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Getting off Bupe/Sub, a place to post experiences

Discussion in 'Detoxing From Buprenorphine/Subutex/Suboxone' started by Bup4pain, Feb 18, 2004.

  1. crumb

    crumb Member

    D10: Nerves still actin crazy, sneezes, ears ring, headache, legs twitch still... few more days till 2 week mark, hopefully I'll turn corner soon...
  2. spring

    spring Administrator

    ear ringing and headaches? Have you checked your blood pressure?
  3. hi, new to the site,
    been a addict for over 12yrs and last 4yrs been on suboxone,
    i decided in advance that i will stop during the christmas holidays sort of had enough,
    its been 4days since i stopped using suboxone reduce down from 8mg to 2mg in 4months and stopped taking them,
    the withdrawals are not as bad as if coming directly of heroine but you still feel it,
    my only concern is with using phenergan can you get addicted to those, i really dont want to substitute one addiction for another
  4. JamesF

    JamesF Well-Known Member

    Almost all detox drugs can produce physical dependence after a certain point, including antihistamines. Use them for about 2 weeks for the worst of it. More than that, and you could experience rebound anxiety/insomnia when you finally stop. They can be a good short-term tool, but are usually bad long-term solutions.
  5. Cheers for the info,
    Restless, aches and tossing and turning at night is the hardest part of this,
    last night after a few hours trying to sleep took a phenergan which did get me to sleep in the end...
  6. old man

    old man Well-Known Member

    Today was day 26 since if stopped suboxone after using it 4 months. I was prescribed 16 mg a day by a Dr at a methadone clinic.

    I had done some reading prior to going there so had a little bit of knowledge about it. From what i read my plan was get as much as i could buld a stash and wean off of it.
    I was given 8 mg my first day at the clinic followed by 16 mg the next 2 days. I was then written a script and took 12 mg the 4th day. I stayed at 12 mg for 15 days which was way to long but was sorta clueless at that point.

    I then dropped to 10 mg for 5 or 6 days then 9 mg for 4 days. At that point i dropped to 8 mg for 6 days then contined dropping 25% every 6 days.
    On another site i was reading about people dropping 25 % every 4 to 7 days so i settled on 6 days at the same dose then dropping 25%. After 8 weeks i was down to 2 mg a day. I went all the way down to .25 and was going to jump there but ended up dropping down to .20. I stayed there 6 days then skipped 1 day dosed skipped 2 days dosed skipped 3 days then took my final dose.

    It was 4 months and 2 days after my first dose. I had very little discomfort with any of my drops or my jump. About 2 months after i started taking suboxone i started taking a silver centrum multi vitamin Balanced B-100 complex vitamin 1000 mg L-TYROSINE and 2 99mg potassium tablets every day.

    I also tried to get some sort of exercise when possible. I'm 57 years old and feel very fortunate that i got thru this the way i did. It is just my opinion that by being on it only 4 months of which the last 2 months was at under 2 mg a day and by doing a slow wean all the way down to .20 a day is what made it doable.

    Do I think I'm fixed for life now after this? NO im not. The saying getting clean was easy staying clean is the hard part fits me to the t. If anyone reads this and it helps just 1 person I will be happy. This site was part of my recovery especially a friend who goes by reedbonkers on here.
    Spring i hope you see this as i told you i would post my experience here when you replied to my thread. My best wishes to all on this site
  7. 61Espo

    61Espo New Member

    Hi...I also have been on Suboxone for a long time...(2 1/2 years) I have started to taper down..I'm on approx 2 mg a Day now..What is 'Phenergan" ? will this help with the withdrawal..I don't want to be on Suboxone anymore..I'm really tired of the side effects
  8. 420hlepedme

    420hlepedme New Member

    I've been off subs for 7 days now because I lost my insurance this year. I was prescribed 2 8mg strips a day at first and that was 3 years ago although from the start I had only been taking one 8mg strip. Sometimes I didn't even get my whole script because my wife and I shared an oxy habit for 7 years.

    I was up to sometimes 5-6 80s a day and I couldn't take it anymore so I went to a doc that said it would be easier to get off of these than the oxys... and i would say yes it is... as long as you taper off.

    i went through a year long taper from 1 8mg a day, to half of a 8mg for 6 months, and then to 1/6 of a strip for the last 6 months.

    I also live in a state that has medical marijuana and i got my green card to help me gain weight that I had lost while i was an addict. It helps with the aches and pains and helps you sleep, you just have to know your strains.

    I would say that subs are good if they are used in a very short time period. It just puts off your WDs from the other drugs that you were trying to come off of in the first place
  9. lomoshn07

    lomoshn07 New Member

    I was taking any kind of pain pill I could get ahold of for about 4 or 5 years. I got. Tired of that so I started taking suboxones. Four years later I'm still on em and want so bad to stop what's the best way of doing so? Should I do the Thomas recipe? Or should I just taper myself off I want this to be over with now and if I have to go threw some withdrawls then so be it.
  10. Bonita

    Bonita Well-Known Member

    Thomas recipe is for short actings like h. Doesn't fit with sub. What will happen is a habit with benzos. That makes opiate wd a real cake walk in comparison. May I suggest starting you own thread so you won't get over looked. Also will help you keep track where you are.
    Read around...many here kicked sub with sucess. More info will help too.

    Welcome to the forum...you will find lots of help, different opinions. If your serious about getting off, very possible. Takes diligence, dedication and some discomfort, but doable.
  11. subNOmore

    subNOmore New Member

    There Is Hope…!

    I’ve been a long time reader of this forum but this is my first post. I finally decided to get up the courage to get off suboxone and am on day 27.
    I have so much to say, so forgive me for the lengthy post. If you have the patience to read it in it's entirety you’ll probably hear things that others have already said but maybe there’ll be something in here that is helpful to you when you need it most. I am not a doctor, this is just my personal experience.

    First and foremost…God is good and He can help you overcome much adversity including this. So ask Him for help.

    Ok so here’s what I did…First I went to my sub doc and told her that I wanted to get off and she suggested I do it with what she calls “support medicine”. She prescribed me Ativan for anxiety, Gabapentin for restless legs and Zofran for nausea.
    In addition to these things, I also suggest that you pick up some Tylenol PM to help you sleep at night in the beginning, Loperamide HCI (anti-diarrhea), Tagamet (Cimetidine) for heartburn and acid indigestion, also a Multi-Vitamin & a B-Complex Vitamin to help with energy.. I would get all of these things while still on the suboxone because you won’t have the energy to do it once you stop.

    Now that you have all of your “support medicines” stock piled, pick a date. I thought a week would be enough but it’s really not. If you can find a way to set aside at least two weeks that would be best because it does take a while for your energy to come back…but don’t get discouraged because it does come back and you’ll feel great again!

    I started taking the Ativan multiple times a day and was surprised how easy the first two days were. I realize now it was because I still had suboxone in my system. Days three and four were my worst. If you can get through those two days with your support medicines, each day gets a little easier. I took the Gabapentin at night before bed to help keep my legs from jumping and keeping me awake and I also took 2 Tylenol PM to try and knock me out.

    The first couple weeks I struggled to get up and do anything because I had no energy, so take that Multi-Vitamin and the Vitamin B-Complex.. it will help a bit. After the first two weeks my energy started coming back more and more each day. If you can make yourself get up and walk, or jog, or workout it will help your energy come back faster and help you sleep better at night.

    One thing that really helped me get energy was music. Find some upbeat music and play the heck out of it and you’ll find yourself becoming more motivated. I know it’s tough to coordinate, but another thing that helps is having someone at home with you to help out with stuff and they can be a motivator for you as well.

    Here’s some other things that will help with the various symptoms you may experience…

    Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) – Take a hot bath right before bed each night and then when you get out throw on two pairs of sweatpants. It seemed like the warmer my legs were, the less they twitched.
    Insomnia – Take Ativan or anything similar if you can or the Tylenol PM. I wouldn’t suggest both at the same time because that might be too much for your body to handle.

    Diarrhea – Take 2 Loperamide in the mornig with breakfast and then another one a couple hours later. This helps a lot.

    Acute Sense of Smell & Sneezing A lot – You may find that you’re smelling things you’ve never smelled before and everything stinks. In addition you’ll probably sneeze a lot/. My only suggestion is to clean your house before you stop sub and keep a lot of tissues on hand.

    Lethargy & Depression – I touched on the lack of energy above but the feeling of depression may have been the toughest thing for me to overcome. Again, having someone with you can help out a lot and going for walks or working out will help get your endorphins back up. There were times when I felt like this would be what drove me back to suboxone because I just couldn’t deal with it anymore…but TRUST ME…it does get much better.
    Being around people helps and watching movies to keep you distracted for the first couple weeks helps a lot too. Around day 23 or 24 I woke up without feeling like “man I have to start another day”. I was actually happy again and I still feel good. So please don’t give up. You have the strength in you and once you get this far you will realize it and it will change your life!
  12. spring

    spring Administrator

    Congrats on day 27! You don't mention how long you were on the Sub or what the dosage was and whether you tapered off or jumped all at once.. Care to give more details? Thanks for taking the time to share your info. I'm sure it will help a lot of people.
  13. JamesF

    JamesF Well-Known Member

    Lots of valuable information. Thanks for sharing your experience. You should feel very proud of yourself. You've done something that is very difficult indeed. I'm sure you'll provide motivation and hope for others trying to do the same.
  14. subNOmore

    subNOmore New Member

    I'm sorry, that's sort of important information isn't it? :smile: I begin my sub treatment in July of 2009, so I was on for a little over 3 1/2 years. I was using two 8mg tablets a day and then got that down to just over one 8mg tablet per day about six months before I jumped off. My doc strongly suggested tapering even further but from what I've read on this forum (to me) it seemed like no matter what your dosage was it was still going to be tough to stop. So I just took the leap of faith... If you're reading this forum, you;re already on the right path. Be strong and take control of your life! I wish you all the best!
  15. awanker20

    awanker20 Member

    I am brand new here, but I am hoping to help someone and looking for help myself. Quick backround, I am 29 and started with hydros when I was 18. My son was born with withdrawal syndrome because me, and instead of better, I got worse up to 3-6 grams H a day. No Sub Drs in my area, so had to drive very far and pay out the A$$, was put on 32mg (4x8mg tabs/day) It was supposed to be for life. That was in April of 2009. Now it is March 2013 and I thought I tapered slow/low enough (2mg every other day for 2 weeks). Boy, did I under estimate the power of Suboxone. For those of you who can not taper lower because you are out, can't get Benzo's or muscle relaxers, are already in withdrawal and scared, feel hopeless...It's ok, I am right here with you. I have been clean off dope almost 4 years. Last week was not bad, the past two days have been hell, I remember now that I am fighting for my life. Please, the Immodium truely does help, it's not a miracle but I can function and got a little sleep. I took 10 of the 2mg. I don't know how long this will last, I wish I had more answers and not so many questions, but my heart is with all of you. Damn, who would of thought, 4 years clean and I am back at square one. I am beat physically and mentally, but my spirit is not broken. I have a beautiful 5 year old son, and man did he come into this world fighting. I owe this to him and to me.
  16. StDoc

    StDoc New Member

    While it's hard to believe Suboxone is a much easier withdrawal, it is for sure. I will explain the right way and the way i did it. The right way is if your just starting out take as little as possible. Drs prescribe way way to high of a dose. The most heavily addicted person shouldnt need more than 8mg and i stand very very firm on that.

    If your at a high dose than you want to wean at your own pace. A good guideline is no more than 2mg drop every two weeks min, the slower the better. Now the tricky part is when you get to taking just 2mg, you may want to go even slower taking just a little less every two weeks.
    Once you get to .5 or less try extending the time you take it from every 24hrs to every 36hrs, then every 48 untill 72hrs and your ready.

    Now the most helpful drug non addictive by far is clonidine not clonipin. Clonidine helps chills, sweats Restless leg(the worst in my book) and even anxiety. Best of all it's a blood pressure medication non addictive, however it can cause rebound hypertension. Any sympathetic Doc will easily prescribe it.

    After clonidine sleep is very important which i recommend trazodone.. also non addictive and very effective. Then i would also recommend immodium and if you dont have a problem with benzos valium. Eating healthy, taking a good multi vitamin and exercise will accelerate your recovery dramatically. Blend greek plain yogurt(very high in protein low in sugar and fat) with berries, banana, oj. It's easy to take down very high in vitamins and protein which your body needs to rebuild it's neurotransmitters.

    The first week is a ***** but after it's not so bad. After ten days you'll feel about 75% better. That's the right way to get off subs, however i am a freak. I used the theory that if you can use subs to get off dope, you can use dope to get off subs. As crazy as it sounds it worked. Now here's the kicker can you put yourself on your drug of choice for seven days and stop or will you continue to extend your switch to your doc.
    I don't think im stronger than anyone else, but i wanted off of medications, sub, or dope so bad that i could stop as planned. The reasoning was i was addicted to subs no longer was i addicted to dope , so by doing dope for seven days it wouldnt be long enough to get readdicted. I would give my body time enough to rid my receptors of most of the suboxone. The hardest part of withdrawal is when you get thru the physical your mind will say you did it no biggie lets just do dope for one day. I've been clean for 30 days whats one day gonna do.

    It's the boredom that gets you. Stay busy erase all drug contacts, go to freakin AA. I dont care if you dont buy into all of it. there's many different ways it helps. Most of all it helps to hear people that have been there done that and their story sounds surprisingly alot like yours.
    Do the research and you'll find the easiest way to nurse yourself back to health don't just take my word. Even though my info is based on hard facts, experience and just hours of research. Last thing and most important do not listen to horror stories about withdrawal and go to suboxone talk zone a very smart Dr will tell you everthing you should know about subs.

    It surprises me that people ask so many questions when the internet has all your answers. I will never not be willing to lend a helping hand but people there is so much good info on how everything works , what to take for withdrawal etc. Again if i could have just one medication for withdrawal it would by far be clonidine. Gabapentin is common for rls but im sure more drs would agree on clonidine, the sides are less and it's just all around a better medication. Research it i am positive you'll be surprised how effective it is and covers more symptoms than any other drug. It takes the kick out of kicking the habit.
  17. stevetheprop

    stevetheprop New Member

    I'm hoping that just sharing my thoughts and feelings with all you wonderful folks can somehow make me feel better while I go thru this final detox moment in my life. 10 years of opiates have taken their toll on my body and mind, another three years of sub was all I could stand anymore. Like all of you know, I just want my life back. Doctors visits, pill rationing and that fear every month of not making it to my prescription date has all but destroyed my self confidence and motivation to do anything else but worry about my next fix. I got down to 4mg of sub a day for a month. I tried to wean down some more, but had no luck. I still took 2mg twice a day even after my doc reduced my dosage to 2mg once a day. I bought the difference on the street. Amazing how resourceful we can be when we have to be. I stopped everything 8 days ago and am feeling pretty bad. I will continue to look on this sight for remedies and advice to help with the withdrawals. too tired to write anymore. Wife just told me she loved me... guess it gave me some strength.
  18. crazybynature

    crazybynature New Member

    this subutex is a demon for sure. I am a clean addict
    who used meth cocaine and anything I could break down into a needle for years. I did get clean and went back and got reclean, been clean for 18yrs now. my cousin showed up at my door yesterday, sick, skinny, mentally, emotionally and physically dying. told me she had been on subutex and hates herself and would rather be dead than on it and rather be dead without it. I let her spend the night and she was in such horrifying pain, crying out in her sleep, coughing, sneezing, not able to breathe when she could relax. she said she has gone 4 days without pills, and explained she cannot live like this another day. I looked it up online and was just shocked by what people are going through to get off of this stuff. I watched my ex husband detox from methadone a few years ago and he became seriously violent and ended up switching from the pills to alcohol and is still drunk to this day. I want to give my cousin hope and positive words, but this morning when she woke up she said she just doesn't see how she can bare this. I begged her a few moments ago after finding this site to go to medical detox. she says she cannot afford it with no insurance. I am so worried about her.
    I was a meth junky for decades and I remember how hard it was to detox off of that. I almost died detoxing from alcohol. I remember it felt like lit cigarettes were being touched to my legs, and I shook to bad to hold a fork or dial a phone, I would even sweat blood, puke blood, pee and poop blood and I was told most people do not live to that stage of the disease, I was lucky, but what this opiate withdrawel is causing my cousin I fear she may attempt to take her life. she said she will not live in the bondage to the drug and cannot live thru the pain of withdrawels. I am afraid of her physical health, I know u can die from alcohol and heroin withdrawels, and I know she had a ceasior before deciding to come to me.
    what can I do to help her? can an adult b forced into medical detox. has anyone successfully detoxed alone isn't it dangerous? what kind of doctor prescribes this stuff ? she was told it was better for her thAn lortab. can anyone tell me how long this pain will last and what I can do to help. as bad as it sounds my son offered her some weed to calm her down and I personally don't see y doctors think these pills are helping anyone
  19. StuckonSubs

    StuckonSubs Well-Known Member

    How many mg's a day of sub/bupe was he/she taking? That will determine how long the withdrawal will last. Age, weight, body metabolism all play a part too.
    Suboxone and bupe have a very long half life, and the more she was taking each day the longer it tends to last...
    Pyoushoot could always take your cousin to your local county hospital. They usually always have a detox unit for people that come in in withdrawal. They should have to take her even without insurance. I don't know what the cost would be though. But they may be able to get your cousin onto Medicaid or some other type of govt's program to help the cost or possibly cover it. There is usually some type of social worker to help those people without insurance, at the county hospitals.
    Believe it or not, heroin withdrawal really is Not life threatening. Alcohol withdrawal and benzodiazepine withdrawal are, because of the risk of seizures. But as long as you make sure your cousin does not get dehydrated, there really isn't much that is life threatening about opiate withdrawal. It may feel like death, but you Do get better! It is all about hanging on and banking days. Each day clean is one day closer to back to normal...
    If your cousin has the runs (poops), you can give them a good double dose of Imodium. It is actually a mild opiate that does not cross the blood/brain barrier and can actually relieve some w/d symptoms. Also, just plain old ibuprofen can help the aches & pains and help regulate body temperature. If you could get your hands on some Clonidine (it's a mild blood pressure medicine widely used in opiate detox & is non addictive). It can be a big help with the restless feelings.
    A nice hot bath or shower can also do wonders for those restless feelings. It's like the last thing someone wants to do during opiate w/d, but will definitely give some relief, if only while you are actually in the bath/shower.
    Just tell your cousin to hang in there. Make sure she drinks some fluids and stays hydrated. Some feel better as soon as day 7. Others it takes a few more days or a week. But it Will get better! Again, it is all about banking days. Just take it 1 day at a time. Or even 1 hour at a time if necessary.
    Also, I honestly even hesitate to say this, but if you know anyone who has a few benzos (benzodiazepine anti-anxiety medicine, like Xanax, klonopin, Ativan, even Valium as a last resort) they can do wonders during opiate withdrawal for certain symptoms. BUT, they should only be used for a week or 2 At The Very Most! You definitely do not want to end up with a benzo addiction! If you think there would be any risk of your cousin developing an addiction, then don't use them.
    The best thing you can do is to just keep your cousin from falling back into the opiates. I know they feel like death, but staying addicted to opiates for years on end because they are scared of withdrawal is not the answer either. Maybe try and force him/her to take a walk too. It will suck in the beginning, but once you get them moving a bit and exercising, it will help some of those restless/creepy crawly feelings to subside, even if only a bit. Anything that gives you a little break from those intense feelings can be a life saved in detox...
  20. spring

    spring Administrator

    Sounds like she may have stopped abruptly from a high dose? You got some excellent advise from Stuck. I don't think a hospital can turn her away and also may be able to get her into a state funded rehab. I don't see her doing this without professional help but miracles DO happen.
    Please keep us updated if you will?

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