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    Default Need direction - alcoholism


    I know we deal here with opiate addiction and I myself have relied on this site for my own personal recovery. The feedback and support here is like no other and I thank all of you.

    Now sober I am really working on peeling back all of the layers and looking hard at myself, and have realized that one person whom I really love is an alcoholic. And I am starting to come to understand my love isn't love at all, but pity...filled with hope that things will change and disappointment in myself for not being able to make it change. Yeah -- I should know better.

    I've been surfing the web and looking for open AA meetings, AlAnon (much more difficult to find), and any info I can and then it occured to me that the folks of this site are such a trememdous source of information that I'd reach out to you.

    Does anyone know of a real good source (web) for dealing with alcoholics (understanding them, enabling them, etc.). Book suggestions are welcome too. I have some books on addiction but I've always read them with my "dealing with my own problem" lens on and nothing else. Im sorry this is going to sound really stupid, but is alcoholism lumped in with addiction in general, or is there a uniqueness to it? Anything I read should I apply to alcoholism or should I find alcohol-specific materials?

    I've been far too wrapped up in making myself better to even see what was happening. And maybe I just need to keep working on me and cut ties with this person. I don't know - but any info anyone could provide would be a Godsend.


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    Default Re: Need direction - alcoholism

    my personal feeling is that addiction and alcoholism - other than detox and withdrawal - are the same behaviors for the most part, just a different drug of choice. Just as drug addiction is largely the same from one drug to another.

    I wonder about how far along you are in your sobriety as to whether or not it would be healthiest for you to cut ties - sounds like that may be the right move for you. Do you have a sponsor or counselor that you could talk to?

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    Default Re: Need direction - alcoholism

    Hi and Welcome,
    I think your at the right place. I really see no difference from alcholism or dope addiction. My partner is a recovering alcholic and her stories are no different then mind. She had to grow up the same as me and had to learn how to live on earth sober same as I. SO, imho, no difference.

    So am I to understand that your seeking more help on how to deal with a loved one and your clean?

    Welcome and stick around.. lots of family members her at different stages of growth.
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