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Need help w suboxone

Discussion in 'Detoxing From Buprenorphine/Subutex/Suboxone' started by ashley80, Jan 30, 2004.

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  1. Bup4pain

    Bup4pain Well-Known Member

    Ashley... We tend to beat ourselves up worse than anyone else. Try to be positive and keep up the progress. Sounds like the Sub helped block the hydro. ;)

    Try to learn by the event, and make it a positive learning experience.

    Hang in there.. and keep trying.
  2. ashley80

    ashley80 Well-Known Member

    Thanks bup4. What's done is done, and I can't change it now. I just hope to move on from here. I'm finding that taking it a day at a time is helping a bit for me. Just thinking about today only.
    I am wondering when my sleep cycle will return to normal. I woke up today at noon!!!! It's 3 PM now and I am still groggy. I didn't sleep this much when I was on hydro, and I thought I slept a lot then. Oh well. This is harder than I thought it would be, ha. And I'm still getting sweats during the day, but not at night. I am longing for normal here. thanks for listenin'!
  3. ashley80

    ashley80 Well-Known Member

    Day 14, two weeks, almost, but I guess I have to subtract Saturday, when I messed up with 15 mgs. hydro. I was hoping I would be feeling much better at this point, but am very depressed, tired, no energy, etc. Maybe I am asking too much too soon and maybe I detoxed too quickly (only actually took the subox for about a week). Not sure, but I do know that I am just about opiate free now, which should make me feel happy and proud.
    Have had depression in the past, all my life, but this is worse. I think I took the hydro to self-medicate depression, actually I know I did. I am going to try to find a therapist that has some addiction experience. Does anyone have any links or sites that might help me find someone in my area?
    I have some Celexa from an old rx (didn't need it while I was on hydro, lol!) and I am going to take that starting today, in a small dose (half of what I was on before). Hopefully this will get me through till I can get in to see someone good. Last guy I went to see kept telling me my problems would resolve if I lost weight. No matter what I said, he wanted to focus on my eating behavior. Well, I have lost 60 pounds, and am close to normal weight, so I guess that wasn't the answer, ha!
    I'm just babbling on here, so if you read, thank you for listening. Does anyone think the depression and lethargy will get somewhat better over time? Please say yes!
  4. Bup4pain

    Bup4pain Well-Known Member


    Hang on. ;) You are only at 2 weeks. I'm coming up to 4 weeks this Thursday. At 2 weeks I still felt like crap. That's just part of getting off opiates. "You do the crime ya gotta to do the time"

    It is just part of process of restarting your brain.

    I think the 2 week point is the worst emotionally in a way. Nothing like W/D and it's total misery, but at 2 weeks you think you should be better, and it can seem like FOREVER!

    The day at a time mode sure helped me. Just try to make the best of what you can. Be grateful for how far you HAVE come, and get out and do something to divert your thinking about how you do feel.

    I have to say getting clean back in the mid 80's was a LOT easier than this time. I did 28 days inpatient. I felt great then. This time I have PAWS dragging on and on. It's up to me to get through the next 30 days and I KNOW then I will be sleeping and feeling 10x better.

    I can't moan and groan how crappy I feel while I wait for the next month to go by... I have to stay focused on NOW... Today, and make just one more day w/o using. IT will get better!

    I know the shortest time to better mental health is to just slogg it out. I want a fantastic Summer. The ONLY way is to just keep on keeping on. I know for me using any drugs to elevate the post Opiate mood dip will just make for a worse ending and a longer harder journey to being my old self again.

    If in 3 months you are still suffering than maybe think of an alternate path besides abstinence from all drugs, but why complicate things if you will just feel better in just a few more weeks?

    It was not all that long ago when you posted the 1st post here on this thread! It's *only* been 11 days! ;) Some hard days bu still only a handful.

    Please give yourself a chance to work through the next few days and weeks. I bet you will be MUCH better! [8D]

    Hang in there...
  5. ashley80

    ashley80 Well-Known Member

    Thanks, John, you are truly a kind person. And you are right, I am expecting too much too soon. When I detoxed the last time (only 2 years ago, cold turkey), I just remember feeling better sooner. But this time I was using for a longer time, at higher doses, so I guess that has some effect as well.
    I agree with you about being drug free. How can I figure out what normal feels like if I always have some substance in my system.
    Hey, I am glad you are doing so well, too. I wish I could send some of my sleepiness your way!! [}:)]
    I'll be OK.
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