" and they are very easy to taper with...but they are very strong opiates...and any extended time on them increases the length of sub-acute detox.

    Most people looking at a detox usually are only initially worried about the acute part...the first 5-7 days. "Just get me through that", they think. One of the biggest issues with long-acting opiates is that after this part is over, you can be looking at weeks to months of feeling crappy...and if you read here extensively, you will see a clear pattern of people saying "I should have detoxed off the percocet (or whatever short acting opiate they're addicted to)...I didn't know how good I had it"....once they realize how long the sub-acute detox can last with maintenance opiates.

    Think of using sub like using a credit card...you are essentially postponing paying the balance due if you use it for maintenance (anything longer than the fast detox). You can pay now or you can pay later...and the huge majority end up saying they should have paid at the front end...and not built up that huge tab.


    Dee--off MMT 9-12-06
  7. Wantoliveandlove

    Wantoliveandlove Active Member

    I am happy to say that today, despite my doc's instructions, I did 2 mg this morning and only 1 mg this evening I know I told you that earlier, but I made thru past midnite and am going to bed now) and I feel fine. As I was reading the responses to my post and reading other people's boards, the ADDICT in me was looking for the person who would tell me the LONGEST possible time that I could be on these Subs. Why? Because they make me feel "NORMAL" and feeling normal and not sick or wanting more percs is a high in and of itself. Anyway, I am going to try to do 1 mg tomorrow when I can't stand it anymore and then another later in the day. That would only be 2 mg for the whole day. ANYTHING, even mild to moderate discomfort will be better than the HELL of full blown withdrawals I have experienced trying to detox on my own. I am so grateful for you folks who are already fully clean for sticking around to help out us young uns in recovery.

    WAITING for mild to moderate discomfort is the way to go before taking my first when I wake up tomorrow, RIGHT?
  8. sudokudee

    sudokudee Well-Known Member

    :DDon't feel bad about the "looking for the longest time" thing...we all did that...join the crowd.

    At this point, having taken 6-6-3, I would mainly focus on setting a taper plan for yourself and trying to stick to it. You may not feel the drop you took today for 2-3 days. Just set a protocol for yourself for tomorrow, such as "I will take no more than 3-4 mg. and less if possible". Remember, at this point, the main goal is to get yourself to 2 mg. in the next few days.

    Make a goal for yourself and stick to it. As addicts, we're not really good at analyzing our own discomfort. We'll rationalize and convince ourselves of anything...it's the nature of the beast.


    Dee--off MMT 9-12-06
  9. Wantoliveandlove

    Wantoliveandlove Active Member

    This is the start of day 4. Yesterday did 2 mgs in the morning and 1 mg around 8 pm. It is now 11:25 A.m. and my first 1 mg (1/2 of a 2 mg) of the day is almost dissolved. I plan to take 1 mg later and that's IT for today. Slept very well last night and the night before. Tomorrow (Monday, Day 5) I will take 1 mg in the morning and 1/2 mg in the evening. Tuesday, day 6 I will take 1/2 mg in the morning and 1/2 mg in the evening. Wednesday, day 7 I will take 1/2 mg in the morning and I will not take anymore. This will work for me.
  10. Wantoliveandlove

    Wantoliveandlove Active Member

    Sunday went as planned 1 mg in morning and 1 mg later. Haven't taken my first yet this morning. Today is 1 mg then 1/2 mg
  11. Wantoliveandlove

    Wantoliveandlove Active Member

    Yesterday (Monday) did 1/2 mg in morning then 1 mg later in the day. Wasn't a picnic as later in the evening when I left my second job I got a terrible headache. Took a couple of Advil and that seemed to work. Slept very well. Today is 1/2 mg in the morning and 1/2 mg in the afternoon. Mental part is tough. Last night in work I thought about how nice it would be to have a perc to get me through. I will keep everyone posted. Thanks for being here! Joe
  12. Wantoliveandlove

    Wantoliveandlove Active Member

    Thank you everyone for your encouragement!! I appreciate offers of NA but it is not my cup of tea. I have much support in my life and while I respect and admire those who are in “the program” it is just not for me.


    WELCOME PAIN & FEAR!!! I started going through some body aches and panic last night and it carried on into this morning. Yesterday was ? mg and ? mg and today was supposed to be my last ? mg. I am not going to take the last one.

    Since I am already starting to experience the mild withdrawal that comes with this suboxone, I am skipping my last dose of ? mg this morning and jumping off today instead of tomorrow. I know my discomfort is part of the process, so why not be one step closer today? I do welcome the pain and fear that I am experiencing right now. If you are thinking about jumping off soon, know that this is only 1/10th as bad as a 2-3 withdrawal from percs or opiates, which were my DOC. The problem is that us addicts are babies and are used to masking our emotions with our DOC, yes, subox or a perc would be LOVELY right now. But at what cost?

    I may not be in full withdrawal from the subox right now, so I will keep you posted and let you know if it gets worse before it gets better. The bottom line is that I want to get it out of the way and move on.

    Thank GOD or whatever powers that be for the vets and rooks in this forum who are here and genuinely are caring and fighting the good fight. I could NOT have come this far alone.
  13. thisNOTgood

    thisNOTgood Well-Known Member

    how is everybody?

    hope well. i checked out of the bupe hotel a littel while ago, but i still haven't paid the interest.
    the withdrawals were cake, but the paws... wow.

    anyways, i hope everybody else is enjoying your stay and doing well. remember if you're on sub cause you're afraid to detox that's not good, get off.. but if your'e on it because you simply would relapse otherwise... i wish you luck and hope you do well and don't hit the proverbial "crash" bup4pain was talking about.
  14. montego

    montego Member

    I have been on bup for 5 months now and it is making my life hell employment,loss of license due to driving charge,loss of family and I just want to get off it. I am on 14mgs and want to know if it is possible to get off this roller coaster at this level. Please any info would be much appreciated.
    Also dose anyone know how long it would take for my bloods to be clean after coming off .
  15. jdude

    jdude Well-Known Member

    Montego....you may want to start a new thread(topic)...you'll get faster and more replies.
    But yes...it's possible to taper and get off the sub. But don't jump at the 14mg level!

    <center>You can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking that caused them in the first place.</center>
  16. HI, I have been on suboxone for 3 weeks now and I am also on the same regiemen as u. I take half an eight at 6am and other at 6pm I too sometimes forget I even have a problem lol I am so happy now. I have been a junky of pills Herion and IV ing Morphine. God has certainly taken care of me! I have no intentions of going off at least for a yr and a half. I want to get some sobriety time under my belt. I am really glad to have found this place. I cant wait to make new friends
  17. That is exactly how I did it. DOc had me come in after 24 hrs of last use. Was so damn sick when i got there. OMG been on um for three weeks loving life. So damn glad I got the balls and just did it.[88]
  18. Hey dont worry, everyone is different. My husband started at 24 mg a day we started on bup three weeks ago and he is now down to 8 a day half in morn half at night we both are. For some reason it is easier to taper down faster with these. I tapered from 16 a day to 8 in 5 days. I had to. To be able to afford them for both of us.
  19. bdoon51

    bdoon51 Member

    I don't understand...bupe helped me ...the 350 mgs of oxycontin the docs were giving me was making my life hell...bupe gives me enough pain relief (though I still hurt) without the suicidal feelings) I was so anxious to get off oxy I returned 5400 mgs of oxy to my doctor...I had to ...I started to give it away to everyone with an ache or pain and then my brother kindly informed me that I was committing a federal offense...so I returned it to the prescribing physician. However now I want to get off the bupe as I feel it erects a barrier (albeit thin one) between me and God.
  20. archaoz

    archaoz Member

    Hey everyone[:eek:)]
    I just discovered this site today, and I feel really relieved. There are so many fighters in here with so much to give, and since this is one of my really bad days...thanks.
    I`m 41 years old, from Norway, and have been taking subuxone for 15 months now, 12 mg a day. It pretty much changed my life around, and I am now getting my masters degree as well as working 50%. I was a heroin-addict for 15 years, and my mother never fails to mention how proud she is of me these days, whenever we talk on the phone, but I`m never sure how to react to her compliment. `Cause altough bup has helped me more than any other treatment I have tried, I sure isn`t a miracle-drug. Altough I function well enough, I still feel like an island, and often miss the feeling of belonging I in spite of everything would feel as a user. So I`m going through the motions, constantly looking for something that will clarify everything, explain everything, give meaniing to this existence. So sick and tired of this dressing state of mind. Not easy, is it?

    Could someone please help me with this:
    Lately I`ve been feeling more and more sleepy. Sometimes I can sleep for 12-14 hours now. Has anybody experienced something similar after say 1 year one bup? I have also been taking cipralex (ssri) for my depressions, but quit them now because the doc said they could possibly be the reason. I`m getting so sick of meds so I agreed, and I feel a little "lighter" but still sleep way to much + I no longer have the energy to work out etc. It`s getting to be a big problem, and I`m concerned because working out is so important for my stability. Do you guys think maybe I should go down to 8 mg a day? Would that help? I would greatly appreciate any reply :)

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