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Discussion in 'Detoxing From Buprenorphine/Subutex/Suboxone' started by tonya, Feb 11, 2004.

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  1. tonya

    tonya Guest

    A friend of mine has been on bupe for awhile she had surgery and the Dr. put her on Subutex with her suboxone for the pain that she was having. I also would like to know if any Dr. can prescribe suboxone. I need some other medicine so help with back pain that I will always have. Can anyone halp me?

    Tonya Ethridge
  2. Bup4pain

    Bup4pain Well-Known Member


    Both Subutex and Suboxone are the same drug Buprenorphine.

    Buprenex is the form which is approved for pain control.

    You can not take other agonist opiates (oxy, hydro, codeine, morphine, fentanal etc.) as the Bupe blocks the agnoist opiates similar to Narcan.

    Bupe has a low ceiling of pain control. If you are opiate naive bupe may work just fine for a while. At low doses bupe works better for pain control than larger doses. Weird drug. Less is better to a point. .9 - 1.5mg mg IM would be about the most effective amount in a day you could take before it starts to stop becoming more effective.

    As with most opiates the problem of tolerance is there. Now with pure agonist opiates you can just take more. With Buprenorphine at a point more does NOTHING more. So for severe long term pain control is may be a bad solution.

    Addictive drugs and pain have a cycle. Having been in a chronic pain program and having been on both morphine and Buprenorphine I can tell you if you can manage w/o opiates do it.

    There are other chronic pain forums that may help you. I suggest opiates and the dependence associated with them as a path you educate yourself about.



  3. tonya

    tonya New Member

    so is buprenex a totally different drug than the suboxone or do I take both of them together.

    Tonya Ethridge
  4. Bup4pain

    Bup4pain Well-Known Member


    As silly as it sounds.. Yes, Buprenex is buprenorphine and so is Suboxone, and so is Subutex. All 3 have the same opiate. Suboxone has naloxone in it to prevent people from injecting it to get a "high". Subutex is just buprenorphine it's a Sublingual pill.

    The sublingual forms are for the treatment of of opioid dependence.

    Buprenex is the liquid injectable form it is used for pain. (not that the sublingual pills won't treat pain, but the doses are not correct as they are formulated for opiate dependent people.)

    Using the pills for pain is off label usage I believe.

    You could take both Buprenex and Suboxone together as they are the SAME DRUG. But why?

    When you say you need some OTHER meds for your pain what are you taking? You can not take bupe AND other opiates the bupe blocks them.

    If your pain is moderate try getting by with no opiate or any addictive drugs as they will always work (no tolerance).

    If you choose to be on opiates I would suggest going to a different forum for help.. This is a place where people are trying to get off opiates. ;) Talking about taking opiates here don't help us any LOL. :) [:p]

    The link I posted:


    Is a place to get some help with pain meds, and will be of more help for you.

    FYI buprenorphine is an addictive opiate like morphine it just has limited pain control. It also has similar side effects. IMHO morphine is a better choice.

    If you are on bupe and get in a car crash Morphine WILL NOT WORK for 4 days!! [:0]
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