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Quick update. Thank you for this site! It helped!

Discussion in 'Detoxing From Buprenorphine/Subutex/Suboxone' started by Averzion_metal, Apr 9, 2014.

  1. I am doing much better since my first original post. I remember in the first 12 days thinking man I just like to eat a bullet. Seriously Considered It Too. I am at day 31 Still Have Some Lethargy,Bathroom Stuff, SneezingRunnyNoseStuff, BuT things are starting to look so much better I'm trying to eat healthy I have a 2 mile route I'm trying to walk / run when I can Daily. still have bad moments but there's a light at the end of the tunnel and I'm starting to get my emotions back. its like oh I'm having this crazy feeling in my gut and I wanna cry what the heck is this oh I think those are called feelings. Lol. still can get overwhelmed at times thinking about having to look for a job in what career to go into I know most the time after coming off opiates they say not to make any Major changes in your life for the first year. well I'm kinda forced to. One thing I can say to anybody coming on here wondering what they're in for it does get better. I jumped off at a pretty high dose 4-6 Mgs. and I'm starting to feel better. It Sucks. It's The hardest thing I've ever done by FaR.
  2. Dude The Sneezing Has Got To Stop!!! Lol. I Think I Have 4-5 Hours Of Good Time Each Day. I Can't Wait Till I Have A Full, Good, Normal Day!!!
  3. sailormom

    sailormom Well-Known Member

    Each day should get alittle better.
  4. spring

    spring Administrator

    I know it's one thing to hear it and another to actually do it, but try not to overwhelm yourself with all the stuff you need to do next. Try to set your goals and then do only what you can do for the day, when the next day comes do the same. Remember that for now just staying clean is such a huge accomplishment. One day it will become a distant memory and not long from now you will be looking back and seeing how far you've come. Life has a tendency to take care of itself. as long as we're doing the right things. Try to keep in mind that you didn't f*ck your life up overnight so it's going to take some time for the repairs. It will all come together for you.
  5. Larsy1566

    Larsy1566 Member

    Wow! You did this on your own! I went to detox where they took me off of about 4 mgs. of suboxone and 4 mgs. of clonzepam in 10 days. I thought it was a miracle the day I left detox for rehab. I felt my emotions so strongly and it was one of the best moments I've ever felt. It lasted about 3 days and then came the withdrawal. I had so many symptoms so it was hard to tell which symptoms were from the suboxone and which were from the clonzepam. There was no way out of this mess. I spent over 2 months in rehabs and psychiatric hospitals. I thought I was going to die. I just wanted to go home. I finally made it home and slowly started taking the suboxone again. I think about how wonderful I felt for those few days after detox and wonder if I'll ever feel like that again. I hope you are feeling better!
  6. Hey Larsy. HonestlyI'veNever BeEn Through Benzo WD. I Have Heard It Is Complete HeLL Though. I HonestlyThought I Might End Up In The Psychiatric Hospital Though. I Really Thought I Might End It. Scared The **** Out Of Me! I Feel Much Better Now. Good Days And Bad Days. I Have Found Exercise Is The One Thing That Truly Helps. You WillFeel That Way Again One Day When You Are Ready. ItIsAmazing To Have Someone Else Know HOW Wonderful It Is To Feel That Wave Of Emotions ForThe First Time! I Wish You Luck! Feel Free To Message Me Anytime!

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