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morphine to suboxone how much mgs?

Discussion in 'Detoxing From Buprenorphine/Subutex/Suboxone' started by chas30012001, Mar 4, 2004.

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  1. chas30012001

    chas30012001 Guest

    this question has probably been addressed here a number of times but i cant find it or the answer to it. i am on about 200mg of ir morphine a day (pills). can i switch to suboxone? or do i need to go down farther? I have the suboxone but after my bad experience with methadone and suboxone i am worried about switching now. I have been on a number of opiates over the past year and went to methadone and tried to switch to suboxone and got sick as hell much worse than cold turkey. i guess 120mg of methadone is too much to switch from. but what about morphine? does anyone know? thanks.
  2. Bup4pain

    Bup4pain Well-Known Member

    This is right up my alley. Are you stabilized on the morphine? How long ago did your switch off the Mdone?

    If the morphine is SR you need to switch to IR then stop for 24 hours THEN start the Sub. I would bet 8 mg to 16 mg a day to start then you could cut to 6 mg easily.

    I would use 2 mg pills and take them one every 90 minutes (up to 8-12 mg) till you stabilized. Same on day 2, but start at 4 mg or 6 mg biased on the 1st day experience. After day 3 see if 4 or 6 mg in the am holds you till 5 pm, then dose again.

    Goal is to ONLY feel Ok not buzzed at all. Just hold the w/d at bay. Not taking more than you really need to do it.

    Then cut back quickly after the first week. You may get off in only 14 days w/o any problems. No more than 21 days.

    This is all if you have been off the Mdone for about 2 months or more. If you just switched than wait longer before you go on the sub.

    That's my advise. ;) I'm sure you will find anything you want to hear, and and a lot in between.

    I detoxed off 200 mg morphine (cold turkey) then went on to hydro after a month then switched to Bupe for 2 years then used morphine to get of the bupe because I stayed on bupe (for Chronic Pain) instead of for detox.

    So I'm familiar with it.
  3. chas30012001

    chas30012001 Active Member

    Well I switched to suboxone. I only have 8mg pills not the 2mg pills. so i took 1.5 8mg pills yesterday and I didn't feel the best but this morning i am better. so i guess i will have to taper it down now.

    i was off of the methadone for three weeks and on morhpine. since the switch from methadone to suboxone was like taking narcan. --- but live and learn.

    so i switched to morphine ir because it is quick acting. then i could switch to suboxone. it still wasnt the best but it worked. so whats next?

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