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Depression & Cravings w/Suboxone

Discussion in 'Detoxing From Buprenorphine/Subutex/Suboxone' started by Marge, Feb 25, 2004.

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  1. Marge

    Marge Guest

    I get so excited to see my boyfriend when he is up for actually hanging out since being on Suboxone for almost a week now, since he slept the weekend away and hasn't felt like speaking much- tonight we went for coffee... I came home in negative spirits. He just has so much on his mind and just seemed so depressed. He told me he would use right this second if it was in front of his face. That makes me so mad to hear.

    Does anyone know if these suboxone pills cause depression?
    What about cravings? I didn't think they would cause cravings until he was off of them. What are cravings exactly? Just the urge to want to use?

    He said he thinks he needs to go away for 6 months somewhere. I am just feeling like maybe I shouldn't hang around. He seems so unsettled, but why should i expect any different. The last three months have been hell. I guess I just thought once he starting taking the sub pills, that he would be in great spirits- boy was I wrong.

    He went to a meeting last night for the first time in a while, and he just can't get into them. He needs something else to be a part of- Can anyone recommend anything? I've heard that AA/NA meetings can be so great for people, and I've heard that sometimes it just doesn't work for others. Is one on one therapy something to consider?

    I'm really getting desperate now. Any advice would help....
  2. Jessie

    Jessie Well-Known Member

    Getting off the drugs causes major depression...If he's only been on the Sub a week or so, just let him know that things WILL get better each and every day....I really can't stress that enough....He will have some days better than others, but overall everything gets better as time with the Suboxone goes on....

    Yes Cravings are the urge to use...We have it in our heads that if we could just go back to our "drug of choice" everything will be alllll better..When deep down we know it will be worse...It's a struggle Marge...Guess you have to determine how much you care for this fella, cause your in for a long ride....Best of luck to you..I'm sure more people will come by with advice about councling, ect....

    I know the feeling of wanting to disappear for awhile....But I have children and an extended family to care for, so that's a no-go for me...Maybe an inpatient rehab would be a consideration for him????
  3. Loop

    Loop Well-Known Member

    Hiya Marge :)

    I'm sure others here can help you better but in my opinion you're expecting a little too much too soon.I'm on Day 7 on Sub n off H n I'm only just starting to feel better.What dosage is he on?I assume he gets this from a Dr?I'm in the UK so things can be abit different here.

    I get depressed anyway but those first three days I was such a mess-didn't wanna see anyone n just kept bursting into tears.You need to be there for him n just make a fuss of him-hot drinks,hot baths etc.He should notice that he feels abit better by Day4.But this will be a long process.If he's feeling really bad maybe he should talk to his Dr-I went through awful W/D n my Dr has had to put my dose up from 8mg to 12mg a day-*I wish I'd mentioned it sooner!

    Going for a coffee is a good step-anything will be an effort at the moment.Could you get him onto this forum?Its helped me loads,I can express myself here in a way I can't wth my friends n I know others are going through the same thing.

    The most important thing I found was to remember IT WILL GET BETTER!!!

    This may sound silly but I'd lost all sight of that n just wanted a hit.If he does mess up n have some gear then this is just a hiccup n he'll learn form it.With Sub in his system he shouldn't get anything off it anyway so it might even help him realise its no0t worth it.

    And finally-together you must just take one day at a time.This is the hardest things he'll ever have to do,He's mourning the gear right now n feeling awful.It will take time for his body n mind to recover.

    I hope this helps you both:)Good luck!
    LOL loop
  4. Loop

    Loop Well-Known Member

    Oh n NA didnt work for me either-luckily I have 4 friends who are going through different stages of detox themselves n this site.In my town we have a clinic n a detox help place which gives councelling etc.Are you in the US tho?His Dr should be able to refer him to better help although waiting lists can be long.Each day the cravings will be a bit less.It might even be that he could need a higher dosage-my friend swears that with a higher dosage he doesn't crave at all but then he'd have more to cut down form once he was stable.

    When I'm craving I get on this site n before I know it an hours passed :)
    LOL Loop
  5. ashley80

    ashley80 Well-Known Member

    Marge, the cravings are like little devils that get into our heads and will not leave. They are really strong at first, but I didn't have any when I was on suboxone, so maybe he is not taking enough of it? They begin to subside after a while, although they can come back at random moments, sometimes for absolutely no apparent reason. Everyone has their own way of distracting themselves when they hit, but keeping busy is key.
    I know it must make you mad, but he cannot help it. It's part of the addiction-recovery process. Like Jess said, you are in for a long ride. I am at 30 days now, and I would probably use, too, if someone put them right in front of me. My job is to make sure that doesn't happen.
    As for depression, it is part of the suboxone and also part of the detox process. It gets worse then slowly gets better.
    I wish you much luck and success.
  6. Marge

    Marge Member

    I can't thank everyone enough for all your responses....it means so much, especially when I have absolutely no one to talk to. I actually called my boyfriend's old therapist a month ago b/c i had no one else to turn to. My boyfriend was denying his use and i knew he was lying. The advice I was given was to just wait and he will tell you.

    Well, it came down to this Valentine's day at 9pm, when we originally were supposed to see each other at 1:30 pm & I knew somthing was up. So I drove half way to his spot where he would cop his dope, pulled in a gas station, called him to find out where he was, after telling me he is 15 minutes from my house, 3 minutes later I saw him whip right by from the direction I hoped he wasn't coming from.

    If I didn't catch him in the act, he still would prob. be denying everything. My issue is, in the past 6 months he has tried several times to get help- starting in July, we tried detoxing him at home, hotel rooms, then finally a hospital for a weekend, and now the Suboxone. So, he gets mad when i question if this is what he really wants to be doing, b/c he tries but so far has never completely followed through. I'm the one that always researches everything....detox facilities and now a doctor for the Suboxone.
    I wonder if he wants help like he says, why doesn't he have the drive to do something himself? I've initiated everything. He decided on his own to go ahead with everything that's been brought to him though, so I have to give him credit for his will to try.

    Loop, you are right, maybe I expect too much too soon, but this has been going on since July and has gotten extremely worse in the past three months since he's been off of methadone and was using. I've dated him for 7 years, broke up for 3, got back this July knowing he was using and agreed to do everything possible to get him help, but would walk away if he doesn't stop after trying everything possible. Well, we are at that point now.

    I know what I want, and that is for him to strive for the goals that he has, and do something everyday to fight his disease.
    Jessie-I know I am in for a long ride, and I wouldn't have reopened the door in July if I wasn't willing to hang in there for a long recovery, but i don't feel like thati

    I know that addiction is an illness and his mind controls him- I just wish he would fight it. I feel like he never has. With meetings not really being his thing, and him only having a girlfriend in his life, no other guy friends, it's got to be so hard for him. He needs a support system and I am going to try to get him to at least check this forum out and see what he thinks.

    It really helps me to hear your advice, but more importantly, any advice I can offer my boyfriend b/c of everyone here can be so benificial...so much thanks to all!
  7. Jessie

    Jessie Well-Known Member

    Hang in there Marge....It's hard without support...I mostly talk here and to another friend online-more so than I do with family or even my husband...So, maybe if he did come to the boards it would help him a lot...I know it did for me....I got sooo excited while I was reading the posts of people who were on Suboxone I couldn't wait to get started....It's really comforting to hear that people feel just like you do, had the same experience and the many alternatives coming from everyone....This has been like therapy for me....I had no idea that you have been helping your bf for so long, I know it must be EXTREMELY difficult..I applaude your efforts and patience...When he wakes up and the fog clears out of his head, he'll see how much you care for him and show appreciation....Good luck dear...Wish I had better advice...[:I]
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