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    hi guys, its been some time since I posted a message, actually mid 2007, and I just wanted to check in and see how you are all doing.I was letting my girlfriend read my old postings and we read the first part of Arlene`s story, but were unable to finish it, as it seems to have been edited out. If you read this, Arlene, thanks for sharing your story - it would be great to read the rest...? In case anyone has been wondering how I`ve been doing -its been a 4 year journey of hell, with periodic bouts of chronic alcohol consumption, heroin relapses, misuse of benzo s and 3 inpatient stays in psychiatric hospital [where I met my girlfriend] Despite this I am still alive and kicking! This has been the hardest thing I`ve ever done, its taken me 4 plus years to start feeling well with any real consistency after being on heroin and methadone for 20 years.I would still not call myself clean as I relapse about 2 to 3 times a year.For me the most difficult thing to deal with is the major depression, for which no amount of abstinence or healthy alternatives would alleviate .And I pursued my recovery with all my strenghth and reserves as only an addict can - no half measures. For me the ultimate restorative medication was old Grandfather Time, nothing more nothing less. I wish I could say differently, but it has not been the case in my personal experience. Ozboz p.s. still cycling...!

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    You know Oz

    I have to disagree.... it dosnt have to take that long for the chemical embalance to come back on line. I know everyone says this over and over... I just have to bit my tongue at times... but this is just not so.

    Keep searching.... I am doing pretty great considering I came from a 35 yr habit. My first yr was hard to say the least. Its really and day in and day out challange to not revert back to the learned behavior we addicts adopt after yrs of use. I am coming up on 3 yrs... loving life. I can say with honestly I was loving life after two yrs. I was loving life after the first yr. The first 6-12 months... for me was hard work unlearning and not reacting. But didnt have to wait yrs for my brain chemicals to return to normal.
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