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7 days no sleep

Discussion in 'Detoxing From Buprenorphine/Subutex/Suboxone' started by coues1, Jun 25, 2014.

  1. coues1

    coues1 Well-Known Member

    I just got back in town. I am so happy you are feeling better. I am paying forward the help I received at this site from reading everyone's stories. Fox face has been my angel on this site. She is paying forward the help she received from bolt and others. And so the ripple in the water continues.


    Aside from sleep the fatigue was my challenge as well. I would force myself to do one productive thing a day and one active thing a day. These things did not have to be major events and I would talk myself into getting up for hours. I did do it but it was hard. I am talking about just cleaning the kitchen or making, making a good meal, paying bills, etc. Then taking my boys swimming or walking for 10 minutes. The psychological boost these simple tasks gave me was what mattered. I felt less like a piece of you know what.

    As far as getting energy I tried a few things. I think most important is stay hydrated with water and keeping my electrolytes up with a healthy V8 (Keep it up). I made sure to try to eat and eat healthy. I would eat a banana in the am as well for extra potassium (it helped with achy cramping muscles). Ialso take a multivitamin with L-tyrosine, B6 and B12. It seemed to work but if you take this stuff do it in the am since sleep.is hard enough to obtain. All this can be found at a health food store. Disclaimer: even vitamins and supplements need to be cleared with a doc you trust. Raising your heart rate either from exercise or supplements is still raising your cardiac output. So make sure this won't cause any adverse side effects with preexisting medical conditions.

    Exercise did make me feel the best. I am jealous about the beach. Take advantage of that especially if it is a place of peace for you.

    Keep up the great work.
  2. dumbas

    dumbas Active Member

    Coming up on 4 weeks no subs. Today has been the best day. Slept OK, hit the treadmill;. moved around, took the dogs for a little walk. Had some headaches from no caffeine and some diarrhea out of nowhere. I talked to someone today who is off subs and he gave me allot of the same advice I get from this forum. But I feel really good today. I hope it lasts now. I have to get my sleep schedule under control to return to work by Sept 1. I think I'll be OK from what I've read here and learned. I may actually hit the beach tomorrow. The weather is perfect right now. That will be the first time and I live at the Jersey shore. It was rough especially when I combined the side effects from the liver treatment into the mix. But I feel better everyday. Thanks to everyone here, especially this thread. It's the best one on the site.
  3. coues1

    coues1 Well-Known Member

    Dumb as all humans are at times,

    You made my day. Having a mad/ sad day but you lifted me up a bit

    I am good. I understand not all feelings are good. At least I feel. I have been slacking with working out. I worked out this am and felt weaker than ever. My back and leg were hurting just like days before meds. Just pissed me off. I know what I have to do and I will.

    I did sleep better at least.

    I am proud of you. Keep it up.
  4. dumbas

    dumbas Active Member

    Four weeks off subs today. I feel pretty good. Just the sleep thing. The emotions are a little mixed. I can get irritable one minute, then happy and loving the next. BUT, I feel my body returning to "normal", whatever that is. It's been a long time. But to be finally free of that over-prescribed poison. I had to take a restoril last night, sleepy time tea and a melatonin. I guess it worked. I slept for a long time. I'm waiting for fedex delivery of my liver meds then I'm hitting the treadmill. Did 3 miles again yesterday. It was hard to get on it, but once I did I rocked it. My message, hang in there, it gets better. Thank to all!!
  5. coues1

    coues1 Well-Known Member

    I am very happy for you dumb as all humans are at times. One month was a big deal to me too. Especially when I felt I could not go one day without sub in the past. That feeling of freedom made me proud of myself for the success. Be proud my friend. There will be tough days. Tougher than mine since you are dealing with liver problems. You are stronger than me and you should be proud of that too.

    After the first month I did sleep better but still not great. The 1-2 hr intervals subsided and I could stay in bed vs having to get up. It was more like a deep sleep for 2 hrs followed by 3-4 hrs of light conscious sleep if that makes sense. I will have to try the tea. How do you like the tea?

    Stay well and keep getting well.
  6. dumbas

    dumbas Active Member

    It's good the tea, but I had to put a Splenda in it. It was like drinking potpourri. LOL I take a melatonin. Sleep sucks, I agree but I am still doing great. I actually went to a movie last night. First time in years. BTW, Guardians of the Galaxy was great! Day 29 today, a little early morning nausea and I just feel sleep deprived even though I am up and at em all day. The liver meds cause some symptoms too so I can't tell where its coming from sometimes. Hopefully, by Sept 1, I will have sleep and things under better control. But it can and is being done! One day at a time for sure!
  7. dumbas

    dumbas Active Member

    Week 5. Feeling amazing. No fatigue. No nausea. Nothing really. Did almost 5 miles today on the treadmill. That has helped more than anything. Exercise. As tough as it was somedays I did it. Sleep still sucks but that's OK. I am managing. It is done. I'm off the subs. Told my new doctor no opiates for me. I never want to go through this again. I don't have another run in me. Too old for this ****. Thank you, thank you God for this site and the people who helped me. This thread in particular.
  8. Fox face

    Fox face Moderator

    So proud of you guys!!
  9. coues1

    coues1 Well-Known Member

    Great job guys. Sorry, I have been crazy busy. You guys motivate me. Today is 2 months with no sub or opiates. I guess it is time for an update.

    Physical WD seem to be gone or very minor. I notice some restlessness in the am but subsides very quickly. My sleep is not great but not horrible. All I have to do is remember my first 2 weeks and stop complaining. My abdominal cramps are gone but seem to feel bloated after eating? That is new but no pain. I don't know?

    Emotional: This is tricky. My emotions are more stable. I am not depressed and laugh often, BUT I I do feel like my rollercoaster ride has ended and that makes me feel frustrated for lack of a better term. The euphoria was a good feeling and now I am finding myself wanting it back. I guess this feeling is normal and going through life and stress does not warrant a constant feeling of euphoria.
    Now I need to learn how to handle life with normal feelings. This has been a challenge. I have no desire to use opirates for the well being feeling so that is good.

    Is this PAWS depression? I don't feel depressed but instead frustrated? It can also be due to lack of sleep. Sorry, not being negative but want to be honest.

    Good news: I am very happy about being off sub. All of you guys help inspire me. I love laughing now and feeling. I expect not all feelings to be good. The good news is I don't need opiates to escape my frustration. I just need to learn how to deal with those feelings in a healthy way.

    I hope everyone continues to get well. All of you have inspired me to stay strong and keep up the good fight. Thank you guys.
  10. dumbas

    dumbas Active Member

    Yeah coues1, after eating sometimes I feel like throwing it up. That's only when I over eat. Went out to dinner, had to finish my entree, and if I went into the bathroom, it would have been over. Noticed that a few times. I am having trouble sleeping. Last night was bad. I am feeling deprived today. But the physical stuff is pretty much over. So happy to be free. Thanks guys.
  11. Fox face

    Fox face Moderator

    I tried to pm you back, but you have to delete some messages before it will let me send it.
    I'm glad your still hanging in there:)
  12. dumbas

    dumbas Active Member

    Seven 7 weeks off now. I am feeling great. I also have trouble sleeping but it is what it is. It gets better. I am a believer in exercise. I am doing at least 2.5 miles a day on the treadmill, some days I hit 5 miles. This is key. I have found that people who don't do any kind of exercise have more difficulty with the wd process. If I eat too much I also get bloated and nauseous, but that too is getting better. Going back to work Sept 1 and I have to get up at 6 a.m. This should help adjust my sleep patterns too. I was fortunate enough to be out of work during this time, masked by my liver treatments. Now that the subs are out of my system, I am feeling the headache side effect of the Solvadi I guess the subs masked that pain. Overall, I am doing great. I will never go back or take another pain pill. I have instructed my docs not to give me anything. No opiates, no benzos. I've had enough trouble with drugs in my life. Enough now.
  13. Fox face

    Fox face Moderator

    Good Job!! Telling my doctors has been by far one of the best things I could've done for my self!

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