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7 days no sleep

Discussion in 'Detoxing From Buprenorphine/Subutex/Suboxone' started by coues1, Jun 25, 2014.

  1. coues1

    coues1 Well-Known Member

    Help, 7 days no sleep

    I am going to make this quick. Keep getting logged off and losing my message.

    On hydrocodone 2 yrs after cancer and injury. Stopped and was put on 6mg sub (2mg 3 times per day). Tapered down to .25 mg per day over 5 months. Getting g better but still feel like I have flu/bad cold, energy comes and goes, no sleep. Tried natural meds. No sleep.

    Dr said we can try 1 week tramazedam. Will benzo prolong wd's? I need to sleep. Work 24 shifts and don't sleep 1/3 of my life already. Not addicted but dependant but will probably be proved wrong when I discuss my issue. Sleep vs benzo that I will I will not get dependant on. Never gave problem with benzos.

    Thank you for responding and all these posts have been very helpful.
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  2. coues1

    coues1 Well-Known Member

    Slept for an hour. Total 2.5 hrs tonight. Worst night so far. Good news is I feel a little better than I did yesterday. No abdominal cramps yet and don't feel too flu like just feel like a cold with runny nose and mild discomfort. Usually gets worse later but I will take it.


    I was very tired during first post. Took me 3 hrs to get it posted. Never have participated in a thread. A little more info for whoever gas advice. On chlonodine as needed (has been one during the day and 2 at night so far). Read, learned and practiced the following treatments here: multivitamin, vitamin B6, L-Tyrosine (gave me a pounding heart rate and anxious), B12, forcing myself to eat and exercise. Over did exercise and almost passed out on day 5.

    Am thinking of the benzo for sleep on Thursday. Work a night shift and can't take any benzo at work to sleep.
  3. spring

    spring Administrator

    That lack of sleep is a b*tch isnt it?! But it will get better over time if you continue to hang in there...honest!

    Welcome to ODR and btw...the way to prevent yourself from getting booted while writing a long thread is to check the "remember me" box when you log in.
  4. coues1

    coues1 Well-Known Member

    Thank you
  5. coues1

    coues1 Well-Known Member

    Was on sub for almost 3 yrs. The last 5 months was tapering down from 6mg to .25mg. Anybody have any thoughts about the benzo for sleep?
  6. coues1

    coues1 Well-Known Member

    Going nuts with no sleep but other wd's are doable. F it. Good luck to everyone.
    Signing off and bye
  7. coues1

    coues1 Well-Known Member

    I am just going to go with this thread in case someone reading has insomnia. I am clear headed now. I was able to get more sleep last two days (4-5 hrs straight vs 1 hr). I did not take the benzo yet. I did stop caffeine and L-tyrosine. Kept up with the melatonin and another natural sleep aid (I will post the name later because not sure of name). I am sure L-tyrosine is fine for you but I wanted to cut anything that acted as a stimulant. I did take some Nyquil but I am not sure if everyone would approve. I was hoping it would stop my runny nose/sneezing as well as help me sleep. Seemed to work but only because benadryl seemed to make me have restlessless. Also took my chlonodine.

    I do feel a little better at day 9 after stopping from a slow taper and last dose .25mg sub. Have had zero sub or opiates since last .25mg 9 days ago so probably 6 days of a clean system due to subs half life.

    I was going crazy without the sleep. Received good advise from bolt and stayed the course. Bolt and many others are correct when they say you need to be serious about stopping and stay strong.

    Insomnia and fatigue have been the worst for me. My body seemed to do what it needed to do before I lost it. Try only reading the positive stuff and don't get mentally defeated by some of the nightmare stories. This seems to be different for everyone. Yesterday was my worst fatigue day but today is one of my better days. It is crazy how symptoms come and go. Today not too tired butI have a major running nose and sneeze llike I am addicted to hearing "God bless you".

    Nobody has really responded to this post but I have seen people have read it. Just wanted to write something a little more positive. I am thankful for being able to read other experiences so I will keep posting mine. Maybe it will help.
  8. coues1

    coues1 Well-Known Member

    One more point. I have made it a goal to do at least one productive task a day (clean, cook a good dinner, etc). Also, I have a goal to be active at least once a day. For me it has been walking, running or taking my boys swimming. I feel less like a load if I can do something. Also, listen to music during your "productive time". I had no idea my emotions were suppressed during suboxone and music sounds better and motivates me.
  9. Fox face

    Fox face Moderator

    Your doing great! Bolt is right stay the course, it only gets better! I took melatonin for sleep, it seemed to help. My heart also raced in the beginning. I would run a short distance and it would subside:). I tried to post yesterday, but my iPad shut off:(. Staying busy with the kids will help a lot. Keep posting! I'm sure it's helping someone!
  10. coues1

    coues1 Well-Known Member

    Thank you for responding Fox face. I hope all is well. I was going to stop responding but I know how just reading these threads helped me. I felt guilty not continuing remembering how I just read for hours at the beginning. Take care
  11. coues1

    coues1 Well-Known Member

    End of day 9 and happy I have been able to correspond with Fox face. I can't believe how well I feel at the end of day 9? I exercised this afternoon and feel better than earlier. I guess I am getting endorphins (the bodies natural morphine or runners high) from the exercise. I am dehydrated so need to hydrate.

    This is the first time I feel somewhat normal. Hope it last and hopedully no insomnia tonight. I k ow these symptoms come and go so I will just enjoy it while it lasts
  12. coues1

    coues1 Well-Known Member

    Restless night sleep but better than the first 7 days. Feel like I am in a cloud this am. Did hydrate. One good trick for rehydration. Try drinking a few V8's throughout the day with your water. A pro fisherman I know who is out all day in the sun does this along with water. The little can of V8 has a ton of sodium and potassium for such a little can.

    My stomach always feels hungry or empty. Not sure why because I have been eating?
  13. coues1

    coues1 Well-Known Member

    End of day 11. Wd's are less intense and manageable. The worst part has been the inconsistent symptoms. I go from feeling like a zombie to long periods of feeling ok then a running nose and sneezing like crazy back to a zombie then insomnia then wake up OK then zombie who sneezes then pass out at night for 5 hrs instead of 1.5 hrs wake up OK but can't get up after a few hours. Basically a rollercoaster while emotions and the bodies sense of smell flood the ride. It does seem yo get more manageable everyday.

    The sporadic insomnia have been the worst. I am really thinking of taking a benzo to sleep. I have never had a problem with benzos. I don't like meds that make me sleepy. Narcotics made me have a feeling if well being and no pain but not sleepy.
  14. Fox face

    Fox face Moderator

    You are doing great! I was given Ativan for 10 days around 2 weeks post sub and I've never liked anything that made me sleepy either. I did find myself taking more than what was prescribed on day 3 and flushed the rest... For me my brain thinks two'a better than one... I would be very careful with the benzo... I hear they can be a ***** to come off of. I remember having that constant screaming stomach.... I drank muscle milk protein drinks, which are kind of expensive , but well worth it and less than the dope. I was to sick to really eat the first month or so..
    turn your music up and enjoy the happy, sad, mad, ups and downs that come with getting clean:)
    you won't regret it:)
    take care
  15. spring

    spring Administrator

    I hope things are getting better for you. I wouldnt add any benzos to the scene if I were you (or if you do, at least take them very sparingly) or you're gonna find yourself with a whole new set of problems.

    Your body and brain will eventually re-set itself. I know this sounds easier than it is but ..TIME heals. The board has been very slow lately. Its usually a lot more active especially at night with insomniacs. Dont know where everybody is these days, but hang in there!! Keeping a journal here like you're doing is a good thing to do. Someday you'll look back on these days and be able to see how far you've come.
  16. coues1

    coues1 Well-Known Member

    Thank you all for the advise. I am being tested this am. My boys dog was sick but got better last week after vet. She took a turn for the worse last night. I got home from work this am and she looked bad. She died in my arms on the way to the vet. My boy cried when his millipede died so this is bad. I feel horrible. I do think it is good for kids to learn how to grieve and pets are one way they learn to deal with life. This is my first emotional test.

    Funny but my physical wds are not as bad but dying emotionally. This whole sub WD is a mind game with yourself. Don't get me wrong, the physical symptoms are real. Your mind has to be straight to get straight
  17. coues1

    coues1 Well-Known Member

    End of day 12. Sad day but physical wd's were there but not bad. Restless sleep but able to not stay up and get back to sleep for 2 hr intervals. Would sleep 2 hrs wake for 20 min then sleep 2 hrs. Good news is I never considered taking suboxone even with all the stress and emotion today.
  18. bolt

    bolt Well-Known Member

    awesome job..it sounds like the worst is over.. make yourself proud!!!
  19. coues1

    coues1 Well-Known Member

    Thank you Bolt. I truly hope so but these symptoms are so inconsistent. I am starting to just accept that fact. I never thought a forum could be such help. All of you writing these posts have been a great help. I will keep posting to pay it forward.

    I hope all is well
  20. coues1

    coues1 Well-Known Member

    Morning day 13. I am sorry but I took tamazeapam last night for sleep. I just could not handle another restless night. I am sure the emotional stress of yesterday contributed. Good news: my wife has my meds. She was OK with me using the benzo for a sleep aid sparingly. I have to work 24 hrs today and can't use any meds at work. She has had the script for me for days and this is first use. Trying to do it responsible way.

    I did sleep nonstop for 6 hrs. I feel outstanding this am. I do have mild stomach cramps and have an empty stomach feeling. I always wake up hungry. I never use to wake up hungry on sub and rarely ate breakfast. I will see if fatigue kicks in later. Hopefully no sneezing today or worse (zombie sneezing). So far all is good.

    FYI, I am not recommending benzo use. I am determined to not use any opiates or sub again. I have a plan and I have no access to the benzo unless I ask my wife. She is very supportive and oneof strongest person (emotionally) I have ever known. She hates pills, is always in a good mood, always has a happy song in her head, can fall asleep in 2 seconds and laughed during both pregnancies (actually laughed while delivering both my boys). She was raised by a very loving family. I still think she may snap one day and cut off my head one day and ride away on a Harley. Who the hell can be that content and happy? She can. After 25 yrs I still have all my body parts.

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