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I start Sat!

Discussion in 'Detoxing From Buprenorphine/Subutex/Suboxone' started by Tortise Mesa, Feb 26, 2004.

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  1. Tortise Mesa

    Tortise Mesa Guest

    So I had my appointment with a psychiatrist who was awesome. He wants me to wait 24 hours before I start the Suboxone. I am on 25 norco a day at the moment, but he perscribed alot of stuff to make me as comfortable as possible. Let me ask you, he said i should start with 2 pills, he perscribed the 2mg ones up to 16mg a day. If you had my habit what would be the best way to do this to start? What kind of schedule sounds right? I see people here say they are on 16mg but not all at once right? Also, what should I expect to feel as soon as I take them? Thanks.
  2. Jessie

    Jessie Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the forum Tortise...So happy you found a Sub doctor...First, MAKE SURE you wait the 24 hours before starting the Suboxone or it will make you sick....I was taking a much higher dose of oxycontin & oxycodone so as far as how much you should take, maybe our good friend Ashley or another poster will surely come by with their imput....
    Best thing to remember with this med is that "less is more" (sounds odd, but if you've been lurking here it is the Sub mantra around here..LOL)...Start out taking as lil as possible ...Just enough to allow you to tolerate your withdrawal symptoms...You **WILL NOT** feel great the first few days...But every day gets better and better, I PROMISE YOU THAT....I'm on day 26 and feeling good....Hang in there and please keep us posted.....Like I said there are quite a few people here who are more familiar with switching from hydro's to Suboxone, they'll be able to offer you more input....Congrat's to you on taking the first step!!!!!!
  3. ashley80

    ashley80 Well-Known Member

    Hey, Tortise, glad you got the process started! I went from 15 (or OK, sometimes more) Norco a day to 14 - 16 mg subox a day and it was TOO MUCH. Try starting out with 4 mgs, then WAIT for a while, see how you feel. Try to wait 3-4 hours if you can before taking more. Due to the long half life, it builds up in your system big time. If you start getting bad headaches and wicked nausea, slow down your dose. Just take enough to keep you comfortable, OK?
    My doc had me on a wacky dosing schedule of 2 mgs every two hours. I was sick as a dog from too much bupe. Don't be afraid to wait till you feel a little withdrawal, the bupe will take it away in a matter of 30 mins.
    Be patient with the process, it may take a day or two for you to get stabilized, then you should feel OK and well enough to begin to taper off. You will feel nothing as soon as you take them, but very soon you will just feel OK, not high, etc. If you take more, trying to chase a buzz, (not that you would, LOL!), you will just get sick, so don't bother. Come back and let us know how it goes. And congratulations on taking this step!
  4. Tortise Mesa

    Tortise Mesa Well-Known Member

    Well I picked up my perscriptions and the 2mg suboxone says this: "ON 1ST DAY TAKE 2 TABLETS BY MOUTH NOW AND REPEAT IN 4 HOURS, STARTING 2ND DAY TAKE 6 TABLETS EVERY MORNING THEN 6 TABLETS DAILY." Has anyone tried a schedule like this? How does it sound to those using Suboxone already?

    I guess what I'm afraid of is if this isn't enough to keep me withdrawl symptom free all day what can I do? Is it better to split the dose in half, half in the morning and half in the afternoon? I'm just scarred all around I guess, this is a big change. I've been doing Oxy daily for about 3 years now and this will be a whole new way to live. I have a full time job and I'm afraid of being trapped at work watching the clock while feeling w/d symptoms. TM.
  5. Loop

    Loop Well-Known Member

    Hey babe,

    I started sub a week ago from a 4yr H habit.My dosage will be different I guess-I took 4mg Day 1 n 8mg each day after but found it wasn't enough.So now I'm on 12mg n I'm gonna have to see how it goes.

    I felt pretty bad for 3days but I was on a low dosage but by day 4 I could feel I was getting better.Don't take too many-i.e.take your 12 n thinkin its not workin,take more too soon cos like Ashley or was it Jesse said,you'll get nausea n headaches.If they hadn't warned me of this I would have kept taking more n been even iller!

    I was terrified about starting my sub/detox.I knew this was it n it seemed a lot easier to just wimp out.I'm sooooooo glad I didn't!Just remind yourself how bad you'd feel if you were proper cold turkey!

    Remember NEVER take sub without long break from your pills-remember this incase one day you're naughty!!;)-cos you will be SOOOO ill.

    This is the most painless way to detox at the mo n you'll be fine.I have faith in you even if you dont'!If I can get clean,any1 can![}:)]

    Let us no how you go tho I didn't feel talkative for the first few days,
    keep warm,hot hot baths help loads (I don't have a bath only a shower:(!)n just steel yourself to get through it.In a week like me you'll be so amazed you did it.I actually feel like my old self n I haven't seen her for years!;)

    Keep in touch-good or bad.If you mess up,read Spring's post on Shame in the general forum-you just have to learn from it n try again!
    LOL Loop
  6. ashley80

    ashley80 Well-Known Member

    With the 2 mg tabs you have a lot of flexibility. You can always take one when you need it. Read what I said above, please. If you take too much, regardless of the dosing schedule on the bottle, you WILL feel like s**t. 8 mgs the first day may be enough. Then he wants you to go to twelve mgs? For how many days? I really doubt you will have any WD symptoms, but if you do, you can always call him and tell him you need more pills.
    Remember, take as little as you need to feel OK. It will be easier to step off if you do it that way. I ended up with an extra 25 2 mg tabs at the end of my detox. Don't be nervous, this will work for you. Just make sure you feel a little WD before you take the first dose. And if dosing once in the AM doesn't work well for you, try splitting the dose in two, which will enable you to take the second dose only if you need it. Listen to your body, less is more. Let us know how it goes on Sat.
  7. jillmiller

    jillmiller Active Member

    I have been taking Suboxone for a few months now. My doctor started me off with 4mgs/day x 2. That was too much! I wish I had been on this website a long time ago. Now I am up to anywhere between 1-1/4 to 2 a day. It sucks. Be careful with this stuff. I hear a lot of people saying how great it is and you don't really get a buzz from it, but I get a pretty good buzz and I really don't know how I am going to get off the stuff. I'm starting to get a little freaked out about it[V] So Tortoise, my advise to you would be to take as little as possible. You are on about the same amount as meds as I was before I went on the SUB, so you could probably get by with about 6mgs. a day and feel fine! GOOD LUCK and be careful.

  8. Loop

    Loop Well-Known Member

    Hey Jill,that's the most important advice I think-only take what you NEED!(can be hard for us addicts!;))I definately don't get ANY kind of buzz off my subutex n have taken different amounts.Everybodys different!
    I also thought this stuff was a miracle from all I was reading n then I discovered people addicted to it-the reason I chose it instead of Meth is cos I didn't wanna change one habit for another!!
    I think we just need to remember to be cautious.Have you been 'clean' all that time?Hearing from people like you is my inspiration.Are you planning to taper now?
    LOL Loop
  9. Tortise Mesa

    Tortise Mesa Well-Known Member

    Ok guys, here goes nothing! I took my last dose of Norco at 9:00pm, it is now 1:39am and I'm going to crash. I took a Klonopin to help me sleep and hopefully relax my nerves a bit. I'll keep everyone posted tomorrow. I did a little more norco than usual today just because I was so nervous about everything. I expect to take my first dose of Suboxone tomorrow then at 9:00pm. Until then...
  10. Loop

    Loop Well-Known Member

    Hey how are you doing?

    Its Sat afternoon in the UK so I guess you've probably started?I really hope this works for you :) My thoughts are with you n altho I ain't relligious I've even sent a prayer out for you ;)You can do it!You will doubt yourself in the next few days but don't give in.As long as you never cave in to that 'just one more' you'll be clean for the rest of your life!(sounds so simple wen its put like that!)

    If theres anything you need just let us know.As my dear friend Sleepless said to me-I'll walk right beside you through thick n thin,all you've gotta do is hold my hand!:)

    I personally felt **** for the first couple of days-aching n tearful mainly but it was nothing compared to full W/D (keep telling yourself that!)By Day 3 I noticed I felt better than the day before and each days been like that,I notice it getting easier.Todays Day8 n I actually feel absolutely fine.

    The sub also helped with my cravings although today I've been a bit bored so I couldn't get the thought out my head.

    Wrap yourself up in front of the TV if you can,hot baths n friendly faces for the next couple of days.The first few days are the hardest,remember that,just try n stay strong.If you find yourself thinking of 'it' force yourself to do something,anything that can take your mind off it.

    This could be the start of the rest of your life!There's no point messing up-its soul destroying always being back at Day 1!I wish you all the luck in the world.You can do it!:)

    Let us know-good or bad!
    LOL Loop
  11. Jessie

    Jessie Well-Known Member

    I just LOVE hearing Loop sooo positive :D......

    Mesa: I'll just repeat what Loop said...The first few days I felt cruddy, mostly stayed in bed...DON"T FRET- EACH day gets BETTER and BETTER, I promise !!!!! It took me till day 4 to feel good....So just hang in there until you stabilize with the Suboxone and you'll be just fine....I understand if you don't feel like posting (I didn't...lol) but PLEASE come bAck and let us know how you are.....My prayers are with you as with everyone here (n' I am religious..LOL)....You should feel PROUD that you've taken the first step in getting your life back....
  12. spring

    spring Administrator

    Is it Oxys or Norcos your detoxing from? You said you were doing about 25 norcos a day then said you have using oxys daily for 3 years. By oxys, do you mean Oxycontin? Or other pills containng oxycodone such as Percosets? There is a big difference between detoxing from norco or percs and coming off oxycontin since oxys are longer acting opiates.
    I see the doc is starting you out at a total of 8mg for the first day. And then 12 mg daily after that. MY personal opinion is that is too much.
    I have heard that splitting the dose is better but not to take the second dose too late in the day.

    Dont be scared that it wont work. It will work. Taking MORE could backfire on you and make you feel worse though. Dont expect to feel great the first 2 days. You may even feel some depression, but it will get better every day.

    I felt great on the first day but I was only getting 2 mgs daily which went to 2mg every other day. My maintanace dose is supposed to be 8mg a day but I dont need anywhere near that much.

    Just remember when you arent feeling so great that first day or so that you COULD be feeling MUCH WORSE if you didnt have the Sub to help. It sure beats cold turkey!
    ~~~Do the right thing and risk the consequences~~~Spring~~~
  13. Tortise Mesa

    Tortise Mesa Well-Known Member

    Well yesterday wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. The doctor had perscribed me Clonidine, Ativan for freakouts, Robaxin for muscle spasms which came in handy when I started flopping around in the PM, Bentyl for cramps which were mild then non existant after I took it, Motrin for pain. I ate a little bit but just slept most of the day. As it approached 24hrs since my last dose WD's started coming on stronger but were greatly, greatly reduced by what my doctor had perscribed - what a hero! This was nothing compared to my last WD which was not by choice, I just couldn't get hooked up one weekend, that one was pure Sid and Nancy hell. Anyway, at 10:30 I took 2 2mg suboxone and then at 1:30 took 2 more. Slept like a baby pretty much - woke up a couple times but went right back to bed, I think that was probably more from sleeping all day. At 7:30 I woke up took 6 2mg as perscribed - it's 11:40 and I feel pretty good. A little warm and light headed, but nothing compared to the WD monster I would be feeling otherwise coming off my huge habit cold turkey. Very tolerable indeed, and I am sure it will get better.

    As to what I was taking before, my normal habit was 8-10 20mg oxycontin a day, snorted, or 3 80mg snorted. I would switch between that and Norco 25 a day or more sometimes just depending on availability. This was costing me $1000's a month. Sigh. I will keep everyone posted, thanks for the support it's great to hear from others in the same boat. I am one huge step closer to gettting my life back.
  14. Loop

    Loop Well-Known Member

    :D:D:DI;m sooo glad this is working for you!I too just kept comparing how I felt to total cold turkey!I'm on Day 9-yesterday was miserable,I just kept wanting gear so bad but my friends took my mind off it n I'm now so glad I didn't use cos I'm feeling good again today-just think I could have been back at Day 1!I hope this helpd you too-if you do have a bad day just tell yourself to wait one day n see how you feel tomorrow-by that time my cravings had passed!:)

    Stay strong n keep posting,that helped me so much.I hope I don't sound like I'm lecturing-I just want others to learn from MY mistakes so that they don't have to make them themselves!

    LOL Loop
  15. Tortise Mesa

    Tortise Mesa Well-Known Member

    Ok so here's where I am today, my second full day of Suboxone use. Yesterday I took my first full dose, 6 2mg pills at around 7 am. At around 7pm I started to feel some minor discomfort and withdrawls so I took 2 2mg pills and I was fine the whole rest of the night. So that brings my daily total to 16mg. My doctor prescribed me 12mg, just 6x2mg am but I found this wasn't enough the first day. I took my morning dose today at around 8am, it's approaching 7pm now and I'm starting to feel a little antsy. Is it totally out of hand to need an additional 4mg at night? I am going to discuss this with my doctor tomorrow when I see him but just wanted to get some feedback from those who have more experience than me. Otherwise I'm doing great and glad not to be doing oxy lines every 2 hours in the bathroom, whew! :)
  16. kathyrand

    kathyrand Active Member

    I must have a weird body. READ all my posts after starting on the buprenex. I feel great, too great on this med. Today is only day 5 for me but ...
    Good luck to all. I know I must start to look towards tapering completly off this med now.
  17. ashley80

    ashley80 Well-Known Member

    Tortise, I have read of many people who needed 16 mgs per day or more to stabilize. So it doesn't seem too out of hand to me, but your doc will probably be able to tell you if it's OK. Sounds like he is great. (Mine was a bozo, lol). Anyhow, sounds like you are doing really well!! That is great! How long do you plan to stay on the subox?
    Also, be careful, because the subox builds up in your system after a couple days, and it is easy to get sick from too much bupe. If you start to get wicked headaches and nausea, don't confuse that with WD symptoms (like I did). That means you have too much bupe in your bod, and cutting your dose will make you feel better. Keep us posted.
  18. ScottyRotten

    ScottyRotten Active Member

    Hi Tort,
    Congrats for taking the plunge. My usage sounds similar to yours with the pills (the only difference being that because my pill source was inconsistent, I wound up buying and snorting H to get by. I had never used H before, it scared me, and that was one of the realities that moved me to action...started sub Dec. 16th).
    I have some STRONG advice for you if your goal is to be off of opiates completely as soon as you can. This is just my opinion, but it's also been my experience -- and I really wished I would have listened to others who said the same thing.
    Listen to your body the first week or so to stabalize and not get sick. "Less is more" with sub and it's true. Then set a fairly aggressive taper schedule and stick to it. Adjust a little if you have to, but you should be OFF in about 21 to 28 days -- or sooner if you can. It is SO easy to get stuck at a low dose (like me) -- and you WILL become addicted to the bupe...gayrownteed! And IMHO, it's not that great -- clean would be a lot better.
    Please, that's just my opinion -- but check back over the board (where you'll find a lot more details) and I think you'll see a general consensus.
    In hindsight, the only thing that would have worked for me was to have set a schedule, maybe kept a couple set aside to adjust with, and tossed the rest -- no refills. We are addicts...if you've got 90 of these things, you are going to take 90 of these things IMO. The docs may be ignorant, greedy, or whatever...but this approach is new to most of them and no matter how well meaning they may be, according to the experiences I've read here (as well as my own) they err in one way or another (too much, too long, not enough, not long enough). It is your body and your life.
    I don't have a lot to say here about staying clean in this post (which is obviously huge and an ongoing process no matter what your approach), but That is my advice from experience with sub detox if you want to be opiate free (which isn't everyone's goal nor should it be) -- straight and no BS. GOOD LUCK!
  19. Tortise Mesa

    Tortise Mesa Well-Known Member

    I saw my doctor again today and he is very pleased with the progress I am making and said I was on an optimal dose. I have been taking 6 2mg when I wake up then another 2mg in the evening. He wrote out a taper schedule for me that has me kind of scarred. This all seems so fast to me, I mean last week I was taking almost 30 Norco a day and already I am starting a taper? I've just barely begun to feel like a human being again and now more discomfort and stress? Sigh. Anyway, this is his plan:

    3/2-3/5 14mg
    3/5-3/8 12mg
    3/8-3/11 10mg
    3/11-3/14 8mg
    3/14-3/17 6mg

    What do you guys think? As usual I am frightened and anxious. TM.
  20. ashley80

    ashley80 Well-Known Member

    First of all, don't be frightened. You have a good doc, who will work w you!!
    I *really* believe a quick taper is the way to go!!! I did it in 9 days or so, and I never got dependent on the bupe, so didn't have to suffer from tapering and stopping. As soon as I started my taper I felt better! Now, I won't lie to ya, I've had some lingering symptoms for the last three weeks. Mostly fatigue, cravings and intestinal stuff. But I am FREEE of opiates! And I am working, shopping, cooking, socializing, living my life. The bupe taper should be pretty painless for you since you are only on it a short time - you are not addicted to it. The hydro is out of your system after a few days, and the hydro WD, covered by the bupe, will be mostly over by the time you taper off. So don't worry!
    Everyone is different, so you will just have to wait and see. But if your goal is to be opiate free (instead of on bup maintenance) then taper quick and step off. You are on a one-way, four-lane highway to getting your life back!!! This is my exp only, but believe me I have been on opiates off and on for years, and I am so glad I did it this way. OK? You are doin' great.
    PS, the long half life of the bup makes tapering easier than with other opies.
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