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    Talking Clonidine and Baclofen

    Hi everyone. I am on day 7 clean from opiates! I have been relentlessly addicted since 2007. I've tried to quit 5,091 times. I've been to rehab twice. The psych ward twice. I've tried cold turkey. Buying vitamins, drinks, a bunch of crap from internet websites promising a nonpainful detox. B.S!!!! Opiate withdraw is the most uncomfortable, most intense, most agonizing feeling you will EVER go through. This is what always had me using again.

    I was up to 10-20 hydrocodones a DAY. That's right, a DAY. Way higher than the lethal dose of acetaminophen too might I add. I was buying from the streets. Paying $8-10 a piece, spending anywhere from $60-80 A DAY. My paycheck was $1,700 (I get paid monthly where I work) and I would spend MORE than $3,000 a month on pills. I would take out payday loans from every single company that would let me in town. I would borrow money from my grandparents and lie, lie, lie about why I needed that $800 check.

    I didn't even get high anymore. I used to make me feel normal. Withdraw is the worst thing in the world. It's like having end-stage cancer, H1N1, influenza A, B and C and AIDS all together. Even after 8 hours after cutting myself cold turkey, I'm already in bed wrapped up bawling my eyes out in misery. Sooo uncomfortable. Just wanna DIE. I don't think I've EVER gone beyond 3 days of cutting myself off cold turkey. But after day 3, it just get's to be too much & then I start using again.

    The longest I've ever gone without opiates is 50 days & that's when I was locked in the psychiatric ward (I was commited) and going to IP rehab for 30 days. Technically I wasn't even clean because I had my teeth pulled and got opiates. I had friends come to rehab and give me pills all the time, so technically I was still using.

    I tried every single method to try and quit. Finally I confessed to my shrink and cried out for help. He put me on clonididine 0.1 mg. I admit, I was still using. But I would go 4-5 days without using a couple times a month for 3 months. Then I had a massive binge last month. The clonididine was FANTASTIC getting rid of the w/d symptoms. Absolutely NO diarhea, runny nose, cold/hot flashes, shakes, insomnia... NOTHING... I am DEAD serious about this. But why the hell couldn't I quit then!?!? So after my binge, I confessed to my shrink again. He told me about Baclofen and how it's off-label use is to help with opiate cravings. So clonididine is for opiate w/d and baclofen is for opiate cravings.

    It is absolutely insane. The baclofen works GREAT! I have NO cravings whatsoever. Even when my friend called me about my FAVORITE pills- oxycontin- I still had no problems saying no!!!!! It is awesome!!! No I'm on day 7!!! I have never, ever, ever, ever, ever gone this long clean. EVER, EVER, EVER.

    And it was virtually painless. I've had NO w/d symptoms. I'm serious as a heart attack right now. NO W/D AT ALL and I'm the biggest pill junky in Iowa! The only thing I feel is a little tired/run down. But other than that, it's fantastic!

    So please, if you have struggled long enough like I did. Try these. I hope they work as good for you as they did for me!!!!

    7 days clean TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: Clonidine and Baclofen

    Congratulations on 7 days! Stick to it this time, get your life back & spend your money on something you want, like a nice new TV!
    Keep us updated...Yeah!

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    Default Re: Clonidine and Baclofen

    Keep going, it gets better by the day and the year!
    Don't be afraid of withdrawal. The sick feeling will pass and then the real work starts: staying sober. For me, the rooms of AA were the last thing I tried and the first thing that worked, but it will only work if you work it.


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    Default Re: Clonidine and Baclofen

    Congrats on the clean time and focus Driskey. The clonidine is spot on for detoxing. The Baclofen has been used off label, primarily for alcohol detox. More along the lines of a substitute for benzos. But it still can have similar issues when used for a long time and/or higher doses.

    Tread lightly.


    You can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking that caused them in the first place.

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