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Quitting after 3 years

Discussion in 'Detoxing From Buprenorphine/Subutex/Suboxone' started by JLeigh, Nov 4, 2016.

  1. JLeigh

    JLeigh New Member

    I'm quitting Suboxone after three years. I was on 8mg daily, now I'm at about .75mg. I've been tapering since August.
    I used to be on Methadone. I did a blind taper when I quit, and it was so easy for me. I felt no pain. I had surgery on my ankle and got hooked on pills again, which put me back on Methadone, and eventually on Suboxone. I have none of the same people in my life that I had before.
    I am taking DLPA (began today), 10mg Adderall 3x/day, and Kratom, 6-8mg per day. I'm also waiting to take my dose of Suboxone until I need it, although I'm discovering this need is more mental than physical.
    I don't have the option of taking off of work to lay around sleeping, although I would love that! I have kids to care for, the youngest is 3, and one of my kids is autistic. I am doing the best I can with what I've got, which is all anyone can do. I know that if I stopped Methadone I can stop Suboxone. I don't have any question, just wanted to write this out as a type of journal of sorts. I would love some support from people who've done this, to let me know it's doable. It has to be doable, right?
  2. JLeigh

    JLeigh New Member

    So, this morning I felt like crap. I don't necessarily hurt so much, but I have no motivation. It's been this way for a few weeks, at least since mid September. I've found that taking a small nap helps me. I awaken with more energy and more motivation to get things finished. Being outside helps a lot as well.
    I've got this. I've done it with Methadone and I will do it with Suboxone. I'm stronger than this medication.
  3. getoffsubs

    getoffsubs Well-Known Member

    JLeigh - how are your doing?
  4. JLeigh

    JLeigh New Member

    I didn't think anyone read this forum!
    The first week was rough. Zero energy, my body had a nasty smell that I couldn't handle (super sensitive sense of smell), couldn't sleep very well. My body hurt. Taking a shower was helpful, but I had such little motivation that I couldn't even reach up for the detachable shower head. I couldn't dry my hair even.
    Today I am on day 24 with no Suboxone. Every day is getting better. I still don't have the energy I used to have, but it's coming back a little each day. I feel like I've accomplished something HUGE. My husband has been a big help, as he's also stopped, so while he's in the same boat, mentally he's been a big help. I'm so proud of myself and want the world to know I have won my life back. I have no cravings, either. I take two Kratom (total 5mg) in the morning, and 1,500mg DLPA three times each day. I also stopped Adderall about two weeks ago, not by choice, I ran out (same doctor prescribed both), and I'm actually realizing having ADD isn't so bad unmedicated. I make lists and go from there.
    Anyway, I appreciate you asking. I hope I have give a little hope to anyone out there thinking of stopping.

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