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    Default How can i detox off methadone by myself,what will i need ?

    my wife needs to detox off (45mg. tablets)methadone, w/o a doctor. her doc. booted her to the curb, for 'pot' in her urine, now we have to watch her go thru withdrwls, need info how to help, what to take to 'ease' symptoms, any ideas? what can she do,or expect?

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    Default Re: How can i detox off methadone by myself,what will i need ?

    Hi Correy,
    I'm sorry your wife is having to go through this. 45 mg is not a huge dose by todays standards, but a lot of it depends on how long shes been taking it, and if she used opiates prior to methadone.

    Methadone is a long acting drug and is very tough to kick. Unless shes been taking this for only a week or two, I would hope she could get a detox instead off dropping off cold.

    Can you talk to her Dr and see if he'll give her reducing doses for two weeks or so? If not, there are other options.

    I think a big question is, does your wife want to quit drugs? I was like your wife in that I used other drugs on top of my methadone and for me it became clear that drugs weren't helping - that methadone didn't really treat my addiction, just prompted me to use other drugs to try to get the feeling I was used to.

    So what I'm saying Correy, is that kicking Methadone is tough. It takes a serious resolve to stay clean once you get to zero. I hope maybe you'll ask your wife to post here. We've got lots of people here who have gotten off drugs, and we'll cheer her on :)

    Here's a post that has some general stuff for withdrawal:

    good luck and let us know how it's going OK?

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