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    Default Does Norco Show up in a Drug Test?

    Please help.I take two Norco pills per day, and would like to know if they will make me test dirty on a drug test?

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    If you have taken them recently and the test includes opiates, the answer is yes. Hydrocodone(Norco) is one of, if not the most commonly abused opiate in the US.

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    Hi D,

    Almost all drug tests assay for opiates. So the answer is very probably yes.

    I know you didn't come here for this kind of advice, but you know, I wish I had stopped at only two pills per day. I'm sure I speak for many here when I say, we wish we could go back in time and stop using when we had only two pills per day. If you stop now withdrawal will be minimal to unnoticable. Please read Bup4pain's post on Early Addiction:

    this is actually a must-read thread for any inquisitive visitor, and a good refresher for all of us addicts as well.

    post back to us, let us know how everything went, leavitt.


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