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Thread: Opiate withdrawal remedies!

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    Default Opiate withdrawal remedies!

    I have been searching a lot and collecting data from different places on remedies you could use to help you get through your opiate withdrawals. Whether it be cold turkey from a higher dose or weaned down to the lowest possible dose and jumped off from there. Reason being, I am preparing myself for the worst for when I decide to jump off of my daily Methadone dose and thought that maybe I can help others out there as well! It will still be a while yet. But still, being prepared is not a bad thing. Hopefully my collection of remedies can help others in need. If there is anything else that you have used that has helped you in the past, please add it to the list, it would be greatly appreciated and could help someone out there a lot. I was mainly looking for things that I wouldn’t become addicted to or substitute. So here it goes:

    - Lofexidine A.K.A. BritLofex is suposed to help alleviate opiate withdrawal(prescription only).
    - Quinine can help for RLS(prescription only).
    - Clonidine is a blood pressure medication that is said to help with some of the creepy crawlies(prescription only).
    - Advil helps for pain, and if you don’t have access to that Tylenol or Aleve can be of help to. However I have always found Advil to work best.
    - Loperamide(Imodium) helps a lot for your stomach and diarrhea especially.
    - Eat fat and water soluble foods(OATS). Also stimulating foods(such as ginger or chili, etc.).
    - Make sure you are eating right(NO JUNK FOODS).
    - Nigella sativa oil is said to help with aches.
    - Drink LOTS of water.
    - Tonic water is said to contain a small amount of Quinine which will help ease your restless legs.
    - Multi-minerals and a good Multi-vitamin daily.
    - Vitamin B6 for depression/mood and the production of serotonin.
    - Eat LOTS of bananas(they contain Quinine which will help ease your restless legs. As well as potassium, plus they’re easy to digest)
    - Ginger helps the stomach, whether it be a supplement or ginger tea, etc.
    - Drink herbal teas
    - Antihistamines(diphenhydramine, etc.) work great to make you less irritable and calmer. Also helps put you to sleep.
    - Neurontin can help take the edge off(but it is prescribed and stopping it suddenly can cause a withdrawal similar to Benzos and Alcohol).
    - Drinking Gatorade or Powerade(has electrolytes).
    - If you really need one, ask your Doctor about some kind of anti-depressant(Lexapro is said to help, etc.). However natural anti-depressants like herbs and supplements would be safer IMO.
    - Eat LOTS of protein.
    - Check out Amino Acid therapy.
    - Omega 3,6, & 9 is also good to take(can be found in flax seed oil + more goodies).
    - SAM-e will naturally help with your mood and depression as well.
    - Alphaloic Acid and Milk Thistle help to rebuild the liver.
    - Some very helpful herbs that you can use are: Passion Flower, Californian Poppies, Skull Cap, Blue Lotus, Cayenne, Wild Daga, and Kavava.
    - For sleep use Valerian Root and Melatonin(these are natural, non-addicting sleep aids, and Valerian Root helps with anxiety as well.
    - The supplement GABA also helps with anxiety.
    - Check out something called d- phenylalanine. It basically slows your body from breaking down endorphins so it helps with pain, mood and withdrawal.
    - Zinc is good as well.
    - Drinking cranberry juice is also very good.
    - If you have access to seroquel(prescription) it is very good for sleep. Plus it’s an anti-psychotic so it will help ease some of the craziness.
    - Drink health supplement drinks.
    - L-Tyrosine and/or L-Dopa(creates dopamine). Both are amino acids, however L-Tyrosine is said to convert to L-Dopa in the body so do your research on this one before.
    - L-Tryptophan AKA 5HTP creates serotonin and will help for mood.
    - You can also take potassium supplements if not bananas, or both.
    - Vitamin V8 v-fusion is a very healthy and good tasting drink. I myself don’t like V8 so this is why I chose this.
    - A calcium/magnesium supplement
    - Vitamin C is also good for any drug withdrawals.
    - Gravol/Dramamine can be helpful for your stomach and can make some people fall asleep, unless it is the non-drowsy version.
    - Ginger ale is good to drink(just like when you have the flu).
    - Lemon balm and passionflower tea can ease discomfort in the stomach and digestive system as well. The lemon balm may also help reduce heart palpitations that can accompany withdrawal symptoms.
    - Antacids
    - An adrenal supplement, for the stress the opiates put on your adrenal glands which results in adrenal fatigue.
    - A high carb diet
    - Detox tea
    - Ribose is a supplement often used by athletes. It is also used in the treatment of chronic fatigue so it does wonders for your energy levels.You have to take a lot at first so buy it in powder form. Take 15 grams a day. The individual who used this took three doses of 5 grams each. He said he usually just put a scoop in a little juice and drank it down.
    - Fasting for a few days before you come off the opiates is a good way to eliminate toxins that have built up over the weeks/years. Take a laxative tea at night and do a hot salt water flush in the morning, it gets everything out your system while your still on opiates = less uncomfortable stomach cramps when in withdrawal. Someone I read about did this and he recovered quite fast from a high methadone dose.
    - St johns wort helps with depression.
    - Baclofen is a helpful muscle relaxant(prescribed).
    - Try taking a strong thermogenic to boost your metabolic rate to get the opiates out of your system quicker and speed up the withdrawl symptoms. This also gives you more energy than any energy drink or anything else you can take for energy. You can find thermogenics at any GNC or smoothie king, etc. Each day drink at least two smoothies with protein and antioxidants.

    Some other natural things you can do to help and tips:

    -Stretching helps, as well as whatever exercise possible(releases natural endorphins).
    - Hot showers/baths help tremendously as well, while you are in the bath anyways. And if you have access to a hot tub they are supposed to be really helpful to.
    - Lavender oil and salts in a bath will help.
    - If you have access to a sauna they are good to help you sweat out a lot of the toxins in your body.
    - Acupuncture is supposed to help.
    - A chiropractor is reported to be helpful to.
    - I read of someone saying they found driving or being driven around helped them. The engine motion/vibration is said to be very soothing.
    - Massages/spas
    - Calming music - Natural stuff that would usually make you feel good.
    - Yoga
    - DON'T replace the addiction with ANY other drugs. Just try and get through it and stay SOBER. IMO other drugs might help for the couple hours you feel the high(like getting baked, etc.), but they will only make it worse in the end.
    - If it's bad enough or you can’t do it on your own, get supervision to avoid a relapse and get real help. Take away your cell phone and all connections, etc.
    - Surround yourself with NON-users and positive, REAL friends.
    - Once you are able to, attend NA meetings, work the 12 steps, and check out a program in AFM or something similar if it’s available to you.
    -You have to WANT to quit for YOU only, not for anyone or anything else. And for GOOD to, Otherwise it will NEVER work in the end.
    - Also, this can happen to anyone. DON'T be to hard on yourself and make it even harder than it already is. And DON'T let it be your ghost! Forgiveness is key!!
    - Praying to God will help you A LOT!! If you believe in him that is.
    - Prepare yourself!
    - Try reading of other people going through similar times or even watching Intervention or something similar, anything to make you realize you are not alone can help.
    - Write your thoughts out, vent, etc.
    - Make a plan and stick to it!

    Now I’m not saying you have to use ALL of these obviously, because this is a lot of stuff for one person to be taking. But if you want, do your research on the things here and decide which ones would be best for you. This is simply a collection of remedies that other people have used to help them get through this. I figured I would put it into one big list, rather than you having to look at multiple websites and such all over the place to find things that can help. I also recommend checking out something called "The Thomas Recipe" if you haven’t already. Most of the stuff on it is similar to what is listed here but he explains things in more detail. He also uses Benzos in his recipe, but like I said earlier, I wasn’t looking for any other addictive substances. And I do not want to substitute one addiction for another (if possible). Some have also said that smoking pot helps them and some have said that it makes things worse. I can see it maybe helping for the couple of hours you’re baked, but generally I would think it would make things worse in the end (especially for recovering Opiate addicts), and wouldn’t be worth it. I don't think it would be fun to have to withdrawal from Opiates while being burnt out on Weed at the same time (Marijana itself can also become habituating. Once again, I don't recomend trading one addiction for another.
    Do what is best for you, and please, please, be as safe as possible ;).

    BEAT THIS!!! =)
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    Default Re: Opiate withdrawal remedies!

    Wow thanks cleanwithdreams for a really helpful post :)

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    Default Re: Opiate withdrawal remedies!

    No problem Peacenik! :)

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    Default Re: Opiate withdrawal remedies!

    Awesome post. You covered so much and all is very helpful to one in need. I printed this out and are using accordingly to my conditions. yes, we can do this. Stay strong

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    Default Re: Opiate withdrawal remedies!

    Right on! And thanks :)

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    Default Re: Opiate withdrawal remedies!

    Great post on opiate withdrawal remedies, Cleanwithdreams7! Much of it appears similiar to a paper written by Dr. David Arneson of River Source specifically for Methadone withdrawal. Ironically, the paper was entitled "No Free Lunch." Ain't that the G-d's truth!

    I would disagree with one of the suggestions and that pertains to taking an anti depressant both during detox and for approximately 3 - 6 months following. It is my opinion that during detox and during PAWS, the brain has to find its baseline. I have never met an addict who wasn't depressed coming off of drugs. Why wouldn't we be...for most of us, its really counter intuitive to stop drugs. All the switches and synapses need to return to home before inducing an anti-depressant. How would a doctor know what they're treating?

    Using myself as an example both while kicking Methadone and for almost a year following, if a shrink had been observing me at any given time, I would have been diagnosed as bi-polar, clinically depressed, catatonic, and/or manic. I am none of those. Just your average junkie who likes to get high. Period.

    After the methadone cleared the system and following post-acute, I was offered AD's. I chose to decline. In fact, I screamed at the doctor that I was not about to take one more pill until I found out who I really was with no drugs in my system. I waited out the craziness and fortunately, proved to be right.

    Depression is an indelible right of passage when quitting. IF one finds that at the 3 to 6 month mark of being c/s that they can't function due to depression, then discuss it it a physician. That being said, my sincere advice is to allow your brain to return to its baseline and then be diagnosed if necessary. Ar
    A life without purpose is a life without meaning

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    Default Re: Opiate withdrawal remedies!

    Great Info! Thanks for sharing. However I kind of agree with AR about the anit-depressants. It is so true that everyone coming off of "their drug of choice" is going to be depressed. But everyone is different and some people may truly need these. I would like to add one thing that has helped me tremendously, "Celestial Seasonings Sleepy Time Tea" within 30 minutes of drinking, I am out! Even if I am still sitting up lol. I am not the kind of person that can just sit in a chair and go to sleep either. I think I got it at Publix. But its been a while. I just happened to had it lying around the house. I got it a while back for some insomnia I was going through.
    Ingredients in tea:
    Chamomile, Spearmint ( which you really can't taste) if you are anti spearmint.
    Lemon grass, Tilia Flowers, BlackBerry Leaves, Orange Blossoms, Hawthorn Berries and Rosebuds.
    100% Natural and no Caffeine.
    Good Luck Everyone!!!!

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    banned Guest

    Default Re: Opiate withdrawal remedies!


    I dont appreciate you talking about "Celestial Seasonings Sleepy Time Tea", that was my drug of choice behind Charlie Sheen. That stuff hits hard, only for the hardcore of hardcore... :-)

    You know the sleeping bear on the box is just and illustration, right?

    :-) Keep posting GetErDone,

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    Default Re: Opiate withdrawal remedies!

    Great Info! Thanks for sharing. However I kind of agree with AR about the anit-depressants.
    Yes, I agree as well getinthere. I was sure depressed coming off years of heroin and 6 years of methadone maintenence. I didn't know if I'd ever feel right again but I just listened to the people in recovery and stayed drug free no matter what.

    And like Arlene said, I think the answer for a person who's problem is taking drugs, is not to take another one. Actually, this is the lesson I learned from methadone maintenence.


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    Default Re: Opiate withdrawal remedies!

    Great information to assemble and put out here, answers many questions!

    The only thing I would like to add is that LOPERAMIDE eases all symptoms of physical WD. This is bot relegated to stomach issues or the Trots, though it helps those as well.

    Loperamide is a non scheduled opiate and the ONLY relief I found along with hot baths on a cold turkey jump from an alarrming Oxy habit. Loperamide was the drug used in Detoxes before Methadone came along. i researched this to validate this truth.

    I domt know of anything OTC that helps near as much as Loperamide...and BTW, it still ain't a free ride!

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    Default Re: Opiate withdrawal remedies!

    Hi does chlorpromaz help with w/d too ? Great post gonna try all the herbal things x

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    Default Re: Opiate withdrawal remedies!

    Hey LizzyStarWars

    I hope you and your little one are doing well,

    You share a common bond with most people on this board, however you have the unique responsiblity of taking care of not only yourself, but the little one growing in your womb. I would take everything on this board with a grain of salt, and pass it by a neo-natal specialist (including the herbs). I have read mixed opinions about Thorazine and pregnancy on the internet which are readily accessable to you as well. Research the topic through google, and again, I would suggest seeing a specialist. Remember, everything you put into "you", goes into your fetus.

    Take care of you and yours,


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