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    Default Oxycodone Withdrawal - It sucks but CAN be beat!

    Hello everyone! I am a 29 year old guy who is a recovering drug addict (3.5 days free) and have had an addiction for two plus years to Oxycodone. I am currently two days clean after two days of minimal use before these two clean days, and was doing 60 - 70 mg three times a day for about a year, and a bit less than that for around a year and a half prior. I was addicted, however, after about a month or so of 30 mg once every night. I just dint want to admit that to myself, and things got completely out of control. In fact, I got my checking account statement today in the mail, and I spent about $5000 last month on these pills (I have the only dealer that accepts checks!) and about $60,000 over two years. I havent made close to that much money in that time, and am now in debt well over $30,000. No one knew I had the problem, and my secret did not effect things to the point that people thought there was something going on. I have a professional job, look normal, and would make jokes with others when they joked about oxycontin. Although what I am about to tell you is not the most common way to get through this, and often not reccomended, I stopped pretty much cold turkey on Friday (today is late Monday). Due to the huge help I got from these types of boards, I wanted to share my experience and offer others as much help as I possibly can. First of all, know that although you may feel like you are a bad person, even possibly doing bad things in order to feed the habit, you CAN beat this if you want to, and get back to the good person that you used to be. Here is the thing - if you don't really really really want to stop, you will not. Rationalizing this addiction is very easy, and stole two plus years of my life and a career on TV from me.

    Tapering down is a great way to do it (although often not realistic since people like us dont have normal self control), however like I said above, I did it pretty much cold turkey, which is apparently much tougher. When I got to the point in the first two days that things were unbearable, I took as little oxycodone as I could to just take the edge off and get by. ONLY take it if you absolutely need it, as taking anything at all will set you back greatly.

    Remember, there are medical options such as suboxone if you feel that is needed to stop, and there is NOTHING wrong with using that as long as it is for medical reasons. A website called has a list of local doctors that are able to treat patients with this, as not all doctors are permitted by the DEA to write prescriptions for this drug. If you choose against Suboxone and want to do it on your own, here is some of the advice that I got that was so helpful that I wanted to pass it along.

    First of all, if you are working, plan on about a week or so off - maybe a bit more, it all depends on your body and attitude. Use the flu as your excuse, because you very likely will be losing some weight while quitting oxycodone. Remember, this is probably one of the toughest things you'll ever do in your life, but will be one of the most important and rewarding as well.

    Again I want to warn you, if you have not completely made up your mind to quit and that no matter what it takes and how painful it may be, you wont make it through this experience, which is really no fun at all! But there is a light at the end of the tunnel that is VERY VERY bright.

    First of all, do some pre planning. You will need a "coach" - A spouse, friend or family member that is willing to let you be a baby and to mother you for a week or so. This person is going to be instrumental in getting you through this. If it is someone that has already had a similar experience, such as for my experience, that is great and very helpful due to the fact that they understand what youre going through, but it isn't imperitive. As long as the "coach" is willing to do whatever they need to help you through, you will be in a good starting position

    Here is a list of supplies that you will want to get to help you get through this brutal week

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    I have never, ever eaten so much ice cream as in the last two months. I may need a forum for sugar withdrawal after I get off the percs!

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