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45 days on sub Jump or taper.

Discussion in 'Detoxing From Buprenorphine/Subutex/Suboxone' started by Liveonlifesterms, Jul 5, 2014.

  1. I have been on sub 45 days after a 5 day detox off of MMT for 12 years. I started at 24 mg and am now on 4mg .i have read Dr Slavens info on sub taper and also 6 weeks seems to be a point that for me may be a point of no return so to speak.. My question is should I jump now or listen to my MD and stay on then taper..? Even though I know I should jump I am very conflicted cuz I jumped the last time I detoxed and went right back on to methadone ..My MD says I should stay on it at least 6 months cuz of the length of my MMT and my age I am 57 and I was on high doses..I don't think any of that matters now. I have gone down 5 dress sizes since getting off of the methadone and have worked very hard changing just about everything..Please help me...
  2. StuckonSubs

    StuckonSubs Well-Known Member

    It depends on you really. If you were to go off of the Suboxone at 4mg, I would plan on there being some significant withdrawal. 4mg of Suboxone is still a somewhat large dose. I don't think the withdrawal would be as bad as the methadone w/d's you've probably already been through. Suboxone w/d is much more mild, but it can last quite a while (a few weeks maybe). Much of Suboxone w/d seems to be a mental thing though, so if you feel mentally prepared to be completely done with opiates/opioids and are not worried about being a little sick for a couple/few weeks, then I'd just do it and get it over with!
    But if you think that you can not handle being sick, then I'd taper to a lower dose. Maybe try to get down to somewhere around .5mg or so.

    I wouldn't stay on it too long. Despite what your doctor might say, I do not believe that your brain & body can fully heal until you are off everything including Suboxone. I know some doctors try to sell that our brains heal while we are on Suboxone, but I don't see how it's possible for our brains to fully heal until we are off all the opiates/opioids completely.

    Also, I don't see any real reason to stay on Suboxone for too long, unless you think that you will end up right back in methadone. I think that between methadone and Suboxone, Suboxone is definitely the lesser of the two evils in my opinion. But they both have their drawbacks.
  3. Thank you ... I jumped from 100-150 mg of methadone .honestly I don't remember it ..I took Xanex till 3rd day or so went into 5 day detox they induced right away on 24mg for 5 days I went to 12mg for 7 days than 6 than and now 4mg. I am sure I suffered some but from the day I walked in there I did whatever they told me to do they told me when I do some behavior that is bad for me be it isolate, not make my bed, not go to a mtg..that I am feeding my disease so I have been taking suggestions and doing them.. That is where the conflict lies I have done detox before many times been put on sub stopped and ended back on methadone for another 3 years taking my dose and my friends 1/2 dose..I know I will pay at some point I am wondering if the methadone withdrawals are gone .that is why My doctor says I should stay on it for 6 months.My mind is my worst enemy yet it has enabled me to survive.The question is when do I trust it?
  4. ilikerolls

    ilikerolls Member

    Would you jump from 40 mg of methadone? I would say Suboxone per mg is roughly 9:1 ratio to methadone. You should be able to get down to 2 mg of suboxone fairly easily without much pain unless you are still detoxing from the methadone. I would definitely start tapering now if you can. I dropped from 4 mg right to 2 mg with only about 3-5 days of withdrawal that wasn’t even that bad. I would recommend doing 0.5 – 1 mg a week until you get to 2 mg. Once you hit 2 mg you will want to do a 0.25 mg at a time. You are going to have to feel it out what you can handle here, but it may take up to a month with each 0.25 mg drop after 2 mg.
    At least this has been my experience so far. I was on Suboxone for about 4 years at 4 – 6 mg. I am down to 0.25 mg now and trying to stabilize. Good luck and good job getting this far down.

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