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  1. Mom

    Mom Guest

    Hi - My sweet 18 year old son got out of rehab two weeks ago, after 6 months there. Unfortunately, he has found a way to use H every day since he got out. He's on probation, and has dirty drug screens. We're considering getting a prescription for bup from a doctor. Any thoughts?

  2. Denise

    Denise Member

    I have had a 6-8 40mg oxy habit a day. From my point of view oxy's are harder to kick than H. I have been clean 12 days now, and I owe that to the Bup (Suboxone). It took me a few hours to find a doctor who prescribed it, then I had to come up with the hundreds of dollars for my appointment and meds. I go to NA meetings every night, I have had a habit for many years, and this is the first treatment that worked for me. I am a 26 year old with everything going for me, and nobody knew about my habit. I would be honored to talk with your son, he can e-mail me @ DeniseLM1977@comcast.net you also may ask me any questions that are on your mind, I have alot of experience with drugs and keeping clean now. Staying clean means everything now.

    I WILL NOT USE FOR TODAY.........TOMARROW............FOREVER!!!!!!
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