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Detoxing from subutex day 6

Discussion in 'Detoxing From Buprenorphine/Subutex/Suboxone' started by FromJessToAshes, Oct 20, 2014.

  1. FromJessToAshes

    FromJessToAshes New Member

    Hey I was up until recently going to a methadone/subutex clinic. I'm grateful to them for helping me for the past three years staying off of illegal substances with the exception of one relapse. But I've been wanting to be truly clean for a long time now but kept finding excuse after excuse of why not to detox. Now that choice has been made for me so to speak. I've lost my job and have no way of paying anymore. So I've took it upon myself to come off of this medicine. I was taking 12mg a day, weaned myself down to 8 mg before I stopped going. But then I had to ration out what I had left. So last Tuesday I took my last 2mgs. I haven't had any energy but on the whole I'm not feeling that terrible. I really truly honestly want to be done with this. And for once in my life I'm saying that and actually meaning it. I was wondering if anyone had some tips or any helpful suggestions.
  2. StuckonSubs

    StuckonSubs Well-Known Member

    How many mg a day were you taking when you stopped? We're you still at close to 8mg? Or had you gotten down to closer to 2mg? If so, how many days were you at 2mg before you stopped?
    The reason I ask is that will play into how long the w/d will probably last. The higher the mg when you stop, the longer it takes for the real w/d's to start. But I would think that you being on day 6 it shouldn't get much worse than it is right now...
    Just expect some ups and downs. Sub w/d fooled me a couple times. I thought I was through the worst and starting t get better and then I'd get hit with another bad day. So just be prepared for some bumps in the road. Just keep banking days. It only lasts for a little while and then you Never have to go thru this again!
    Try and force yourself to eat and drink (especially drink so you don't dehydrate). As hard as it is to eat, a little bit of food does help you to get & feel better. Even some soup broth or something like that. May be worth taking a vitamin as well? Exercise really helps too. You have to force yourself. But it makes the brain produce natural endorphins, which is exactly what your brain is lacking right now that makes you feel in w/d. About the only time my legs/body didn't feel restless the first couple weeks was during one of my forced workouts. A hot bath/shower is a big help for the restless skin crawling too. Once again you have to force yourself...lol.
    If you happen to have some Clonidine laying around, those will help too. Or the catapres patch(same as Clonidine), which the methadone clinic may hand out for free? Some do. It's a blood pressure med that is helpful for opiate w/d.

    Its all about banking days though. No real secret. Just time. Take it a day at a time, or even hours at a time if need be. The good thing about sub w/d is its not as intense as short acting opiates or methadone. The bad part is it lasts a while longer. But just hang in there and in a couple weeks this will start to become a bad memory. You can do it!

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