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any quick detox recipe's?

Discussion in 'Detoxing From Buprenorphine/Subutex/Suboxone' started by LILSOURGIRL, Feb 26, 2004.

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    We are looking for a detailed journal for a 7 day or
    less detox using suboxone, we have 24-8mg tabs between 2
    people. We are looking to finally be free from this addiction.
    Because of our situations we want to do this quickly, but want
    to do this right,as we are not looking to make "Quitting"a
    habit. It would almost be better to stay where we are than to
    have a long drawn out traumatic process. Neither one of us has
    much in the way of "WillPower". Our hope is that we can do this
    fast enough that we are done before we have time to talk ourselves
    out it. This is a request for a speedy reply, Please, Please,
    Please! Thanx, Want out,in Arizona
  2. ashley80

    ashley80 Well-Known Member

    So you have 12 8 mg tabs apiece? Cut them into four pieces each. So you will have 48 2 mg tabs apiece. That should be plenty, if you can stand a tiny bit of discomfort now and then. I assume you have read here about not taking too much, the long half life of bupe, etc. If not, read on this forum, you'll get a lot of good ideas. If you can do it in 7-10 days, you won't have to taper much, and should be able to mostly walk away after that. Don't use any opiates while takin' the bupe. But you know that, right?
    I can't give you a dosing schedule, maybe Bup4 will help with that. Just take as little as you need, and only when you need it. Don't confuse signs of too much bupe (nausea, throwing up, headache) with opiate WD. If you get headache and nausea, cut your dose. And send us some warm weather out here in the East, we need it!!
    Also wait till you feel WD before taking first dose. You didn't say what you are addicted to, but if it's long-acting, like methadone, be careful. If it's oxy's (chewed) or hydro, or H, you should be ok, 12 to 24 hours after last use. I'm not a doc, so don't take this as medical advice, please!! Let us know how it goes.
  3. spring

    spring Administrator

    Not that the reason for detox matters all that much but I am curious if you care to tell me.

    We know nothing about you since you havent told us which opiate you're about to detox from, how much you've been using and for how long? All those things matter when it comes to detox info. Especially when using Sub. Give us a little more info and someone will be along to help you with detox info.

    Do you have anything lined up for AFTER your detox? Like I said I know nothing about your drug using history, but it's pretty much the same story for people who get addicted to opiates. And one of those common factors is that it takes some work to stay clean.

    From some of the things you said, it tells me that you havent had a whole lot of experience with staying clean. Just as you didnt get addicted overnight, you cant expect the detox to be the end of it. It will be just the beginning.

    There is really good info, advice, encouragement, and support all over this board. Hope you will take a look around. You may find something that will help you along.

    ~~~Do the right thing and risk the consequences~~~Spring~~~


    Thanks for the quick response, As for your questions it is Heroin that my sister and myself are trying to detox off of, and we both have been using for quite a few years now we are in our mid thirties and dont want to be stuck in this hell in our forties, or even next year. We have both tried methadone, (worse than heroin if you ask me) and have kicked cold turkey, at home, in a detox, and in jail. However we are not really familiar with suboxone, though we know not to use it untill we are in withdrawal and not to use opiates while taking it, I got the pills prescribed to me by my m.d. , and since they are so expensive decided to split them with my sis, also I dont want to be on maintenence, I just want to get off quickly as I have a legnthy jail sentence that I am looking forward to, (but hey, at least I am getting it over with, right?) I truly am tired of the life that I am not living, and want to do something different, I really need a dosing schedule, a dose down schedule I guess you could say. could somebody who has done a quick detox with suboxone just tell me how they dosed down perhaps? I've been putting illegal drugs into my body for many years and I am sure I can handle a few more pills, right? My m.d. wanted me to stay on for a few months so he didnt tell how to quick detox with them and I have quit seeing him since I got the pills. Any advice would be extremely appreciated, p.s. we would love to send you some sunny rays but unfortunatly its been raining for the last couple days. [:0]
  5. ashley80

    ashley80 Well-Known Member

    Lil, I did a quick detox, but I was not on H. This is not advocating you do what I did, just telling you what I took, when:
    Day 1, took 2 mgs ev 2-3 hours, total 14 mgs - felt OK
    Day 2, same, felt awful from TOO MUCH bupe
    Day 3, 16 mgs total (still dosing every few hours), felt even worse, from too much bupe
    Day 4, can't remember what I took, felt like crap
    Day 5, took only about 10 mgs bupe, felt a little better
    Day 6, 4mgs bupe, (in AM), nothing else, felt better
    Day 7, 0 bupe, felt better
    Day 8, 0 bupe, felt even better
    Day 9, 1 mg bupe, felt fine
    That's it, I was done. Of course I had lingering symptoms for about three weeks, but no real WD sickness, other than a few sweats, etc. Still getting those at day 34 off hydrocodone. Cravings kicked in at day 11 or so and were rough for a couple weeks. Better now.
    I don't advocate this schedule bcz I was sick as a dog, throwing up and massive headaches, from too much bupe. (on my doc's advice, [xx(])
    But you get the idea. Plenty of bupe at first, then taper quickly to zero. Listen to your body, take it only when you need it. Don't dose as often as I did, please. Most people do OK on twice a day. Sorry I can't help more, there are others here (bup4) who could help more, but no one seems to be around now.
    I am sorry for your troubles and what you are facing. I wish you the best success with this, and hope that you will let us know how it goes if you can.


    Again, Thank You for replying so fast. but now I'm curious "who told you to take such a high dose?" My m.d. told me not to take more than 8 mg. a day. But I guess everybody's different. Also I am detoxing off a short acting drug, so maybe that is the difference. I know I had to restart the suboxone once because I was on such a high dose of methadone, I actually got off the done, and got back on the H for a week to lower the level of methadone in my body, so I wouldn't have such a rough start on the suboxone. Does that make sense to you? It does to me after some detailed explaining from my m.d. By the way if anybody out there is in the phoenix, az. area we have an excellent m.d. here (can I say his name?)Dr. Levine in mesa, He charges a starting fee of two hundred but that includes all of the office visits necessary to get you started on the suboxone, (cost of the prescriptions are not included but considerably less than my dope habit is)Thanks again Ashley and spring, and anybody else who has some advice I'm still here.I am going to start taking the suboxone tonight, and I will keep you posted on the outcome. p.s. its warm and sunny today!!!!!!! seems like a good day to start the rest of my life.
  7. ashley80

    ashley80 Well-Known Member

    How are you feeling today? Not too badly I hope, if you started your sub last night.
    Yes, it was my doctor who told me to take so much sub, and when I called complaining that I felt like dirt, they told me I wasn't taking enough, and to take MORE. Which I did, with bad results. I came here, and learned from others that I was taking too much, and it got much better from there. It was a rough ride for a couple of days.
    I have read here that some people do OK on as much as 16 mgs a day at the beginning, but it was way too much for me. I was also addicted to a short acting opiate. When I think of what my body has been thru in the last month, I cringe. But it is getting much easier now. I still get tired a lot, but I have had Hep C for years so it may be due to that as well. I can't really tell what normal is for me yet.
    I hope you feel well enough to post today, I'll be anxious to hear how you are doing. And your sister as well. At least you can go thru this w somebody!!!
    BTW, I have been to your town a few times. Great place, beautiful!!!
    But HOT in the summer, eh? It was 60 here yesterday and we were all in the streets in shorts and flip-flops, stepping over mounds of un-melted snow - fun!! Back to winter tomorrow, I hear [V].
  8. Jessie

    Jessie Well-Known Member

    Hope you are feeling well LIL...I'm sure you're not feeling up to par YET...The first few days are kinda yucky...But it does get better...

    Hi Ashley....I'm so proud of you, you're doing sooooo great....I'm really beginning to think about the amount of Suboxone given to people...I'm all for those who can do a quick detox, that's great...But as far as people like myself, I feel there should be more of a tapering process from the beginning of use... In my case, I had to take 24 mg for like 3-4 days, then I went right to 16mg with no problems.. My doctor wanted me to stay at 16 for a whole month...for the most part, I did that ( Aprox. 3 times I only took 8mg)...But it seems to me that it would have been better to take 16mg for a week or two, then go down some to maybe 12 for a week and see how that goes...Because I felt really good that second week, but going into the third week I didn't feel as great...So yesterday I took approx 6mg (hard to tell when cutting up the 8mg) and today I'm going to try to only take 12, then only 8 tomorrow, ect..Part of me thinks it may be a good idea to go a day without taking any ..I really want to try to get down to 8mg/day ASAP..I don't see my Dr till the 18th-I'm NOT waiting until then to start tapering....wish me luck....Where's that Bup-John at :), he could probably tell me a good way to start this tapering process...lol....I guess I should have posted this part at the Bup hotel..LOL....maybe he would find it faster there, or anyone who has some ideas...
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