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Suboxone for methadone detox

Discussion in 'Detoxing From Buprenorphine/Subutex/Suboxone' started by imported_n/a, Jan 2, 2004.

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  1. imported_n/a

    imported_n/a Guest

    I am a MMT patient on 70 mgs of methadone for approx 2 years. A friend referred me to a clinic / treatment center that swears up and down that they can detox me "comfortably" from methadone using Suboxone in about 2 weeks time. Naturally, I am skeptical, as I have WD'd from methadone in the past and had the most horrific experience of my life. Has anyone been thru this that can give me some insight? It would be greatly appreciated.
  2. cgdg

    cgdg Well-Known Member

    I think "2 weeks time" is a bit optimistic for a Meth to Bupe detox...4-8 weeks would seem more accurate, but everyone responds differently...there "was" an excellent journal here by wdartmore re: his experience coming off the Meth w/Buprenorphine (think it took him about 2 months), but unfortunately it's all been lost along w/the rest of this website.

    Many doctors require you taper the Meth to 40mg or less prior to starting Bupe, but I've heard of people on high doses switching w/ease...check out the entire site for more info...try this:


    Keep reading and posting!
  3. imported_n/a

    imported_n/a Guest

    Just to let you know that my clinic told me the same thing. I called a bup doc and they had an immediate opening for me. I was scared but excited to get started and hopefully get off methadone. I had been on meth for four years and stayed clean since the first dose. I was as high as 75mgs. and decrased slowly to 20mgs. Then I lost my funding and had to leave because the clinic wanted $400 per month, but that's another story. I started bup on a Monday morning. I took the first pill and was just waiting for the withdrawls to come as this seemed far too easy, but it was, or so I thought. I made it all the way to Sunday and felt great. I wrote a post on AT Watchdog telling everyone how great bup was working for me, then it went to crap for me after that. I went back to the bup doc and found out that the way they had it set up you got 20 pills per $150 visit. According to the directions they gave me I would need 3x that. They told me I could buy the extra pills for $4.99 a piece. I left there that day and felt disgusted. I left meth which I was slowly tapering myself down successfully for two years because I couldn't afford it anymore and now these bup pills were going to cost me even more. Originally the docs assistant told me that it'd be $250 for the initial visit/w meds, then a one week checkup for $150/w meds. After that it was supposed to be $150 per month/w meds if I wished to stay on bup for maintenance. What a f****in scam hah? Anyway after the Sunday I spoke of earlier I started getting the inevitable leg amd back pains along side the insomnia. I have felt like crap since then. Also I was only on 20mgs. when I made the switch. The bup doc suggests that you go down to 30mgs. before making the switch but that he has had clients that were as high as 60mgs. Here's the kicker. The doc told me that he detoxes people from pain pills, heroin, and methadone. Out of the three which would you think he told me was the hardest to get off of? Methadone!!!!! I only used pills when I started methadone and asked the clinic is this was a smart move for me. I didn't want to get deeper in the well so to speak. They assured me that this was a wise move. If I would have known how hard it was to gett of meth I don't think I would have gotten on in the first place honestly. I'm not bashing meth but I feel that a long term rehabilitation center woul've been smarter. I wish you the best of luck and if you'd like you can feel free to write back. Me I'm going to ride this out hopefully although I feel like hell it has to get better soon and that's what keeps me going, but it's hard.
  4. wdartmore

    wdartmore Well-Known Member

    You'll have to get to about 40mg to be safe on subutex. It took me closer to 3 months before it took. I was able to quicly drop from 12mg to .5mg but then when I tried to stop around 6 weeks you could feel the old methadone withdrawal.

    At 8-10 weeks I think I could have stopped but I had a few side issues to deal with and some feet dragging. So it took just about 12 weeks. But that's nothing to the years you could waste on MMT.

    It works, it's not free but it works. I'm at day 7 and counting.

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