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Need help w suboxone

Discussion in 'Detoxing From Buprenorphine/Subutex/Suboxone' started by ashley80, Jan 30, 2004.

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  1. ashley80

    ashley80 Guest

    Hi! I posted on the pain pill forum, but I think I might find some more people here to help with the suboxone. Was taking 12-14 Norco's (10 mg hydrocodone) per day for about a year.
    Took last hydros Tuesday at 6 PM.
    Took first subox Wed. AM, 2mg, then continued every two hours for a total of 14 mgs. day one. (felt fine day 1, went to movie, ate dinner, etc.)
    Woke up Thurs. (day 2) w terrible headache, throwing up, etc. Called doc who said to up subox dose, so ended up taking 2 mg. every 2-3 hours for total of 14 mg.s day 2.
    Woke up today, sick as dog, headache/vomiting, took four doses so far, (it's 1 PM) and feel OK, but certainly not great, mostly spaced out, headachey, half nauseous.
    Doc said to come in today for more subox, since I am taking more than planned and I need enough to get thru weekend.
    What am I doing wrong? I thought you were supposed to feel OK on this stuff?
    Am I in WD, or is the subox making me sick? Am I taking too much or not enough??? Doc seems clueless!!
    Help, Help, please.
    Plan is to detox completely over three weeks. I can't go around feeling like this for three weeks. Cold turkey would be faster, at least! HELP, please!!!
    Thanks! PS, I read as much as I could before posting, but still can't figure out what I am doing wrong!!
  2. ak

    ak Well-Known Member

    Hi and welcome Ashley. I started Suboxone 4 weeks ago and on the first day I took 16 mgs which was twice what my doctor told me to take. I had a headache for 2 days continiously. That is normal for most people at the beginning. If you want to see my progress it is in a stickky thread at the top of the general forums. Stick around and there are a lot of people on this board who will be more than happy to help you out with whatever you might need (as far as advice,lol). All the best, Andy
  3. Bup4pain

    Bup4pain Well-Known Member

    It takes bup 100 minutes to peak in your blood and it's 1/2 life is 37 hours.. dosing every 2 hours ???? WHY???

    W/D and being sick from Bupe: YES, bupe can make you feel SICK AS A DOG, should be very easy to tell the difference from. If you are yawing and watery eyes cramps and the runs, you are having withdrawal VS a splitting headache and wicked bad nausea which very probably is from the bupe.

    Try dosing 6 mg or 8 mg in the AM then seeing how you feel after 6-8 hrs. If the longer you wait the sicker you get then it's W/D .. if you feel better as the bupe wears off some (it would take me 8 hours to feel better if I took to much FYI.)

    Talk to you MD and see what he thinks.
  4. mary

    mary Well-Known Member


  5. pinkie

    pinkie Well-Known Member

    I concur with Bup4, my first day I was afraid and dosed every 4-6 hours up to about 12 mg or so (don't remember exactly) but by the next morning, after I realized that I wasn't going into w/d, I only took something like 2-4 mg for a couple of days, then down to 2mg for the remaining couple of weeks. You really may need much less than you expect. Starting from early withdrawl, I found it best ot dose small amounts until I felt okay, then stabilize at the lowest dose possible to keep the dogs at bay, and taper from there. I was shocked that I only needed 2mg per day. If you're feeling minor withdrawl symptoms, you should be able to tell how it's working in about 15-20 minutes from dosing. You can always add more, but hard to take it away once you've taken too much.

    Try again, and good luck.
  6. mary

    mary Well-Known Member

    be careful make sure u go by the taper dont make your own up like i did i messed up im so ashamed

  7. inkslinger

    inkslinger Well-Known Member


    Listen to Bupe for pain... What you more then likely did is throw yourself into a rapid detox..and/or you just took too much bupe for your body. Buprenorphine will give you a wicked headache as well as ringing in the ears when you over do it.for some reason this is more so then with bupe amps in my experience.
    DO NOT up your dosage...You do not need more. Take a larger dose at once and let the medication work its course. Youll be fine. The feeling of w/d is a bit different then over doing it with the bupe....the bupe sometimes can be worse..cause of the heavy head and weird ear pressure you may get..

    keep us posted

    to each their own ...everyone deals with things different and everyones chemical make up is different
  8. spring

    spring Administrator

    Hi Ashley,

    I just dont get it! When I detoxed in a rehab using Suboxone this is how they did it.

    DAY 1 I needed nothing because I went in there full of dope.
    Second day I started W/D was given 2mg. That held me for 16 hours. then another 2mg which held me for 24 hours. After that it was 2 mg every 48 hours and I never broke a sweat thru the whole process.

    To clarify....I wasnt actualy being detoxed, I was being stabilized for a maintenance program which is where I'm at today. I dont know, maybe everyone is MUCH different than I am. I just dont understand the huge and frequent doses. Cant some docs READ?

    Sounds to me like your taking too much Ashley.Welcome to the board and Please keep us posted..

    ~~~Do the right thing and risk the consequences~~~Spring~~~
  9. ashley80

    ashley80 Well-Known Member

    I don't get it either, guys. I def.have the symptoms that you describe as being from too much bupe: headache nausea, weird ears, etc. I do feel better since yesterday, but certainly not "fine." I have read that people started on 16 mgs. per day, which is a lot more than I did. I am now down to 10 mgs. per day (yesterday) and am trying to cut to 8.
    Someone suggested increasing the dose, but lowering the frequency, i.e., 4 mgs. in AM and 4 mgs. in PM. Mornings are the worst! And if I am taking too much, why do I feel better 15 - 30 minutes after each dose? Confusing! Also get wicked chills a few hours after each dose. Constipated, drowsy, yuck. I am bloated, my eyes are feel like they are swollen shut. I am only going to take 8 mgs today, if at all possible and try to stabilize at that dose before I cut to 6.
    I will take your advice and wait longer between doses, then let you know how I feel.
    Thanks a million, million, for your help here. I really appreciate. Doc seems to be confused by me and I believe he lacks experience with this drug.
    Edited to add: it's now 3:30 PM and I haven't taken anything since 9 AM, and I feel OK! :D So you guys are right about too much Bup, I think. And I think it builds up in my system from the frequent doses during the day, so that by the next morning, I am feeling really crappy. My head is starting to clear up, and I feel much more awake now. I am going to wait this out, and only take one more dose today, like after dinner. Tomorrow I'm going to try only 4-6 mgs. total. I feel much better now and it's because of all of you, who have been there and done that!
  10. spring

    spring Administrator

    I was just remembering something about that rehab I was in.

    There were a few patients who got headaches and that "swollen eye" feeling. For all of them it turned out that their blood pressure had shot up. They were started on oral clonondine and then wore a patch the rest of their stay with no more headaches.

    Your headaches could have possibly been from your blood pressure temporarily going a bit too high.(?)

    ~~~Do the right thing and risk the consequences~~~Spring~~~
  11. ashley80

    ashley80 Well-Known Member

    Hey, no subox for over 24 hours now, and I feel better, not worse, AND no WD's???? I still feel groggy and semi-achy, had a few cold sweats yesterday, but I can handle this fine. I think I was OD'ing myself on bup?
    Took 4 mgs yesterday by 9 AM, then none the rest of the day. I feel a bit headachey, and slept forever. I wonder when the WD will kick in?? I noticed that since the bup is wearing off, I have thought a few times about the hydros, but don't worry, I am not going NEAR them. I don't intend to take any subox till I begin to feel WD, is that the right thing to do??
    Sorry to keep bugging you guys, but you have saved my life here. Please help me get through the rest of this!!! BTW, Spring, I was worried about my blood pressure, too, but had it checked yesterday and it was like 129/82, which isn't too bad. I may go to one of those drug store pressure thing-ys later today and check to make sure. Weird that my subox doc didn't get that I was having symptoms of too much bup, rather than just thinking I was cheating, huh?? THanks again and again. [:X][:X][:X]
  12. Denise

    Denise Member

    Hi everyone. I am going to the doctor Feb. 4 for this program. I am so scared after reading these posts what should I do? PLEASE help me. I was given the naltroxone once before. The doctor was very ignorant, obviously he did not know that you only take this when oxy (I am addicted to oxycontin) is totally out of your system. I was deathly ill and I thought I was going to die. I didn't sleep for more than 2 hours at a time for a month until I couldn't take it anymore and went back.
    I had read that the subutex program was a miracle, and I found a doctor immediately, I heard no withdrawl. Is this right or wrong? I am very scared to go through this, but I really need my life back and to do whatever it takes, but I'm sooo scared to get sooo sick again. Do you sleep on this program? Sleep is fine because I have 4 days off work. Is this enough time off work? Any advice for me on how to start and when would be helpful. I take alot of pain killers. I take about 4-5 oxy 40's a day.
  13. movnon

    movnon Member

    ashley80, I had approx. the same habit you had on hydros. and started off w/2.4mgs. of bup the 1st day and it worked fine. Your taking too much.
  14. ashley80

    ashley80 Well-Known Member

    Denise: I will pass along the advice I got here, and should have listened to: WAIT till you are in withdrawal from the oxy before first subox dose. START subox small, and don't take more unless you feel actual withdrawal. and DON'T confuse the subox side effects with withdrawal symptoms like I did. Headache and nausea and grogginess is too MUCH subox. Chills, aches and diarhea (sp) are WD. Of course, you're probably smarter than me, I feel like an idiot. Anyhow, I had a big hydrocodone tolerance and 10-14 mgs of subox was WAY too much for me.
    Your doctor is probably the best source for help and advice. Unfortunately, mine was not. Yes, the subox makes you sleepy, but you should be able to work with no problem. If you follow the above and listen to your doc, you will be pleasantly surprised at how much this works.
    Movnon: Yes, you are right. Way too much subox. I am fine with no subox in over 48 hours.
    To all: No subox in over 48 hours, day 8 since last hydro. Do you think I'm out of the woods??? Maybe will not need anymore subox? No real WD symptoms yet, other than a sweat yesterday after exercise. Still real sleepy, can't wake up in the AM. Felt achy all over this morning when I woke up, but not enough to send me to the subox bottle, and the achiness is wearing off now, after juice and coffee.
  15. cgdg

    cgdg Well-Known Member

    Hey Ashley...great job![:p]

    37.5 hour half life rule...if you last took 4mg...you'll have 2mg left in yer system after 37.5 hrs....another 37.5 hrs (75 hr total passed) and you'll have 1mg left...at 112.5 hrs, .5mg...and so-on.

    Yer gettin' close to the finish line girl...do what you gotta do, and keep using this board for support; it got me through it!


  16. movnon

    movnon Member

    Ashley, keep it rolling. It's interesting both of us are in about the same time period off hydros. and working thru bup. I took .4mgs. bup. this am. I also feel tired in the a.m. but not that bad, worked out last night so i attribute to that.

    Good luck, to both of us.....
  17. Jessie

    Jessie Well-Known Member

    Denise....Hi, and welcome....I just started the Suboxone on Sunday and I feel almost normal today..hahaha...(oh, the feeling is waaayy better than withdrawals so don't worry bout that)...You MUST make sure not to take ANY oxy's for at least 48hrs, if at all possible...The further into withdrawal you are, the better the suboxone will work for you....I had been taking Oxy's for over 2yrs for medical reasons...But I've had problems abusing opiates for years...I withdrawaled Cold Turkey from Loritabs (had been on them for over 6 months while my kidney was being repaired...that was rough...I was taking 4-5 80 mg Oxy's before I tapered to 4-5 40mgs, tapered those, then took Roxicodone to fend off the demons..LOL...I had my last Roxi on Saturday morning, by Sunday afternoon I thought I was going to die...My Dr actually met me at his office on Superbowl Sunday to give me the Suboxone...It took 2 8mg pills to make me feel better...By the evening I was feeling okay...Three days of shakiness -but I really think that was due to the fact that I was unable to eat a thing for 3 days prior to the Suboxone.....best thing is to listen to your body with the Suboxone...Less is definitely more...Good Luck and keep us posted.
  18. Denise

    Denise Member

    Thank you for all help! I am going to go withdrawl for the rest of this evening and tomarrow. I will hold off on suboxone for as long as possible! Dr. said 24 hours. I shall return when I feel better on suboxone.
  19. ashley80

    ashley80 Well-Known Member

    Day 9 w no hydro! Took 1 mg. subox yesterday at 5 PM, after having none since Monday AM. Was feeling overall crummy, not really WD's, just down mood and thinking about hydro a LOT. It was very subtle, but it helped tremendously, and I feel fine today. So I really think I am out of the woods. I will keep the subox around for the next couple of weeks, just in case a big craving hits.
    All I can say is that this Bupe stuff *works*!! Hurray! I was so afraid of the physical WD's, but I have to say I have not really had any. I kept waiting for them to hit, but they never did. Amazing! Now I have the really tough part, of course, staying clean. I have to thank everyone here, because I am 90% opiate free, and less than 10 days ago I was taking 140 mgs of hydro every day, and living like a zombie. And making really dumb decisions while I was zoned out. Of course, now I have to go and clean up all of the messes I made. Mend relationships, catch up over-due bills, tackle the hundreds of projects I let slide for the last year, regain credibility at work, etc. Yikes, it's a bit overwhelming, LOL!!!! One day at a time, right??
    Thanks, thanks, thanks to everybody here who posted on all my repetitive threads!! This site saved my life.
  20. ashley80

    ashley80 Well-Known Member

    Well, it's day 12 now, or actually 13, since it's the wee hours here. Messed up badly last night. Went shopping endlessly and got tired, sweaty, shaky. Took the rest of my hydro stash (total 15 mgs.) Sat. night. Hoping to feel some energy, etc. Ha. No effect whatsoever, except fell asleep at the kitchen table. Feel really crummy about the whole thing. I should have flushed it long ago.
    Today felt sweaty and achy, and DEPRESSED.
    Well, now it's gone, all of it, honest. And here I am, feeling like a huge failure. I set myself up for this one. Sorry to be a baby about this, boo hooing on the board.
    Today, all day, I told myself: just get thru today. Tomorrow you can deal with tomorrow. It did help some. I feel like I have let everyone down, including myself. Cause I did really good before, right? Detox in less than 10 days? That was good, right? Sorry, I'm being a big baby here. But there is no way I am going to order that refill tomorrow. I still have a LOT to lose if I do. Thanks for listening, in case anyone has actually got this far.
    PS, how did I get a star? I don't think I deserve it, lol.
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