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My first Post My 5th Detox!

Discussion in 'Detoxing From Buprenorphine/Subutex/Suboxone' started by Paizzanno, Feb 11, 2004.

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  1. Paizzanno

    Paizzanno Guest

    Hi all I just went down to Mexico yesterday to pick up my Detox supply of Bup ( I live in San Diego ) I was on Methadone for a year and then in December after gradually coming down to about 10mgs from 60mgs I started getting urges to use again so like the idiot I am, right around XMAS when all my family was here visiting from back home ( NYC ) and (Philly) I run down south of the border and pick up some Tar and BAM! like that I'm back in full swing! well it's been 2 months now and I've been using everyday about 1/4 gram of real good stuff but I know that this really isn't that much ( hell i know guys who slam a 1/4 gm in one freaking shot) so about 3 times in the past month I've tried my hardest to cold Turkey but for some reason I just can't do it!! which is weird because I've done it before and when I did it before I was using alot more daily and the potency was very very strong ( East Coast China white like 90% pure) and let me tell you what Hell is!!!!! Hell is using 5 bags a day of that stuff and then attemting to drive from Philly to Cali and running out of Dope when you hit Texas!!! and having to make it the rest of the way while going through the most severe withdrawyls I've ever felt!!! ( Luckily I was driving with friends who weren't using at the time :) Anyway back to my point. I am so utterly discusted with my self because of the grip this H has on me again and I just can't seem to Cold Turkey it so I ran down to TJ (Tijuana) and I know alot of Pharmisistsdown there and for 30$ I got a 6 pack of Bup in the .3 ampules (which I've used before but never to detox,... can someone please help??? Liike I said my H usage isn't all that much but it's very potent stuff and what I do in H might equal if I had taken 2 80mg Oxys in a day so will 1 ampule a day be good enough for me to get over the major part of my Detox???? man i sure hope so should I split up the dosage daily and take .15 in the morning and .15 at night?? or should i just take .3 once a day?? I've used Bup before and i know if you do to much you get horrible headaches and Nausea,..... any advice would be greatly appreciatted.

    not for nothing and with all due respect,.... FORGET ABOUT IT!
  2. JaH

    JaH Well-Known Member

    You may need more than six ampules.

    Wait at least 24 hours after your last H use, or until you're really starting to feel sick. Then try one amp. If you don't feel better in half an hour, take another amp, and so on.

    I know people who have needed 3-4 amps twice a day in the first few days of detox. I'm not saying you'll need that much, but some people do. And you should rapidly taper down, trying to use the Bup for no mpore than 5-7 days if you can.
  3. Bup4pain

    Bup4pain Well-Known Member

    After the first 30 minutes if you dose again... slow down after that.. go to 90 minute intervals till you stabilize.

    Buprenex takes 100 minutes to peak! Even with deep IM and even IV bupe takes a LONG time to peak. So dosing every 30 minutes can be a waste and you can EASILY overshoot your target dose (which should be the MINIMUM amount you need to stabilize.)

    Once stabilized keep in mind bupe has a 37 hour 1/2 life. So it lasts and you can cut the amount. Just take what you REALLY need. More just wastes it. You can easily take more but ya can't remove it.

    Bupe comes in packs of 5 amps per box here in the states. I would think 20 amps (5 packs of 5) may get you outta the woods if you ONLY take what ya need. the if you HAVE to you can get more.

    Bupe will hold off w/d for 24 hrs so ya can fit a trip south if need be. ;)

    MAKE SURE you are dope sick (the worse the better) before you dose with the bupe. 18 to 24 hours. WITH NO IMODIUM as it acts like an opiate and will screw up the conversion. Lots of people forget this little tid bit of info ;) and end up getting into worse shape for a little longer than need be.
  4. Paizzanno

    Paizzanno Member

    Damn! 4-5 ams twice a day!! I was really hoping that 6 amps ( Using 1 amp per day ) would get me through the worst of it 2ams on day 1 1 amp on day 2 1 amp on day 3 1/2 amp on day 4 1/2 amp on day 5 etc..... on day this will not be a completly pain free detox but it should knock the major symtoms out do you think that after 6 days all the H will be out of my system? like I said I wasn't using all that much about a 1/4 gram a day for 2 months I sure hope i can complete a Bupe Detox in 6 -7 days what are your thoughts on this? And thanx for all the advise/info.

    not for nothing and with all due respect,.... FORGET ABOUT IT!
  5. Bup4pain

    Bup4pain Well-Known Member

    Paizzanno... 4-5 amps 2x a day may not be for you.... Really you may not needed that much. 2-4 the first day may be JUST FINE. If you ONLY take what you need you won't waste any.

    Deep IM Injection work well. 1" 30 gage needles work well for your shoulder. If you HAVE to use a 1/2" 30g find a thin skinned area over a muscle and try to make sure it's in the muscle not SC. Make a fist and the muscle by your elbow will pop up. That will work well. I'm sure you will manage. ;)

    You really may be just fine with a few amps the 1st day. Then use only what you need.
  6. Paizzanno

    Paizzanno Member

    Ok that sounds good I was doing it IV but I'll try IM I have one question for you though bupe4pain I notice that the ampules contain .3mgs and I here people taling about the pills saying they come in 2mgs 4mgs and 8mgs does that mean that I would have to do 7 ampules to equal 1 2mg pill?? I'm lost here? also since I'm detoxing with an agent like bupe instead of just doing it cold turkey, does this mean that the detox process will take longer because I'm still putting chemicals into my body?? or after like 7 days and no more bupe should I be feeling ok again with no more withdrawl symptoms ( or atleast no real real strong ones )? Thanx again for the help/Advice.
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