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sub withdrawal

Discussion in 'Detoxing From Buprenorphine/Subutex/Suboxone' started by mikebm, Apr 13, 2016.

  1. mikebm

    mikebm Member

    OK so I'm going to try this out. I was an opioid addict (obviously) for probably 7-8 years. I finally got on suboxone couple years ago. And throughout the years, like an idiot I mixed the 2. Finally a year ago I stuck to the suboxone régime. I started at 1.5 8mg strips a day. A couple times I ran out (cause the addict inside told me to take more when I had cravings) and when I ran out I would get uber sick. This is when I started my research on bup. Everywhere I looked I heard suboxone is harder to drop than actual opioids. And in my opinion it is. I didn't really taper down much a) because its expensive with no health insurance b) because I just wanted my life back and was sick of prolonging the inevitable withdrawls .... I'm currently 2weeks clean off everything. But I'm a shut in. I do NOT do meetings. I do NOT talk to people. Mainly because everyone I used to know is still an addict. And also cause I'm too embarrassed and disgusted with myself to tell my story to anyone. I haven't felt normal still after two weeks and my search for why brought me here to a nice thread about PAWS. and I'm now convinced that's what I have. I get anxiety a lot, digestives aren't working right still. And my biggest complaint is my muscle soreness still. I DO NOT have any cravings for drugs. But I DO get a lot of cravings for suboxone. But I don't want to reset the clock on my sober time. What should I do.
  2. Fox face

    Fox face Moderator

    Welcome to ODR! Keep racking up days. I started feeling better around 3-4 weeks after I jumped. You can do it! Try to find things to keep your mind occupied. It was during the early days that I would have to go minute to minute, but then hours and days passed and things slowly got better. They truly do get better!! Be proud of yourself. Congrats on taking back control of your life.
    Keep posting:)
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  3. eyedotz

    eyedotz Active Member

    Welcome to the site....it's slow here sometimes but a lot of people lurk.

    I'm sorry your having a hard time and being alone sometimes makes it worse. We are here to listen....
    I don't go to meeting either. This is my meeting...helping others transition to NO SUB and it makes me sad when people are forced to jump off high doses ($, work, insurance - whatever!). It is just cruel punishment when it doesn't have to be.

    I am on day 26 off a 13 year sub stint. You can read most of my thread right near this one (most of it...some of it disappeared when they updated the site - trust me, I started out one way and modified the whole thing to something that would work). I did a long slow taper so my transition was relatively painless considering I dragged my ass during the 9 month taper. I actually felt better when I jumped.... I tapered to .03mg from 4-6mg. I have no cravings, no depression, sleep normal and I'm trying to regain some of my natural energy. I feel 90% normal and much happier. Tapering wasn't a lovely treat but YES it did pay off. I thought I'd be suffering through PAWS for at least a year but nada (I have only been off 26 days though).

    It is really unfortunate that you couldn't taper and had to go CT... off what 12mg or less? Dude, that's crazy...it's been done, yes but hard. If you've been on sub for a while it stacks in your system and takes a long-ass time to unwind. Most likely, you won't feel too great for a while. After being on sub this long and on that amount...your body is going through chemical shock while it try to balance it's self. Brain injuries take a long time heal...if you want to think of it like that.

    I check on these forums all the time so I can show others how to do it somewhat painlessly....IF I did this then others can....people need to understand 'how' sub works. It is different than short-acting opiates because you 'can' taper from it. The horror stories are mostly from people that jump...I've found most people that did a successful taper are doing really well with the transition to 'nothing' but I digress.....

    I've been helping a bunch of people on other sites and they are doing really well. I really wish you found us sooner because I could've assisted at an earlier junction. I did jump cold turkey off of 30mg of methadone years ago and that f'n SUCKED for weeks. That's how I started sub...(I was one of the earliest patients)... that is as close to understanding as I can get to your situation....IT does get better but the waiting blows because it's all you think about. The only advice I can give you is 'embrace the shittiness'...if you embrace it and accept it you start to lose the 'fear and anxiety' of it. Good luck my friend and I hope your doing ok.

    Dude, headphones and loud bassy ass tunes will help immensely and will get your natural endorphin's pumping.

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  4. mikebm

    mikebm Member

    Thanks! It feels good to talk and get weight off. It really is nice knowing there are many people out there who understand.
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  5. mikebm

    mikebm Member

    Yeah thank goodness I didn't stop at 12mg. Haha I went from 1.5 to 1 . then I did a couple halves and then I stopped. I'm not going to lie its been super brutal. But luckily I am a musician and a gamer so your idea of loud bassy tunes is already part of the routine. Honestly music makes me feel good. So I'm happy I have at least that outlet. Thanks very much for the support your words definitely go a long way.
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  6. eyedotz

    eyedotz Active Member


    Really glad you didn't jump at 12mg though...holy shit, that would've been scary to hear. How long did it take you to taper from 12mg? What instrument do you play?
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  7. mikebm

    mikebm Member

    Omg I wanna play dark souls 3 so bad. Funny u say that cause dark souls 2 SotfS is what I've been religiously playing ... I play all sorts of stuff but I'm mainly a drummer ... And I tapered for my last script that's all

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