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    Default Summer House in Miami Fl.

    I detoxed here in the fall of 2008 from Methadone. It was a very hard but good experience. While it is just a detox, they make every effort to find rehab for you if you need it. They will give you some resources in your area or help you find a place elsewhere. If for some reason I needed to detox again, I would go back.

    I've had one detox at home since then....I had knee replacement surgery this past summer and detoxed off OXY this fall. The lessons I learned at Summer House and the meds they gave me helped my current dr and I to make a plan. I am opiate free again. The treatment at Summer House made me NOT FEAR the home treatment.

    Do not hesitate to use an Inpatient facility.

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    Default Re: Summer House in Miami Fl.

    I know this is way old but had to say I just left Summer House 3 days ago. My 7 day detox from hydros was OK but the follow up care really did not happen as it should have. I feel better but am still going through withdrawls. I did not ask for any PRN's, whatever that stands for, so I followed my treatment plan to the letter.
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