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6 days off suboxone and feeling the best ever!?!?! WHY?

Discussion in 'Detoxing From Buprenorphine/Subutex/Suboxone' started by edubl, Aug 11, 2014.

  1. edubl

    edubl Member

    So i've been on suboxone for 4.5 years. started at 12 mg then tapered down to 3mg over 2 years. I maintained at 3 mg for about 2 more years. MY Psych and counselor convinced me to give naltrexone a try. I really didn't want to but I had to know if it was better to be off suboxone
    Anyway the last 5 months Ive been at 1.25mg/day. I still felt really good with that small amount. This is how my detox has gone so far.

    1mg of subox
    2 mg of naltrexone( specially compounded low dose)
    I felt normal

    .5mg of subox
    4mg of naltrexone
    I started to feel some anxiety

    .5mg of subox
    6mg of naltrexone
    5mg of valium
    200mg of neurontin 3 times a day
    Started to feel the familiar feeling of withdrawals i.e. anxiety, restless legs, insomnia, Zero motivation

    12.5mg of naltrexone
    continue neurontin
    5mg of valium as needed
    same withdrawals not bad enough to keep me from working just sucked due to lack of motivation

    12.5mg naltrexone
    5mg valium as needed ( I only had 3 tabs)
    I felt like a zombie all weekend. physically not bad but mentally I was very depressed (suicidal thoughts)

    8/11/2014 Today
    25 mg of naltrexone
    I am to start wellbutrin have not taken it yet

    OK THIS IS THE WEIRD PART. I saw my psych at 7pm and took the 25mg of naltrexone. 30 minutes later on the drive home I have this overwhelming feeling of Peace and happiness. I feel like I could do anything, basically the exact opposite feeling of these past 2 days where I felt like doing absolutely nothing!!!!

    Hey I am definitely not complaining, but does anyone know why I'm feeling this good.
  2. edubl

    edubl Member

    Nevermind. Feeling was short lived. I had the vivitrol shot today. Feeling moderately depressed. oh well
  3. spring

    spring Administrator

    Just now saw this. Sorry you haven't gotten any feedback yet.

    This sounds about right if you are just now on your 6th day off the Sub. You can expect some ups and downs in your moods. So were you taking Suboxone or Subtex along with the Naltrexone? The reason I ask is because Suboxone contains Naloxone and am curious if you were mixing Naloxone with Naltrexone, not that it matters since I dont know anything about mixing the two drugs, am just curious.

    How many mgs in that shot you had yesterday?

    There is a thread somewhere here where this girl was on low dose Naltrexone. I'm going to find it and get the link for you. It might be very helpful to help you get thru this.
  4. spring

    spring Administrator

    This is the one I was referring to
    Click here; http://www.heroin-detox.com/urod-naltrexone-ibogaine/18997-8-months-off-suboxone-using-ldn-3.html

    And here are a few more threads that may be helpful, in fact, the UROD forum is full of info about Naltrexone. I hope this helps.

    By the way...WELCOME to ODR! Please keep us updated on your daily progress if you would.


    You should probably check this one out

  5. edubl

    edubl Member

    Hey Thanks very much for the links. Today I'm feeling ok, I have not had much in the way of physical withdrawal. Just mentally I have no interest in anything.
    I'm not sure of the dose of naltrexone shot. The detox schedule was based on some Duke university study. Thanks again
  6. spring

    spring Administrator

    I am interested in hearing how this goes for you. Like how often you get the shot, the dosage, and how you feel as time goes on with the use of Naltrexone. Some have had good results with it, others not.
  7. edubl

    edubl Member

    The shot of vivitrol is once a month. They tell me that my cravings will be reduced physiologically and by the fact that I know any opiate will not produce an effect.
    Well... I would say I still have some low level cravings. Physically I feel fine. I'm able to fulfill my daily responsibilities. I just don't have any desire, ambition or happiness, which I expected, but for how long.
    I was on 2mg suboxone for the last 2 years. I was mentally satisfied, Actually as my psych tapered me down from 12mg to 2mg, I felt a lot better. The side effects were much less.
    My reasoning for getting off suboxone and going to naltrexone was that I had to know what being off suboxone feels like before I made a decision to be a "long term" suboxone user. I'm hoping I feel the same or better.. eventually.
    For me suboxone at 2mg made me feel the same reasonably Happy, ambitious feeling every day. No Tolerance changes which is totally different then my old Drug of choice oxycodone and hydro.
    My personal opinion is that suboxone is the "anti depressant" that works for me, getting my Psych to believe that may take some persuasion.
    I have also tried to find all the info I can on a new Med that is supposed to treat Major depressive disorder. It is called ALKS 5461. It has Buprenorphine and Samidodorphan as its active chemicals. It has been fast tracked by the FDA. Not sure when it will be available.

    Thanks for letting me vent
  8. spring

    spring Administrator

    Thanks for the info and update.

    Curious, How do you know that the drug isn't what's causing you to feel that depression? Maybe once you're off the Naltrexone your brain will begin producing it's own endorphins again on it's own?

    Also, you havent been off the Sub long enough to know how you're going to feel without it, right? I mean, you were on it for over 4 years and only off it for about 20 some days. It really hasnt been long enough to make any judgments as to how you're going to feel without it.

    I dont know, treating depression with maintenance opiates such as Suboxone just sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. There's got to be a better way. I looked up this new drug ALKS and from my very limited knowledge of this sort of thing, it sounds promising. But my personal choice as always, would be to stay as close to nature (natural) as possible when treating what ails us.
  9. StuckonSubs

    StuckonSubs Well-Known Member

    Yes, you definitely need to give yourself more time off the Suboxone to truly know what you will feel like clean and sober. If you want to give it an honest try, you should stay off the sub for at the very least1 year, but really more like 2+ to know for sure.

    Also, have you considered that the naltrexone could be playing a role in the depression?
    PILLS have heard quite a few people complain about how naltrexone made them feel. I have also heard that If you are going to use it, Low Dose is the way to go. I would call what you are on a high dose...
    I have heard that naltrexone can block the brains natural endorphins. I don't know how true that is, but it does kind of make sense.
    I was only on naltrexone for a very short time many years ago so I don't really know much about it. But I do remember I did not like the way it made me feel...

    My feelings on depression are this - to truly know if the depression is real, I feel you must be clean and sober. Off all psych drugs as well as other chemicals etc. (alcohol included as its a depressant)
    I also feel that it is normal and natural to go thru depressed states. It's a normal part of life. Sometimes you are depressed for a day, or a week, or sometimes it can last months. But our bodies will naturally cycle out of the depressed state if we give it time (with no drugs) and do things to help work through it.
  10. edubl

    edubl Member

    Thanks for all the info. I will certainly look into the lower dose naltrexone type of therapy. although I guess I need to wait until the vivitrol stops working which will be about 2.5 weeks.
  11. spring

    spring Administrator

    A little confused about your post above. Vivitrol is Naltrexone.
  12. edubl

    edubl Member

    I went to my group therapy session last night. I expressed my feelings of depression with the group and my counselor. Counselor said that others on vivitrol have NOT had any significant depression but seemed concerned
    Enough to talk with my psych. If I had to guess I would say that you guys are right that the vivitrol is making
    Me feel this way. I guess the only way to know is when it wears off?
  13. alumni

    alumni Member

    I have very occasionally heard of elevated depressive symptoms being associated with naltrexone treatment post-detox.
    However, I don't believe this drug chemically retards endogenous endorphin production.
    Depression is clearly a common occurrence during acute withdrawal which the poster @edubl is apparently experiencing at this time. This is most likely the cause of his depressive symptoms.
    I agree with the moderator here that a recovering addict's use of Suboxone as an antidepressant is not a good idea. Possibly after a period off of it he could consult with a physician experienced in diagnosing patients with very serious treatment-resistant depression conditions to see if ultra low dose buprenorphine might be helpful. But that diagnosis is not very frequently reached especially with people with a substance abuse history.
    I think whether the ER naltrexone dosing continues or not it is probably not going to have a noticeable impact on the symptoms described. They sound like typical withdrawal effects to me.
  14. edubl

    edubl Member

    It's been 2 weeks on vivitrol. It certainly seems to help with cravings. Only big complaint is severe morning anxiety and depression. I have no idea if it's because of vivitrol or paws. Keeping busy helps.
  15. Sakt

    Sakt Active Member

    give yourself at least 1 month. depression is a major symptom of withdrawal not from injections. i am still depressed and have been clean from subs for over 200 days. sub is no joke, worst drug ever. i was also on that for 4.5 years. stole my life right from under me. hope youre doing well. this is a ***** to kick but only the strong can do it.

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