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  1. Tortise Mesa

    Tortise Mesa Guest

    I just thought I would update everyone with whats going on with me. I see alot of people asking questions, nervous, wanting to know how they are going to feel, so maybe this will help some people. I had been abusing oxycontin every day for the last 3 years, mostly 2-4 80's a day snorting. When I couldn't get 80's I would do 20's, 8-10 a day, or Norco usually 25+ a day. Needless to say I had a big habit. I deceided I was sick of living as a drug addict having to devote most of my life to getting high. I have a demanding full time job in the entertainment industry.

    I contacted a pyschiatrist who perscribes suboxone, got him off the website just like everyone else. He helped me plan how I would go through WD and start suboxone treatment. I had moved my habit over to Norco the previous week in anticipation of getting clean and I think this made the WD's easier then if I had been on my full dose of Oxy. I didn't taper or anything, I made myself as comfortable as possible with the dosage. Frankly the times I did try to taper I found agonizing, there is nothing worse then not getting enough meds to support your habit and having to watch the clock to your next dose which isn't going to be enough anyway - well I've never been strong enough for it I guess. So I would say if anyone is saying 'I'm going to wait to taper before I get clean' all I can say is forget it. You don't have to wait, get clean now. There are a million reasons you will find to put off getting clean, and that's just another (if you are on methadone may be a different story).

    On Feb 27th, Friday night I took my last dose. The 24hr's went fast with the medication the doctor perscribed, I spent much of it sleeping and watching movies. After my first 4mg dose of suboxone Sat night I felt immediately better - like 30 mins later I was feeling almost fine. I went back to sleep and woke up again for another 4mg and slept through the whole night fine. On Sunday morning I took 16mg and that day I went out to lunch with my girlfriend and had a nice day. On Monday I was back at work with no problems.

    Things have been going great for me. The world is a completely different place when you are not totally slammed out of your head on oxy. Where before I was totally depressed and hopeless I am starting to feel really positive about things and think anything is possible now. I have tapered my dose per my doctor's directions down to 10mg and it has been totally painless. I mean ridiculously easy compared to what I thought. I thought there was no way this stuff was going to take all my withdrawls away, well it did. I take 4 2mg's in the morning and 1 at night. I can't recommend the 2mg enough, I think this makes things much easier than the 8mg, especially as you are lowering your dosage which should be your goal anyway. By the end of the month I will be completely drug free. That is something I couldn't even imagine a month ago and now here I am doing it.

    Here are the few little tricks I've discovered. Sometimes during the day, like every few days, I get a mild headache. I take 400mg of motrin and it's competely gone. Sometimes at night I find it hard getting to sleep at first but I use a fan and that seems to help. With that I usually sleep the whole night through. Of course I don't have exactly the same energy level of someone snorting drugs all day, but my natural energy is coming back and I drink iced tea at work and that makes it more than fine. Sometimes I get mild little cravings, especially in situations of pressure or stress where I would have been using automatically, but I have been totally splurging on myself and this has helped tremendously. I would say 80% of my paycheck used to go to drugs, so being off drugs now it's like I've been given a huge raise. I have bought tons of dvd's, clothes, books, gone out to eat - I am making up for lost time when I was totally high but didn't have enough money for groceries even. If I gain 10 pounds, seriously who cares at least I am getting clean. If there was ever a time to spoil yourself, this is it.

    Anwyay I hop
  2. Loop

    Loop Well-Known Member

    I'm so glad things are going well:DIts mad isn't it-I think if I'd been able to control when I started my Sub I'd still be 'tapering' with my H but cos I had start it I just had to get on n DO it.I got myself so worked up worrying about it when I should have spent less time thinking about it n just DONE it (but that's the story of my life!;))It's SO much easier than detoxing.In fact its so much easier than keeping a drug habit!

    It is just like getting a raise![^]I was spending ?25 a day AT LEAST on H.I got my student loan n spent over ?700 in 2 weeks and that was just last month!!!I don't know where I got the money from now!I can't believe how much you can buy for ?25-I used to do that in one hit.I've definately put on weight :( but you can buy an incredible amount of chocolate n ice cream for that price![}:)]

    Keep us posted!
    LOL Loop:)
  3. ashley80

    ashley80 Well-Known Member

    Tortise, way to go!!! You are so right, the sooner you start this, the sooner you are on your way to freedom. And freedom sure does feel good. I am really happy for you.
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