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Double dosing problems

Discussion in 'Detoxing From Buprenorphine/Subutex/Suboxone' started by lightworker, Jan 9, 2004.

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  1. lightworker

    lightworker Guest

    Happy New Year to all members. I have now been on bup for about 3 months, 12mg perscribed a day. Im instructed to take 24mg every second day. I tried this a couple of times but found that on the 2nd day I felt very tired and weak. So I decided to just bring it home and dose myself as needed. So for the last couple of months Ive been taking approx 3mg per dose crushed under the tongue. As a result I have managed to reduce drastically to about half of my perscribed dose. mostly I have 3mg mornings and 3mgs afternoon, last dose before 6pm in order to sleep well.

    Is anybody else double dosing or triple dosing? In Australia the max triple dose is 33mg every three days, some people find this convenient and breaks the habit of taking meds twice a day to survive. Myself I find that if I take more it doesnt seem to last longer, just makes me a bit hypo for a while then fatigue sets in.

    After reading the current post on bup detox it seems that slowly is the key so I am trying to take a fraction less each day, until Im off. I figured that the 10 years I was on methadone needs a three month period to detox before I tried to jump off bup. I had bad side affects at first, headaches and bone aches but both have stopped now, so I guess my body has adapted to bup. Ive had NO cravings which is such a bonus as there is no head trips etc.. like one ususally experiences with detox.
    I wouldnt say I feel normal, but more normal than on methadone for sure. I have trouble concentrating for long and get restless but Im not really complaining, just looking forward to being 100% drug free one day.
    Good luck to all tryers, its sure worth it
    cheers Lightworker
  2. joberri

    joberri Active Member

    well done! You sure are getting there. Like you switched from meth to bup, tried the every 2 or 3 day dosing and would get a bit of a buzz (my chemist let me have 36mg at once - just too much) and then tired by time of next dose. Settled for once a day dosing - mutiple dosen't seem necessary coz of bup's long half life (37hrs?) but whatever works for you go with it. Pleased to report that after 2yrs on bup did a slow 2 month taper down to 1mg and jumped off 6 days ago!!! For the first time in 12yrs I am opiate free and feeling mighty proud. Won't lie and say it was pain free but soooo much easier than jumping off meth ( I thought I was gonna die!) and easier than off gear. Half of it may well have been in my head coz there was just NO way I was going back there so convinced myself I was coping. From one aussie to another - all the best!!

  3. lightworker

    lightworker Member

    Firstly Congratulations on being opiate free! Well done and thanks for your support. I figure that you were also on 12mg a day, before you sarted to taper. Did the doc or clinic reduce you or did you do it yourself? So how was the last few weeks on a low dose? Im interested to hear your story as I am facing this shortly myself.Nreed all the help I can get as my clinic is still early days with bup and I dont have any friends that are on it either.
    Best of luck staying clean.Lightworker
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