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    Default does methadone show up on a regular test

    I have to take a drug test for work soon.
    Does anyone know for sure if it comes up on a regular drug test or not ?
    I know suboxone did not.
    But what about methadone ?
    Is there anyway to mask it if it does ?

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    It does not come up as an OPIATE-but some places do have testing for methadone as well as opiates. Methadone has no chemical similarity to "true" opiates so it doesn't come up as one.
    If you are at a clinic or prescribed methadone just write "dolphine" under the prescriptions section when you fill out the paper work. They might ask you to verify by doctor-but as long as you tell the truth it shouldn't come back to bite you in the ***.

    Be kind...please rewind!

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    I just had a drug test (hair which goes back 3 months)...I have been taking oxy, hydrocodone and methadose (off and on). When they handed me the test I told them that I take pain medication...they said that I would just have to bring in my script from my doctor or a doctor excuse and I would be fine. Will that work for you? I was relieved that that was all they needed...I got the job!

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