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How Anonymous Do You Want To Be?

Discussion in 'Forum Policies' started by spring, Aug 12, 2004.

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  1. spring

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    Regarding your Profile Information;

    I notice that some people have used their real first and last names while registering. These names stay in your profile and can be viewed by other registered members. It is strongly discouraged.

    If you should use your whole name, we will encourage you to replace your last name with an initial instead.
    For anyone who wants their real names removed or user name changed (in their profiles)... you can let me know and I will do it for you. This will automatically change the name in all your existing posts. Just post me a request or PM or email me (or a moderator) and I will be happy to help with changes.

    Personally tho, I like to see people list the state they live in. It's interesting to see how many of us are scattered all around this country, and across the ocean too...UK, Aussies, India, and many more.

    Mote Info;

    Registration Info
    Registration is not required to view the Forums; however, if you wish to view member profiles, post a new topic or reply to an existing topic, registration is required.

    Registration is free and only takes a few minutes. The only required fields are your user-name, which should not be your real name, use a nickname (STRONGLY recommended), and a valid e-mail address. To finalize the registration process you will have to confirm by replying to an automated email.

    The information you provide during registration is not outsourced or used for any advertising by Opiate Detox and Recovery.

    If you believe someone is sending you advertisements as a result of the information you provided through your registration, please notify us immediately.

  2. spring

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  3. spring

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    Posters Beware November 15, 2004

    Hi Seachelle,

    It could have very well been a crank call.

    1) If the narcs were looking for you, I doubt they would identify themselves.

    2) California is a BIG state. Narcotics bureaus have their own designated areas, divided by state, county, city, some are even subdivided from there.

    3)The same with the Feds. They have their own districts to work within.

    If you put your whole name, first and last, and city & state in your profile, it's not that hard for someone to look you up. Some idiots have nothing better to do than to screw with people.

    Your post is a good example though, of just one of many things that could happen.

    And now is as good a time as any to post this note of caution to all, some things that have been on my mind:


    As of 11/04 we have grown from 100 members to 1500 members in a matter of 18 months, but quantity doesnt mean a whole lot.

    The "quality" of some of what's being written is what I am fast becoming disturbed about.

    We are a public board. It is not only the addicts who gather here, but also Drs, therapists, pharm reps, you name it.

    I mean, face it, there is a wealth of info and knowledge on these pages.....most of it being personal, experiental knowledge which makes it even more valuable to some.

    Along with those visitors I mentioned above you can add a variety of police agencies...from the local deputy of Mayberry up to the feds and the DEA.

    A lot of what is posted here isn't all legit and legal stuff...from Dr. shopping to buying heroin on the street to what the latest going street prices are for RX pain meds.

    This is not a social meeting place for those who are high, still using without plans to stop any time in the near future...or for those seeking info on "how" to use a drug, looking up a pill, etc.

    It puts knots in my stomach when I read the ramblings of someone who is under the influence. And it's not hard to tell.

    It makes me cringe when I have to read someone's blow by blow description of how much trouble they had shooting up their hit last nite.
    Or how their dealer sold them some garbage, etc.
    Or someone asking a question on how to shoot or snort Suboxone.

    Also the war stories, they have their place......and IMO that place would be within the recovering addict's story after a year(?)clean under their belt. IMO...That is the only time (vague) war stories are beneficial, to compare how far an addict has come since then.
    Those of us who are literally fighting for our lives day after day do not want or need to be reading this type of stuff.

    When you think about it, we all pretty much share the same type of stories because we all have the same type of problem. It's not the past. It's the here and now and what's in store for the future that we recovering addicts should focus on.

    One last thing:
    This board was fashioned to accomodate people who are in the grips of addiction and are struggling to get out....a source for support and encouragement during recovery.

    Tho we are titled "Opiate Detox", we are not suggesting you take your detox into your own hands or put it into one of our board members hands.
    Seek a professional to help you thru your detox, and then seek even more professional help to guide you thru your early recovery.

    Face it, If we could detox ourselves, we would have done it a long time ago and wouldn't be searching the net for answers.

    Sorry if I stepped on any toes or hurt any feelings. All I can say is ....if the shoe fits....

    And as for the original poster whom I quoted....thank you for allowing me to hijack it for this purpose. Your scary experience was a perfect example of how out of control things are becoming. I really think you have nothing to worry about tho I would be extra cautious for the next few days. Some have gotten weird emails in the past, but I'm not sure about phone calls....Anyone?

  4. spring

    spring Administrator

    From 1500 members 5 years ago to 5,000+ as of today.

    I am happy to see that new people are still finding us on the net more and more everyday.
    And just a note to add to my first post in this thread....i want to make sure that those who are still in active addiction know that they are welcomed here with open arms....

    All you need to bring with you is a "desire" to stop.


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