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I'm kicking sub's! Advice please

Discussion in 'Detoxing From Buprenorphine/Subutex/Suboxone' started by Duramax, Jun 10, 2014.

  1. Duramax

    Duramax Member

    OK,blood work showed I had thyroid problems. The medicine for that has given me my energy back! The lack of energy was the root of much of my stress.
    I took the Xanax for 1 1/2 weeks and now I'm taking lexapro. Which is all crazy! I'm no punk, sissy boy type guy. I have always handled stress well, even excelled and thrive in stressful environments. This was a different kind of stress/anxiety, it was completely beyond my control.
    Im still doing the dosage of <> 2mg every 2nd or 3 rd day which every i can handle and still function. I have just THREE left so we shall see when the **** really hits the fan how I cope.

    So heres
  2. Duramax

    Duramax Member

    Whats happening now:
    2-3 cc of testosterone a week
    2 mg of bupe every 2-3 days
    10 mg of Lexapro daily
    50mcg of levothyroxin daily

    Lounging by the pool, working out, eating huge amounts of fruit and veggies. Plus we had a childhood friend of mine visit this weekend and I grilled venison sausage, boudian, and steaks. I ate huge portions of Ribeye steaks not sure about the actual OZ. but I ate 2 steaks, 2 boudian and 3 deer links!

    We live in a rural area so we have zucci
  3. Duramax

    Duramax Member

    Basically all I was saying is I'm eating very well. Taking in much more fruit than normal and not lifting heavy but I am working out regularly. Eating fruit and veggies that are all grown locally. Plus, we produce our own eggs, pork and beef. I trade the livestock with locals for the produce. Old school traden' as they call it around here.

    My wife and I are from the city but wanted to raise our kids in the country. We have managed to piece together a nice place for them to grow up and I will not allow me to ruin our plans, putting a bit of a damper is ENOUGH!

    I see the light in the tunnel so I'm going to make it!

    When the thyroid problems hit with anxiety it caused me to want to push harder. Pushing it too far in 100 degrees Texas heat had caused me to pass out a few times. I was determined to be able to hard as hard as I ever had, but to no avail!

    Im almost there and i will make it!
  4. freakedout

    freakedout Moderator

    Hey Duramax,

    Sounds like some awesome progress. Cool thing you have honed into one of the areas easiest to ignore -- HEALTHY EATING! Keep it up with the whole foods and stay away from fast carbs like bread and sweetened drinks. The healthier you are, the better things will go!

    Last night I ate 6 lamb chops, a baked potatoe with butter and sour cream, a huge salad, a nectarine, and some yogurt! Wish I was nearer farm country to have access to the fresh stuff you do.

    Best wishes!
  5. coues1

    coues1 Well-Known Member

    Good job Duramax. The thyroid regulates hormones and metabolism. I have no thyroid so take 225mg of synthroid daily. You will feel much better having proper thyroid levels. Low levels will cause extreme fatigue, depression, anxiety and weight gain. Eating healthy and exercise is a must.

    I get my blood and cancer checked done soon. Make sure to have your blood checked frequently tokeep proper tthyroid levels. I think my testosterone has raised since I am off opiates. I will let you know.

    We have coues whitetail out here. Hence my user name. Getting ready for archery hunt in Aug. This will be my first hunt off opiates. I hope I can shoot straight.
  6. Struggling

    Struggling New Member


    I am day 7 off all suboxone. I was at 2mgs a day for the last year and before that I was at 8mgs for one or two years. I am not an addict (I have a painful illness) so I can't speak on the psychology of withdrawals from suboxone but I do know 2mgs is okay to cold turkey off of. I'm 7 days out and I'm writing to you at 3am so sleep does not come easy. I'm hot one second then freezing cold the next. Sneezing fits, etc.. My advice to you is to be ready for a two week detox. Have PLENTY of xanax stocked up to help you sleep, clonodine for the cold sweats and goosebumps, and whatever you do don't forget to get PARAFON FORTE!! 500mg tabs and take two every four hours! They really help with muscle cramps and restless leg stuff. I have nothing but sleeping pills this time around but after kicking methadone cold turkey this is a walk in the park. Don't be afraid. Its bad I'm not gonna lie (today was the peak of the worst)....but its not likely you will have a seizure.... If you control your withdrawals symptoms with the right meds. I'm no doctor so get a real opinion. But just wanted to say that 2mg jump off sub's is safe and takes about 14-20 days to get rid of most of the PAWS. Good luck and god bless.

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