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    Default methadone to suboxone transfer

    I made the switch from methadone to suboxone. It was not easy at all.
    I waited 72 hrs. from my last dose of 'done (40 mgs) after a taper. I still got sick as hell. Precipitated W/D's are WAY worse than "regular" W/D's. Totally sick and mentally freaking out huge time. If I had to do it over I would wait at least 5 full days before switching over. Finally, the suboxone took hold and now I feel really good. The best part is that I wake up in the morning without thinking about opiates and using. I get ready for work like a "normal" person, talk to my wife, etc.

    This stuff does work, unless you just have to have that full-on opiate high.



    ted hazard

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    Hi Ted,
    Didn't want your first post to not get a reply, welcome to Opiate Detox and Recovery.

    This section is primarily about detox from methadone though, so most of us don't know a whole lot about sub.

    We do have a suboxone section here:

    Good luck Ted. From what I've read, being on sub is preferable to being on methadone. As another long-acting opiate, it's tough to get off of though. I'd encourage you to read around the sub forum, there's a lot of people there with experience with it.


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