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Question about Bupe injectable vs. pills

Discussion in 'Detoxing From Buprenorphine/Subutex/Suboxone' started by Paizzanno, Feb 13, 2004.

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  1. Paizzanno

    Paizzanno Guest

    I notice that the ampules contain .3mgs and I here people talking about the pills saying they come in 2mgs 4mgs and 8mgs does that mean that I would have to do 7 ampules to equal 1 2mg pill?? I'm lost here? also since I'm detoxing with an agent like bupe instead of just doing it cold turkey, does this mean that the detox process will take longer because I'm still putting chemicals into my body?? or after like 7 days and no more bupe should I be feeling ok again with no more withdrawl symptoms ( or atleast no real real strong ones )?

    not for nothing and with all due respect,.... FORGET ABOUT IT!
  2. Bup4pain

    Bup4pain Well-Known Member

    "with an agent Like Bupe" Do you mean Buprenex?

    The .3 mg amps of buprenex if Injected IM (use a 1" needle) are about 4 times to 10 times more powerful than Sublingual Bup. There is a lot of factors which affect the SL absorption of the bupe.

    5x to 7x may be the closest range. Soooo a .3 would be = to 1.5 mg SL to 2.1 mg With 3 mg at the top.

    IM injection still takes 100 minutes to peak. So don't be taking shots every 30 minutes as you will WAY over shoot your effective dose.

    If you have never taken Bupe before your 1st shot should only be 1/2 of a vile... Then wait 30 minutes (this checks to see if it 1) puts your into w/d if you did not wait long enough, and 2) in case you have a bad reaction to it.) If it seems OK than take the rest of the ampule. Then dose no more than every hour and 1/2 until you stabilize.

    Be careful to NOT TAKE MORE THAN YOU NEED!!!! Bupe has a 37 hour 1/2 life. A little goes a LONG WAY!

    The Detox time is no different than the SL method. The bupe just is much more efficient IM than SL.
  3. Paizzanno

    Paizzanno Member

    Thanx bup4pain I've been taking the dosages in 33 cc doses so 1 ampule gives me 3 doses and I've been doing that about every 12 hours.... on day 1 I did need a bit more though but it's been 3 days..... on the first day I had moderate WD symptoms even with the bupe on day 2 they were alot less severe and here on day 3 I have none,.... I figure after tomorrow I will have no more bupe and I will tough out the rest which I'm hoping will be relatively easy to handle. I just wanted to get the Damn evil H out of my system without the heavy WD symptoms and I think because of the bupe this has been made possible I would def recommend it as a means for a fairly pain free detox however I would also reccomend what you said,.... when it comes to bupe "less is more" also you should try to taper off quickly toward the end of your detox so you don't build up a dependency on the bupe.

    not for nothing and with all due respect,.... FORGET ABOUT IT!
  4. rick3016

    rick3016 Member

    My doctor gave me a full shot this a.m. and told me to take another every 6 hours and come back in the a.m. to see him again. On top he gave me clodine and a sleep agent. So far so good. I'll take my 2nd dose around 3p.m. tody and then thats all I'm going to take until tomorrow. He said I should take four shots but I think that is too much. I'll let you know..
  5. kathyrand

    kathyrand Active Member

    I am starting my regiment on Thur. Feb 26th. Do you mind if I ask you a few questions.
    I have not read your posts but what was your drug of choice? Mine is norco 10mg about 10 a day.
    How many hours did you stop your last dose before going into the Dr?
    Did the Dr give you 2mgs? Did you feel any side effects? Yes, I hear from many that less is better. I already talked with my Dr. and he will let me monitor my intake. Are you doing the injections or pills?
    Thanks and please keep us posted how you are doing.
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