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Getting off Bupe/Sub, a place to post experiences

Discussion in 'Detoxing From Buprenorphine/Subutex/Suboxone' started by Bup4pain, Feb 18, 2004.

  1. Jesterhead13

    Jesterhead13 Member

    Damnit, I just tried to post about 3 paragraphs worth of typing and it didn't post it! That sucks. Damn, and I'm tired...it's only my first time here. I was replying to Sal. Sal, I would keep your last pill of Bup/Sub if you still have it. The reason, breifly this time, is that each opiate has a different length of time needed for addiction, i.e. OxyContin is Oxycodone addiction, Vicodin addiction is Hydrocodone addiction, Suboxone is Buprenorphine addiction...all opiates, but not the same ones. WD is our body cleaning these opiates from each and every receptor for pain in our brains. You will get through this, and I will too. We hurt because we are cleaning ourselves of Opiates and restoring the production of Endorphins, which kill pain, as well as becoming used to not feeding ourselves our every day pain relief. It is painful to just sit via the force of gravity on our bones. [}:)] By nature, we have endorphins, a natural pain killer to supress that pain. So when we eat or shoot opiates every day, our bodies no longer "need" these endorphins, which also help us to be happy!:) And withdrawal is just our body getting used to having to produce these endorphins again, and more importantly, cleaning ourselves of this **** that's in our head. Every day that you go without H is another day closer to not "needing" it, literally! The pain we feel and the fatigue every day, the jello feeling in our legs and the chills are all the feeling of our bodies cleaning themselves from this ****, like--pardon me--vomiting to clean ourselves of disease; even like having diarrhea[xx(]!![xx(]! That's a good thing, right? Of couse it is! So, keep in mind that it takes time to turn a habit into an addiction with opiates. You probably aren't going to have WD from Bup yet, at least I haven't and I've cut down already. I was using Oxys for 2 years, heavily for the past year or so. And I have been taking Bup for 3 weeks (8mg/day now), stepping myself down since Monday, advised or not(I was advised). I have WD from OCs still, but it's much less than what it would be if I were doing it cold turkey. The goal is to help ease the pain, not get rid of it for good...cause that can't happen with a 'replacement' drug, only with time! You've gone 2 weeks (right?) without H, and that's damn good!! You only have a few more left right?..and those 2 weeks were easier b/c of Bup, so even though you have 2 left or 3...you have 2 that were easy going, and that's awsome. Just don't get addicted to Bup by taking it too heavily, which you aren't going to do cause you said you were broke :( I took Methadone, Hydro, whatever I could find, even bags, just to ease the WD from OxyContin...but Bup has been the most successful so far. We can do it...I know we can, and if we keep in mind that even though withdrawal is so f*n painful...it's healthy. It's our bodies 'fixing' what we f*cked up.[:0] I hope these words help you a little bit at least...they help me. IM me if you see me online...and I feel you all...damn, this does suck[}:)][:0]...but it will end...it has to[8)] It is healthy to go through withdrawal, as painful as that is to the ear(or eye here lol). Time truly does heal us...it just takes it; "time"!
  2. Bup4pain

    Bup4pain Well-Known Member

    I would crush the pill into 4 piles... Each would be 2 mg. Take one pile a day for 2 days then one pile every other day... that gives you 6 days of taper.. That would help.
  3. sal7980

    sal7980 Member

    I just want to say that im going to be strong ive went this long with out H why turn back now. Im going to hold on to this last sub and just see what happens if i need to take it i will , but only in a small amount. I also want to say thanx to all for listening. from this day out im going to take the pain and move forward not thinking back.

    Also i went to the medi. cabinet to see if there was any thing to help me sleep and take of some of the edge i found a bottle of amitriptyline which is an anti-depres. and helps with sleep. Anyone know if it would be a bad thing or a good thing to take this for a little help?
  4. greeneyez

    greeneyez Well-Known Member

    Sal: replied to your post in my other post...

    If at first you do not seceed, try and try again.
  5. Pal

    Pal Well-Known Member

    Amitriptyline will help you sleep. 50mg used to KNOCK me out! You do wake up a bit groppy though.

    It works, and as long as it was originally prescribed for you...I will say it was the most effective insomnia medication I ever took and non addictive.
  6. BLeAcH

    BLeAcH New Member

    i have a way to kick for u all.. get a 4-5 gram a day slamin dope habbit and get busted and kick in jail.
    most fun i ever had =]! !
    seriously though if u realy wana kick take 1 Bup (suboxone 8mg) 20 hours after u last slam and do that on day 2 and then a half on day 3 and then a 1/4 on day 4 then stop taking it and smoke a lot of pot. if u have to strech it out over months your just plain a pusy.. i even saw one retard memtion years. gezus christ thats pathetic just suck it up and kick or relize its more fun to rob little girls for dope money like i did
  7. sal7980

    sal7980 Member

    Does anyone know how to stop the kicking that one gets from w/d. If i could just get rid of kicking id be able get some sleep. Anyone else get the kickin and muscle pain? If so about how long did it last? thanks

    realeyes , realize , realies
  8. Jesterhead13

    Jesterhead13 Member

    The muscle pain and uneasiness always lasts for about 2.5-3.5 weeks for me. Sal, you said you've gone around 2 weeks so far. Well, the first post I made to you was 3 days ago, and you're that much further. It won't last much much longer. If this helps you, I can give you a benchmark for people addicted to OxyContin, and I assume bangin H prolongs what I'm about to say a week or two...When I first tried to quit OxyContin, I was taking 80mg a day; just one 80. The WD and muscle uneasiness is what lasted the longest; about a week and a half for me, but most of my symptoms were gone by day 5-6, the muscle pain and that tension that makes you feel like you wanna go run laps but you're just too damn tired, stayed for another 10 days or so. That's the first BM. The second is my friends who were taking 8-80mg OxyContins a day. They were prescribed them from a crooked doctor and actually needed them for pain...but they kept taking them and taking them building the habit. It took them approx. 7-8 weeks to begin to feel better. You figure they were taking 8 times as much as me, and they went through it 8 times harder, so they probably had at least 2 weeks left of nasty cramps and what-not. So, as it depends on the level of your addiction and how much you were doing a day, it is hard to pinpoint the exact amount of time, but it will go away. 8 weeks seems like a long time, Hell...2 weeks was rough for me then. But even if it's 2 months, you still have 10 sober months ahead of you after it's over. I'm not 100% sure what you mean when you say kicking or getting rid of teh kicking, but I hope I helped a little bit. Explain what that is if you don't mind and want to, I'd like to know what it is! :D:) By the way, I like your signature. I used to write that all over the place! Holds a lot of truth!! [:eek:)]

    If I can't be my own,
    I'd feel better dead
  9. sal7980

    sal7980 Member

    thanks jester , the kicking is when im trying to sleep the muscles in my legs get so tight leg kick out. its weird. today i dont have the pain as bad but i can feel it a little.
    Oh yeah i was wondering has anyone else heard that if your in w/d from dope that if you eat ice cream it helps out with the w/d. so its not as bad? Ive heard this but have never tried it. everytime im in w/d im cold already. But if this is true does anyone know why?

    Realeyes , Realize , Realies
  10. ashley80

    ashley80 Well-Known Member

    Chris, I stepped off sub after a short detox (10 days or less) three (!) times. After all three, I got a bit of withdrawal after 5-7 days. Mostly restlessness, insomnia, mental craziness (crying jags), anxiety. NOTHING like cold turkey. It's not too painful, IF you are ready for it. And if you already have the meetings, counselor, etc., that is a great start.

    There is just no pain-free way to get off a big, long-term, opiate habit, but sub is the best I have found so far. Tapers and cold turkey really suck.

    Whoa, 80 Norco's???? You ARE lucky you still have a liver!!!

    Can't answer you about the benzo's, that's about the only drug I've never abused, lol. I would suggest a taper, just in case????

    Welcome!! Get ready for some fairly mild stuff a few days after your last sub, and let us know how it goes!
  11. Bup4pain

    Bup4pain Well-Known Member

    Chris.. the w/d from the sub at your dose and duration will not be anything like the stuff we folks who were on it for years. 10 days on the benzos will not cause anything but maybe some anxiety for a few days (if you have only taken them for 10 days.)

    Ultram w/d is the skin crawlie crap ... Don't know how much you were taking of how long.

    I think lack of energy and difficulty sleeping will be the big issues. Expect some depression and mood swings too.

    Avoid benzos as they are highly addictive Always space em out if you do use one every now and again.

    Amazing liver bud ;)
  12. macverm

    macverm Member

    Hey, one of my "doctors' just called to say I have a refill of norco and should he overnight it to me.....got tempted. need to know that it is a bad, bad decision. almost said yes and was thinking of calling back. havent had any on a long time and I know it wouldnt work with them bupe anyway, but it's crazy how tempting it is...a little off topic, but thought I needed to share with the folks who are comunicating with me. maybe I need to go to a meeting tonight.
  13. Mic

    Mic Guest

    Yeah, maybe.....
    But good job, nonetheless!!!
  14. ashley80

    ashley80 Well-Known Member

    Chris!!! Change your number! Good job, on saying no, or not calling back. The sub will block the hydro, so don't bother. Hang in. And yeah a meeting sounds like a great idea.
  15. sonicscott

    sonicscott New Member

  16. DetoxExpert

    DetoxExpert Member

    Suboxone, being an atagonist/agonist is much easier to "come off of" then any classic opiod compound. The problem generally lies with how much and how long you continue to take this medication. Also, chronic fatigue, depression and returned cravings have be dealth with as you finally decrease to below 2mg day. In many programs that understand the psychopharmacolgical changes in the receptor sites, some of the problems can be addressed with medications, other mental health issues need support groups and alternative therapies.

    Hope for the best but plan for the worst.
  17. greeneyez

    greeneyez Well-Known Member

    Hey Docotor, Weclome to the board. I am sure you can answer many peopl's qestions here. Welcome once again.
    Stay Strong,Sheri

    If at first you do not secceed, try and try again.
  18. Bup4pain

    Bup4pain Well-Known Member

    DetoxExpert = an MD?

    What makes you an expert? Are you a MD? Work in a detox? Looks like Sheri thinks your are a MD... If you are not now is the time to disclose the facts, before people assume something which is incorrect.
  19. bupedinbalto

    bupedinbalto New Member

    Been on suboxone 36 hours last taken 6 hours ago desperate to use. What effects will using have with the sub in my system?
  20. ashley80

    ashley80 Well-Known Member

    Ha. Using will have no effect since you last dosed 6 hours ago. So don't waste your time or $$$$. Plus, you got on bupe for a reason, right? So DON'T USE.

    And welcome. Love your name!

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