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    Default No Free Lunch - Article by Dr. David Arneson

    I tripped over this while researching nutrition during detox. It also challenges my precept of long tapers. Good reading.

    The hardest thing to do and the right thing to do are usually the same thing.
    The hardest thing to do and the right thing to do are usually the same thing.

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    I'm glad you posted the entire link, Wil.

    I had read Arneson's article after I got clean....long after.

    But fortunately, I had a inpatient detox doctor who obviously had been smart enough to know exactly what Arneson was talking about and followed the protocols of not giving any addicting meds while I withdrew.

    I was struck by the absolute truth in the following two paragraphs. I remember reading it and rocking back in my chair![:0]

    "Certainly, you may perceive your truth to be different. [u]If you think that going to the methadone clinic every morning to get your dose for the rest of your life…gives you quality of life…then read no further and God bless you.</u> I assure you, the standard medical establishment does not have an answer for withdrawal. In fact, the new way of thinking is that many of you will have to be on methadone for the rest of your lives. Nothing could be farther from the truth. [u]They will try and convince you that sudden withdrawal will cause your untimely demise. Another falsehood, although the truth is you may feel like you’re dying.</u>

    [u]One more important point is that emotional and spiritual supports are necessary in this journey back to health</u>. It would be rare that a person is not stretched to the absolute limit—body, mind, and spirit--in the process of withdrawing from methadone. Those who chose to do this alone, rarely succeed. The support of family, friends, or even the 12-step programs are important adjuncts to this journey."

    Arlene F.
    EXODUS FROM MMT;12-25-02
    "There is no easier, softer way - if nothing changes, nothing changes"

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    Yes great post Terd I read it about a year ago when I was first starting to look on the net about getting off of this crap. Im glad you found it and posted it.
    How ya doing hun?

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    This is the onlyadvice I took regarding oral supplements(amino acids, vitamin C etc)the liver deoxifiers helped some

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