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    I have been struggling with addiction for 10 yrs and have taken every opiate under the sun...just recently weened myself off last dose was 5mgs 48 hrs ago...have been taking a little neurontin and withdrawals so far are tolerable and at times non-existent. It seems to help, though of course it won't work for everyone...particularly those who are mixing several different drugs or taking very large amounts...ween down people,it is possible![}:)][xo][xo][8D]

    j anthony
    j anthony

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    Welcome to ODR j anthony :) And congratulations on getting to zero. Hang in there OK? Often, withdrawal will set in a few days after the last dose. But hopefully this wont be bad for you. How long were you on 5 mgs?

    I hope you'll stick with us. For me, the months after detox were difficult. Sometinmes you get PAWS - post-acute withdrawal syndrome. These symptoms will pass but it takes time and can be discouraging.

    After 10 years taking drugs, life will take a little getting used to. Continued good luck


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    Hi Anthony...I hope your taper helps you....yes, it can be down....lwet us know how you feeling daily or a few times a would be good info for those coming in behind you. All the BEST for the next 14 days.....once you get through 14, you should be breezing!

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