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Been off Sub since last Thursday!!

Discussion in 'Detoxing From Buprenorphine/Subutex/Suboxone' started by jeffie0106, Mar 8, 2004.

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  1. jeffie0106

    jeffie0106 Guest

    Took 2mgs for several weeks before going to one for a few days, then just walked off one mg. (Was already home with a stomach virus so figured may as well jump off here!) Not without abusing Soma and Concerta in the process (the Soma for a while now but the Concerta just for a couple of days after virus left but lethargy would have set in), but nevertheless, it is nice to be opiate free. Music sounds soooo sweet now, colors are brighter, just in time for spring, and HELLOOOOO SEX DRIVE!! Which is a rather dangerous thing to possess when you're single and haven't had sex in a year! LOL!! The last time that sort of a "build up" happened I was pregnant within a month of meeting my child's father.. [:0][:p]:D[:eek:)] And I am looking pretty hot right about now... I mean, I can well fit back into the same pair of jeans that were hanging on me when I met my baby's Dad... And my boob job of almost ten years ago has held up well (no pun intended) through pregnancy and breastfeeding... [8D] Dangerous... And as I said in a post on another thread, it is sooo nice to have my "bathroom privileges" back too! Sorry for all the playful banter, but it's just sooo nice to be on the other side of this now! I'm switching to Adderall tomorrow, and going to start tapering on the Soma this week as well. I'm not too worried about either of those because I don't like them like I did opiates. I truly believe I began self-medicating w/opiates in an attempt to treat my ADD, so I'm going to continue treating that for awhile, and the Soma has just been a consolation prize during this suboxone taper. My appetite for cigarettes has drastically decreased since quitting the sub too, oddly...
  2. Loop

    Loop Well-Known Member

    Wow!Pat yourself on the back girl!And use protection![:eek:)]Only joking!I'm so impressed.I've been on sub 17 days now n off H.I'm really interested in how people are finding dropping off the sub.Please keep us posted how you feel day to day-have cravings returned at all?

    Most importantly-well done!:DYour whole lifes ahead of you now-what you gonna do with it?(Thats what I'm trying to decide now).I'm glad you look hot-since coming off H I've really been comfort eating n put on a good half stone :( That's awful for me as I have a right thing about my weight!Go out n have some fun-you sound so positive no one will be able to resist you!:)

    Do be aware that your inner junky won't just have disappeared-she's still lurking n might try jumping you when your vulnerable i.e. high!If I'm drunk or high etc I find I lose my judgement n suddenly 'just one more' becomes a very sensible philosophy!What harm could it do?!Put us right back at day 1 again!I just wanted you to be aware of the risk so you can stop it happening.I don't want all your brilliant efforts to be for nothing!:D

    Stay in touch,thinking of you,
    LOL Loop:)
  3. jeffie0106

    jeffie0106 Well-Known Member

    Thank you for the kind words of encouragement! I know EXACTLY what you mean about not going there again! After the sub was out of my system, I found myself already playing that "just one more" song in my head, since I have a boatload of the stuff! But then I just kept reciting to myself all the reasons for wanting off altogether, popped some more concerta and kept on going! More later!
  4. Bup4pain

    Bup4pain Well-Known Member

    WAY TO GO!!! Things sure do feel different. The sex drive coming back is a 2x bonus too.

    Sorry I can't help you with getting PG (I got snipped) so you are on your own :D [:eek:)]

    You sound ready ;) Have boob job will travel? [:eek:)][:p]

    It's funny we DO become more playful once we break the bonds of the drugs. WAHHH HOO!

    Excuse me I'm in a "mood" LOL
  5. Shreddi

    Shreddi Member

    Its good to hear a post where someone actually got off bupe easy. How long where you on it in total before you quit? What and how much for how long were you taking before that. I have weaned down to about 140 mg of oxy a day and am looking to go on Suboxone/bupe to taper but after reading some of the posts it seems like its not as easy getting off as it is staying on. Did you have any Withdrawal at all? Thanks, take care and good luck.

    Love all Animals.
  6. Loop

    Loop Well-Known Member

    I was worried about this too Shreddie but please don't let it stop you detoxing.Some people have problems coming off Sub but not all (I've been doing research!) n it depends how long you're on it.If you only use the sub for a month or less you shouldn't have any problems dropping off at all-you won't be dependent yet.If you do get dwependent a slow taper is ok n remember only some people have problems at all.The general consensus is that its nothing like cold turkey from the other drugs so if you can keep that in mind you can get through it.Please don't let this stop you getting clean-I'm doing it n I can't believe how I've gone 18 days without H.It has been hard some days n real easy others!

    Just DO it!;)
    LOL Loop
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