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Suboxone and other Meds

Discussion in 'Detoxing From Buprenorphine/Subutex/Suboxone' started by Neuromind, Mar 4, 2004.

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  1. Neuromind

    Neuromind Guest

    Iv been taking suboxone for 2 weeks now. Im also perscribed Klonopin and Soma. I also came across a few Ritalin, due to the fact i believe i have a bit of ADD, trouble finishing tasks, and loss of creativity.

    As stated, iv been taking 8mg of suboxone 3x a day perscribed, with 1mg of klonopin. Soma basically at night if my back is bothering me. Yesterday, i took 30mg of Ritalin, a psychostimulant, along with 1mg of klonopin and suboxone. I felt alot better, more focused, less craving for any other drug, (even though im taking these drugs) but not wanting oxys or heroin. Results were quite pleasant, i became more focused on daily tasks, more creativity, and a bit of euphoria, possibly one of these meds potentiated eachother. Well, to break it down, we have a partial opiate, a benzo and a stimulant.
    It seemed that the klonopin counteracted any anxiety or restlessness that the ritalin may have causes, vise versa the ritalin counteracted sedation from the klonopin. I dont beleive the suboxone had any interaction, i didnt feel high like doing a bag or oxycontin, but felt pretty good mentally.
    I know Ritalin is a c-2 drug and is tooted as poor mans coke,but at a 30mg dose, 1mg klonopin and suboxone i dont beleive these doses are high. I beleive taking 2-3 meds a moderate doses can or may work better than taking a big dose of one drug.

    I did take 16mg of suboxone at one, but it didnt really make much of a difference or any higher. I read all about the ceiling level. I beleive i fall in between 8-16 mg 2x a day. Adding a benzo, which some studies say can be troubling due to resperatory depression, but i dont believe so, as long as the dose is low.

    For 3 yrs now, i feel like a human ginny pig, trying every type of medication just for the effects. But as long as i dont go back to the heroin or oxycontin, which do cause alot of problems, feeling stable on perscribed meds is a plus.

    One of the reasons why i abused opiates is because of the feeling it gave me, which i thought was productive, but in the long run it wasnt. Good ol antidepressants just dont cut it for me. Im not sure how long ill be on suboxone, but i do feel alot of cravings for a bag or an oxy, so as long as this is occurring, i tend to stay on it. It helps primarily with withdrawls. It somewhat helps with craving, but when i add my other meds ( klonopin, soma or Ritalin) it seems to work even better. Some may think this is just abusing meds, but i am diagnosed with depression anxiety and slight add which i know i have, these meds can help tremendously. Its not the "high" or effect like heroin, oxy or vicodin cause which leads me to constant useage and other negative aspects, i hope multi medication combos at moderate dosages can be a plus.

    Thank you and responses would be helpfull.

    geno m
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