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Im clean, cant believe i done it

Discussion in 'Detoxing From Buprenorphine/Subutex/Suboxone' started by anhedonia, Jan 10, 2004.

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  1. anhedonia

    anhedonia Guest

    This still hasnt sunk in yet for me. I kind of dived right into the deap end and survived. I decided enough was enough being strung out on bup. So I attempted a semi rapid detox. I wouldnt recommend anyone do this, it was pretty damn painful to say the least. Im sorry if I have to keep this short, I wrote a journal which I might post once I edit out the private bits if it might help you guys.
    My last dose of bup 0.8mg was on 5th January. Im terribly impatient person and I just wanted off all opiates. I prepared a naltrexone solution using 25mg pill crushed and disolved into 250ml water. I used a 5ml syringe to measure my dosage. Some 6 hours after my last dose of bup I took 60mg PURE DXM cough mixture. This stuff is amazing. Its like wearing body armer even at low doses. Once this kicked in I had 0.5mg naltrexone solution .No effect[?]
    Again being impatient I dropped further 90mg DXM and 0.4mg Naltrexone.

    Day 1 Total meds
    0.9mg Naltrexone
    0.8mg Buprenorphine
    150mg DXM
    10mg Zolpidem (Ambien / stillnoct)
    4mg Chlorpheniramine.

    day 2 Total meds
    Feeling the naltrexone antagonism, I woke up like a shot. Yawning and things but not in acute withdrawal.
    120mg DXM over 1 hour period
    2.5mg zolpidem approx.
    30mg Dihydrocodeine. (Placebo is everything)
    INCREDIBLE. I slept deep for about 2 hours. Still feeling rough but what can I do.
    During the day I used Dihydrcodeine a short acting pill. No more than 60mg at a time. With low dose dxm. and small increments of naltrexone.

    By january 8th I cut of the DHC and left it at that. Still using small increments of Naltrexone to test the waters I was not in full blown withdrawl but not comfortable. I had DXM, Loperamide, small amounts of diazepam and zolpidem to knock me out.

    January 9th
    14:00 – a hellish night. Muscle spasms. zolpidem, diazepam used to help me sleep.
    14:09 – 0.5mg naltrexone. Just testing the waters here!!!
    14:35 – feeling ok. But certainly not great. But me being the impatient person i go drop ANOTHER 0.5mg Naltrexone.
    14:46 – really shaky.
    16:08 – 8mg loperamide. 50mg Diphenhydramine. IV got really bad hot cold flushes pains all over my skin. Really nasty stuff.
    5mg zolpidem, 0.5mg naltrexone!!

    To cut a long story short I used a short acting opiate to wean of the Long half life of bup. Then slowly increased the naltrexone. The worst part of the withdrawl was the inability to settle my muscles. I had to keep moving my legs and arms, it really was hell, banging walls just for relief really mad stuff.

    10th January 2004 - Last day
    Tested the waters again I drunk 10mg Naltrexone. Hardly felt a thing. Large pupils and high blood preasure. Then I took a full blown 25mg Naltrexone. Waited and all I felt was high blood preasure pumping heart, weakness. Iv made it. I feel very ill but the physical withdrawls are over. Trouble sleeping and diarrrhoea. No big deal, the amazing thing is I dont feel any cravings. What the heck is that about with this naltrexone?

    Im sorry if this post seems a little disjointed but Iv just kicked 30mg methadone, 4mg Subutex in 2 months and mentally I feel just the same, actually Extatic :)

    I need to go recover now and come to terms with being completely clean in 5 years.
    Il try to post more info on how I feel during the coming days. Im a 23 year old male and reckless, if I can do it anyone can.
  2. kevin

    kevin Active Member

    Pardon my ignorance, but what does DXM add to the mix?
  3. anhedonia

    anhedonia Member

    DXM is Dextromethorphan. Similar to an opiate but works completely differently and is used to suppress coughs. But higher doses acts like a psychadelic. Like Ibogaine possibly. But my doses were low and only used to potentiate the Dihydrocodeine while possibly reducing tollerance. If you do a search on google for DXM and opiate tolerance you'l find lots of info.
  4. kevin

    kevin Active Member

    I actually did know what dxm was used for and that it was related to opiates... I just wondered how it worked into your detox, but you answered that with the dihydrocodeine mention. Sounds like you're doing really great. Keep it up. :)
  5. Rodrigo

    Rodrigo Well-Known Member

    DXM is a morphine analog, but does not hit the same receptors that opiates do. I would stay away from the dihydrocodeine because it is a full opiate agonist. It is one step away from hydrocodone. I imagine the chlorpheniramine maleate is another drug in the DXM preparation. Because you *are* on naltrexone, taking something such as dihydrocodeine *can* bring on withdrawls. 8 mg loperamide can and will take the place of both the dihydrocodeine *and* DXM to kill withdrawl symptoms.
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